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   Chapter 14 Quarrels In The Office

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"Ho, show me what you have just done in the tea room. Don't be a coward." The man didn't buy it. He stared at her, his eyes cold and frightening.

Consuela's eyelids twitched uncontrollably as she heard Richie's words. She couldn't help but give him a sweet smile.

"I'm extremely loyal to you." She raised her hand to swear sincerely and changed her face at an amazing speed.

But her reaction only brought a disdainful smile to the man's face. He moved close to her, curled up one corner of his lips, and patted her on the face. He whispered, "Don't panic. Don't add mental burden to yourself."

His words seemed normal but sounded incredible.

He looked at the woman's pale face with a pure and kind smile, and said in a clean and cold voice as usual, "Even if you are not able to eat and sleep well and feel depressed, I will take revenge on you."

Consuela took a few steps back and leaned against the cold wall. As she raised her head, she met with the man's black eyes who looked vicious and narrow-minded.

Then she looked around with her bright black eyes. Looking at the European style carved wooden door in front of her, she smiled friendly and said, "I won't disturb you. The files are still in the copy room."

She ran all the way in panic fearing that the fierce looking man would catch up.

She had no doubt that the revenge that the man said would come true one day.

However, she didn't know that the person in the office was smiling with his chin on his hands. His thin and cool lips were vivid with angular features.

Perhaps keeping her by his side was the greatest revenge for her, because she was afraid.

On the other side, the woman fled back to the Secretary Office directly and sat on her chair. Her face was pale as if she had seen a ghost.

Several employees had already returned to the Secretary Office one after another. The girl who had been chatting happily with her came over. Seeing her pale face, she frowned and asked, "Did you go to do the abortion?"

The girl made her way to the staff canteen and packed a meal for her, but in no time, Consuela wasn't in the mood to eat right now.

She was sweating and looked a little scared. It was really misleading.

The forthright girl with short hair gave her a piece of paper and patted her uneasy face. She squinted and asked with a smile, "You came here through the back door, right? Tell me the relationship between you and our boss."

Consuela had been asked to go to the office by Mary, the boss's personal secretary. During the lunch, The girl overheard gossips from other colleagues. Now she looked very gossipy.

The girl suddenly realized something and asked, "Are you frightened by the powerful boss?"

The more questions she raised, the more confused Consuela got. Consuela shook her head, as if she didn't know how to answer them.

"In fact, I owe him a lot of money. He was afraid that I would run away with money," Consuela said casually, pulling her face out of her grip.

The girl with disdain and said, "You just brag."

Now that Consuela wasn't willing to talk about it, she didn't ask any more questions. Anyway, she didn't think that Consuela was that kind of person other people talked about.

However, when she had just had a little time to calm down, she felt a pair of burning eyes behind her. She turned around and saw a man standing outside the Secretary Office with a loose look.

It was the strange man smiling at her in the office.

Consuela didn't know why he was staring at her like that. She smiled back awkwardly and met his meaningful gaze.

It hadn't been long since they met, but they all became the focus of attention beca

use of the man's excellence.

Tim didn't know whether he left on purpose or what.

The groans around her faded away. Even when she lowered her head with the chopsticks in her hands, she could still sense the suspicious gazes boring into her from time to time.

The voice of the short haired girl came from the next door, which sounded like she was protecting her kid. "Leave them alone. They are jealous even if they are beautiful."

Consuela lowered her head and continued eating. Some of her colleagues who were unfriendly to her had already begun to spit mud on her.

A woman with a delicate face covered her nose and said in an exaggerated way, "Why does the smell suddenly become so horny? Who has brought perfume?"

Then some of them pretended to sniff the air and pointed at Consuela, saying, "Hey, you're the reincarnation of an enchantress. I can smell the scent on you."

She was not friendly at all, but she talked in a serious way.

"She is indeed a seductress. I heard she seduced Mr. Ye during the interview. Now she almost takes Tim's mind off him."

Consuela didn't say anything and continued eating. The corners of her lips lifted into a smirk.

Those people were so good at lying through teeth. She and Richie always had deep hatred every time they saw each other. As for Tim, he just looked at her a few more times.

The shadow hunting society made her feel helpless.

The girl with short hair felt disgusted. She snapped back with a low voice, "Don't listen to them. In fact, they are just good at croaking."

It was a rule of the company that no staff could attack each other with other's words or they would be fired.

A girl suddenly shouted, "Debbie, you got this job through some inner relations, right? With your poor record, you have to pay a lot, don't you?"

It was not until then that Consuela knew they were high school classmates. They hated each other, and as soon as they got a chance, they began to talk back to each other.

After the short haired girl heard this, she suddenly stood up, and made a harsh sound on the floor, "Do you think I really want to see your disgusting face here?"

"Calm down, calm down, calm down," stunned by the sudden change of her facial expression, Consuela quickly put down her chopsticks and ran towards the woman to stop her.

She should have been the one flying into a rage, but she changed another person by accident. That was so hilarious.

As they were having a tense fight, Mary, who wore a business suit and her long hair was coiled up, suddenly opened the door and a sharp light flashed through her thick glasses.

Her voice was cold, like a metal colliding with each other, and had the power to comfort people. "Are you going to embarrass the Secretary Office?"

As she entered the office, it was quiet. Ignoring all the fury in the air, the secretary walked up to Consuela's desk, drew out a file from her pocket, and threw it on the desk.

The woman stared at her, and her voice was as cold as ever, as if she was looking at a thick skinned man. "Remember to recite these things well in your heart."

The secretaries all returned to their seats. From the corners of their eyes, they could still see the file on the desk. Consuela felt curious.

She read it carefully. It was full of Richie's habits of living and the cooperation at the banquet in the next week. All kinds of things were centered on Richie's life..

It was amazing to watch Mary repeat the words in an arrogant manner. Now she had recited them thoroughly.

Consuela's eyes were glued to the file and she listened carefully.

Mary glared at her a few times, then left, her back lonely and arrogant.

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