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   Chapter 14 Quarrels In The Office

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"Oh, come on. I heard what you were saying in the copy room. Show me that anger. Don't cower just because I'm in front of you," Richie evilly teased. There was no way he was buying Consuela's bullshit. With his stare cold, sharp, and threatening, he was intent on riling up and scaring the woman in front of him.

Consuela became alarmed when she heard what Richie said. Despite that, she was able to maintain her smile and composure.

"I really don't understand what you're trying to say or make me do," she said quietly. She then raised her hand, as if she was taking an oath of honesty. Innocence emanated from her beautiful face.

This, however, only elicited a disdainful reaction from Richie. The man immediately moved closer and closer to her as a dangerous smirk spread on his lips. Once close enough, he cupped the girl's cheek in his palm and whispered, "Stop lying. It will only cause you mental stress."

The way he delivered these threatening words made him look much, much more dangerous.

"Consuela, I don't think you know me well enough. No matter how downtrodden you are, how depressed you might be, I will not pity you. I will take my revenge on you, no matter what happens," he added as he smiled sweetly.

Consuela, at that point, already had her back on the wall behind her. As she looked at Richie in the eye, she noticed how unflinching, unfeeling, and unforgiving his stare was.

Quickly, she shifted her gaze away. "I have to go now, sir. I think I have taken too much of your time. Since the files are with me, just ring me up if you need any of them. I'd happily deliver them to you," she said with a smile.

And with that, she darted out of the room, not even attempting to look back.

There was no doubt in her mind that what she was just told would come true, sooner or later.

As Consuela shuffled out of his office, Richie couldn't help but smile.

Perhaps keeping the unruly woman by his side was the greatest punishment for her. His revenge was to make her feel afraid everyday of her life.

Consuela felt her blood running cold as she ran to the Office of Secretary. When she arrived at her desk, she caught a reflection of her face in her computer monitor. She was paper white, as if she had just seen a ghost!

The girl occupying the desk beside her—the one who was nice enough to talk to her during her first day at work—just came back from her lunch break. When she saw her pale face, she immediately asked her if she was okay. "You look so pale, like someone who has just had an abortion!"

Consuela couldn't answer as she was still shaking from her interaction with Richie.

Everything felt surreal to her, especially after the man's stern promise of taking revenge on her no matter what happened.

Suddenly, the other girl went to her desk and handed her a piece of tissue. "You came here through a back door, right?" she inquired. "How did you do that? What is your relationship with our boss?"

Well, Consuela was invited by Mary, Richie's personal secretary. It seemed like the girl learned of this from her colleagues during break and now she wanted to know the truth.

"And why do you look like that? Did the boss scare the living hell out of you back in his office?"

The more questions she raised, the more confused Consuela looked. The girl couldn't help but shake her head at the sight of Consuela.

"I just…I just owed him money, that's all. He was afraid that I would run away and not pay him, so he opted to make me a secretary," she explained, trying to sound casual about it.

"You're lying," the girl bluntly said.

Since it was clear that Consuela wasn't willing to talk about whatever was between her and Richie, the girl decided not to press her for information anymore. Aside from it being not worth it, she also didn't think that Consuela was the kind of person they were making her out to be.

Consuela spent some time trying to calm herself down and getting her focus back so that she could finally be productive. Soon, however, she felt a pair of eyes boring into her back.

As she turned around, she saw the strange man who had smiled at her in Richie's office.

'Why the hell is he staring at me like that?' she thought, confused and a little bit crept out. Despite that, she smiled back at the man, wanting to be cordial. Tim didn't leave until he gave h

er a nod.

Consuela was literally new to the office but everyone's attention was on her. It was as if she was a celebrity of something like that.

It obviously was because of her connection with Richie and Tim, but she didn't expect it to be this bad.

Because of that, she ate while her head was lowered in order not to attract any more attention to herself.

"Don't mind them," the girl beside her said. "Funny how they're so jealous of you. Maybe it's because you're pretty. Their obsession will pass. Don't worry about it."

Consuela nodded but continued to eat with her head down. While she appreciated the girl's efforts to make her feel a bit better, she really didn't want to exacerbate the situation she was in.

Soon, however, she was made known that her treatment will not get better anytime soon.

"Y'all smell that?" one girl suddenly exclaimed. "Seems like foxiness is in the air!" Some girls then pretended to sniff the air. One of them even pointed at Consuela, saying, "Hey, you! You're the source of that stench! Are you a reincarnation of a legendary slut or something? Your aura is way too kinky for this office!"

Consuela didn't even bother to answer. A smirk, however, was already on her lips.

"Yeah, she's a slut," one girl said, as if confirming a fact. "I heard she seduced Mr. Richie during the interview. Now she's trying to seduce Mr. Tim!"

Consuela continued eating, trying her best not to burst out into laughter.

These girls were pretty yet incredibly dull. How were they getting to these conclusions? She and Richie were sworn enemies at that point. The other guy—Tim apparently was his name—only looked at her for a few seconds.

Though she was trying her hardest to ignore the salacious comments thrown her way, she was already finding it draining.

The lady beside her, however, wasn't taking any of it. "These bitches are dumb and annoying," she hissed under her breath. "They literally have nothing better to do. Instead of being offended by what they are saying, you should feel sorry for the lack of critical thinking in their heads."

One of the company rules was to prohibit anyone within the company to fight with another employee, whether it be verbal or physical. Failure to comply to that would result in the termination of one's contract.

"Debbie He, you got this job through some inner relations, right? With your poor record, you must have paid a lot, didn't you?" one girl shouted to the girl by Consuela's side.

It was not until later did Consuela learn that the girl by her side and the girl who started the fight were actually high school classmates. They hated each other so much back then that they fought in every way possible.

This seemed to be the last straw for the girl sitting beside her, whose name was Debbie He. She suddenly stood up and said, "No one really wants to see your ugly face around here, you know."

"Calm down, calm down, calm down." Consuela had to intervene because the girls were clearly fired up by what was happening.

She should have been the one flying into a rage, but somehow, she turned out to be an outsider. It was hilarious.

As a fight was starting to brew, Mary, who was looking stern with her business suit and up-do, suddenly burst through the door with her sharp, cold eyes.

"What is happening here? Are you all trying to embarrass the Office of Secretary?" she said pointedly, sending a shiver down everyone's spine.

Tense silence enveloped the whole room. Mary entered and walked towards Consuela's desk, making everyone hold their breath. As soon as she reached her destination, she took something out of the pile of files in his hand and threw it on the desk.

"Memorize all of these," she simply said as she stared down at Consuela.

All the secretaries' eyes were darting from Mary to the file and Consuela. Because of that, Consuela felt nervous.

Carefully, she unfolded the file and read everything on it. It was full of Richie's quirks and some information about the events he would attend in the following week.

Mary started to recite everything on the file, word for word, without pausing to think, without making a mistake.

Consuela's eyes were glued to the file as she listened carelessly.

After Mary finished, she simply walked away, and exited the room, leaving everyone scared and stunned.

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