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   Chapter 12 Go To Work

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When Consuela went back to her flat, she received a message, reminding her not to be late for work tomorrow.

It was an unfamiliar number. Judging from the short and imperative tone, she knew who it was without doubt.

Consuela didn't reply to him. She sat on the bed for a long time and then cooked a bowl of noodles for herself. It was dark, and it was difficult to see the stars and the moon in the abandon city.

Her heart was like a tangled rope, binding her thoughts.

She was about to face the man who had a lot of hatred for her and no one could protect her.

She avoided everything that night so she didn't find anything suspicious. Or perhaps she just trusted Sheryl so much.

But she would feel guilty to suspect her sister.

Sheryl had no motivation to do that.

With a heavy heart, Consuela fell asleep. The next morning, as the alarm clock rang, she woke up.

Following her memory, Consuela walked to the secretary department. There were already many people in the office, chatting about various kinds of stuff, which made her feel uncomfortable.

The sound of greetings was completely ignored in their conversation.

However, a pair of distinguished black and white eyes was looking at her at the next table. A young beautiful girl smiled and said, "Welcome new colleagues to Mr. Richie's palace."

The secretary department was like his harem.

After a while, her smile became stiff. Now she seemed to have become a member of his imperial household, and she was pregnant with his child.

It was really amazing.

It only took a few minutes for the short haired girl to have a nice chat with Consuela, and she had a good temper.

After staying in the office for less than an hour, Consuela was led to the man's office. She stood at the door, watching the man work.

That person did not let her sit down, nor did he ask her to come over for anything. Silence was like the greatest punishment, because you would never know what would come to you.

After a long time, when she felt sore in her feet, the man slowly raised his head from the documents and looked at her with deep eyes.

"Come here," having not spoken for a long time, he said in a low, magnetic and hoarse voice, and his tone was still superior.

Consuela lowered her head, not daring to say anything more. She just walked up to the man, waiting for his orders.

The corners of her mouth was full of helplessness, and the dimples on the corners became more and more obvious.

"Is there money on the ground? Or just because you are afraid of me? " The man raised his hand and knocked on the European style wooden table, trying to wake her up. But his expression, as always, was full of contempt.

It seemed that when he faced her, he only had a poker face or a face full of disdain, and all in all, he never had a good look on his face.

Her eyelashes fluttered, Consuela looked away to avoid being focused and asked in a low voice, "Why did you call me?"

It was a torture for her to stay in front of him for one more second. No matter what it was, she just hoped to come early.

The man looked at her and laughed. Her acting was so pitiful. Didn't she think about the consequences when she drugged him?

"Who are you showing off for? I asked you to work, not to look down upon me. " The man looked up at her, his deep eyes flashing with dangerous l


Perhaps feeling her nervousness, the man's mood slightly turned better. He smiled and looked up at her.

He raised his hand and pointed at the files behind her. There was no change in his expression, but it was a little cunning. "Make a copy of these documents. It's in emergency."

She knew he was using his power to get back at her, but she didn't dare to resist.

She hadn't had all of the documents copied, and it was almost noon. She had been a student of a famous school, but now she had to stay in a small corner in the copy room.

In order to earn money for her baby's milk powder, she swallowed her anger!

Looking at the half copies of the files, Richie raised his eyes and continued to say, "After the meeting is over, prepare a cup of black coffee without sugar for me."

He commanded Consuela without even looking at her in front of him.

It was just a piece of cake for Richie to get rid of this maid?

"Roger that," Consuela answered, biting her lips. Her head was slowly drooping.

However, Richie wanted to tease her. He looked at her silent look, and said, "Well, I hope you don't drug me this time. I can't satisfy you in the company."

His words scared Consuela to death. She raised her head abruptly and stared at him, her black eyes filled with unspeakable grievance.

"Get out." Looking at her, he was suddenly depressed, and drove her away without hesitation.

When he saw this woman, he always couldn't control his temper. He wanted her to stay away from him. He was afraid that he would burst into anger completely.

Consuela didn't stop but strode away.

If he didn't like her, how much could she like him?

Even though both of them were victims, it was her who was more suffering.

As one of his secretaries, Consuela knew his schedule. He would start the meeting soon after she finished copying his files.

It was already lunchtime. Cassandra waved goodbye to her colleagues and ran into the copy room, her face pale.

Her stomach started rumbling. Consuela sighed and stroked her belly. She had always been starving since she was pregnant.

Her hands kept moving. She turned her head and looked at the piles of files on the desk. She couldn't help but whisper, "What kind of big boss are you? What a bloodsucker! Duplicating documents, this is to collect all the documents of Sruthan Group for me."

"He not only has no distinction between public and private interests, but also abuse employees. He swindles of all kinds of benefits. I really doubt that he got the position depending on some hidden rules." She got angrier as she spoke, and her voice was louder and louder.

She said that in an attempt to make herself feel better.

However, no matter how angry she was, she didn't dare to speak too loudly. She might have bumped into this man's fans.

Unfortunately, she bumped into someone who had a good hearing.

When Richie passed the copy room, he stopped subconsciously. Tim Ye behind him stopped in time, and wiped the sweat from his forehead at a distance of only half a foot from him.

The one in the copy room still didn't realize the crisis. She accused Richie of being ruthless in a low voice, as if she had been greatly wronged.

The look on Richie's face became paler and paler. His black eyes were filled with ferocity. This unreasonable woman was really hard to deal with.

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