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   Chapter 13 Pretend To Be Ignorant

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The woman in the copy room became more and more furious as no one passed by at lunch time. Richie had no doubt that she would be famous if she kept talking.

His face darkened as she spoke. He pressed his lips and gave a faint smile.

"Well, what a bloodsucker!" He loosened his cuff link and smiled wickedly.

The man who had turned a deaf ear to such complaints in the past stood still at the moment, waiting for the accusations of the people inside to subside.

Standing behind him, Tim tried his best to hold back his laughter.

This must be a new secretary. And the boss picked her up personally. As a result, she didn't focus on her work but gossiped behind his back.

But her words were reasonable and witty.

Looking up at the man in black who gave off the black aura, Tim felt sorry for her in the bottom of his heart. Although she was very upright, she would bear the fury of this man later.

In the copy room came the woman's clear, deep voice, accompanied by a few chuckles. "When I have more money, I'll make him kneel down and sing ‘Conquer‘ for me."

With a mocking smile, Richie went straight away with big steps. His back seemed to be filled with anger. He must be in a very bad mood now.

Tim, who was following behind him, coughed and gave a thumbs up in secret. He admired the girl's courage.

They strode away. When a panicked woman pushed the door of the meeting room open, there was no one in the long corridor.

However, she didn't know that danger was approaching.

In the office, Tim looked at the silent man on the leather chair with a file. According to his understanding of Richie for many years, he must be sprayed into pieces when he went to talk about work now.

His shoulders were shaking slightly. He was still thinking about what the woman had just said, and then he could not help but see the man's sullen face.

"Haha Hahaha... " A string of laughter rang out in the quiet office. Tim covered his face with a document and almost laughed out loud.

No one stopped him, which made him laugh more and more unscrupulous. Until there was a shadow in front of him, the man realized danger and took a step back.

He raised his head, smiled awkwardly and said, "Should I review the documents or call the others to have a meeting?"

The man in front of him had a straight face. His short black hair reflected his complexion, making him more handsome and elegant than before.

With a false smile, he threatened, "If you keep on laughing, you will go to the head office in Africa. I need a capable boss there."

"No, no, no. I won't smile." Tim hurriedly stepped back and waved his hand. At this moment, there was a bit of eagerness on his usual calm face.

The branch office in Africa was so busy that it needed a lot of workers to take care of it. That was because the man said that charity should not be involved in its inner affairs.

"From now on, be careful of your words and deeds, or Africa will be waiting for you, a senior executive." Richie patted him on the shoulder. His thin lips were slightly raised, and his eyes were dark. His words were full of threats.

Looking at his devilish eyes, Tim said in a depressed voice, "I see."

"Now you can give a report on your work." The man sat back in his seat lazily and aggressively, squinting at the anxious man.

His voice was so hoarse. However, working with him for so many years, Tim was just out of habi

t at the beginning.

He looked down at the document in his hand and was about to ask for his opinion when someone knocked on the door.

It was a delicate woman with a cup of black coffee in her hand. She held the coffee with a smile on her face, which made her look more gorgeous.

When Consuela saw the stranger in the office, her eyelids twitched. She then placed the coffee on the desk, like she was doing something official.

"This is the black coffee you asked me to prepare for you. No sugar. Please enjoy it."

Her voice was much more clear and pleasant than before, but her tone was so powerful that Tim suddenly felt that his facial muscles were about to be out of control.

In the corner of his eye, there was an unfathomable expression on Richie's face. He had sat there, but his imposing manner was much greater than that of the woman standing there.

Looking at the coffee, Richie smiled and praised, "You're a good employee."

Nobody knew if she had spitted in the coffee. Given her performance just now, it was possible.

The man's face darkened. Consuela didn't know why, but she kept smiling, not intending to make any response.

"Since you are fine, I will go to collect the copy."

"There's no hurry. You can have lunch in a restaurant first. We don't have to depend on mistreating the employees to raise the salary."

The man's voice was a rare clean and magnetic one. When he smiled, his face was softened with three-dimensional features, but she could not feel any warmth.

He laughed in his heart. This woman was really good at pretending.

Consuela couldn’t bear his consideration. She smiled awkwardly and turned around, gasping in air.

Consuela was surprised when she saw the smile of that stranger. Therefore, she smiled back but someone coughed.

The man became more serious all of a sudden. With a meaningful smile, Consuela wanted to leave too.

The atmosphere in the office suddenly became very cold. Richie raised the cup of coffee, lowered his eyes and sniffed, and suddenly said to the man who pretended to be serious, "You've been working for the Ye Clan for so many years, and I have nothing to give to you. Come, have a good drink of this coffee."

Tim dared not slack off and took it with a sad face. It was a full revenge.

He said such a long sentence to him, except for business affairs. But he said that only to tease him. He was just playing with fire.

He gestured to Tim and asked him to leave. Then he tapped on the table with his slender fingers and said, "Consuela, come here first. I suddenly remember one thing."

Consuela let go of the doorknob and cursed the man in her mind. The man was so unpredictable.

She lowered her eyes again and walked to his desk. As soon as the door was opened, the man stood up and walked towards her with a long face.

Looking at the panic on her face, Richie suddenly chuckled and repeated her words, "What kind of big boss are you? What a bloodsucker! Duplicating documents, this is to collect all the documents of Sruthan Group for me."

Looking at the woman's horrified eyes, he smiled abnormally, as if he were passing a golden light, which could not hide his vicious nature.

Consuela forced a smile and said calmly, "I'm sorry. I didn't get your point."

At this time, the only way out was to pretend to be an idiot. While clenching her fists, she really wanted to give him a punch on the delicate face.

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