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   Chapter 12 Work!

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The moment Consuela entered her apartment, she received a notification on her phone. It was a text reminding her to not be late for work tomorrow.

It was from an unknown number, but from the way the message was rudely and condescendingly worded, she knew immediately who it was.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. In her annoyance, she forcefully threw her phone on her bed before heading to the kitchen to make herself something to eat.

She felt the darkness of the night filling her up and weighing her down. It was like her heart was tightly bound by a strong, invisible rope, making it ache like crazy.

Tomorrow, she would once again face the man who unfairly despised her. With him having authority over her, there would be no one to defend her if everything went south.

Her mind flashed back to that fateful night. She still couldn't understand why everything had happened, where everything went wrong. 'Maybe...I trusted Sheryl too much?' she thought.

She immediately shook her head to rid herself of the thought.

There was no way her sister had done that to her.

That night, Consuela slept with a heavy heart.

The following morning, she woke up the moment her alarm went off. She quickly got ready and started her way to the office. The moment she arrived, she immediately headed to the Office of Secretary. The office was already crowded and bustling with corporate workers chatting about everything under the sun. With no acquaintance, she started to feel uncomfortable.

She tried to greet people on the way to her station, but her voice was easily drowned out by the noise.

As she shuffled to her table, a stunning lady whose desk was beside hers smiled and caught her attention. "Hey, newbie," the lady greeted, smiling warmly. "Welcome to Mr. Richie's harem."

"Thank you," Consuela replied, smiling back.

Somehow, the whole department truly seemed like Richie's harem. She had become a part of his imperial household, and worse, she was carrying his child.

'Amazing,' Consuela told herself, sighing deeply.

She and the girl continued to talk, getting to know each other in the process. After a while, however, she was called to Richie's office.

As she stood by the office's door watching the man work, she continued to question whether taking the job was a good idea or not.

Richie didn't acknowledge her presence at all. It was like she wasn't there. He kept doing what he was doing in silence. It felt like a punishment to Consuela as she had no idea of what was coming next.

Just as she felt her feet becoming sore, the man finally raised his head from the documents he was reading and looked her up and down.

"You. Come here," he said in a low hoarse voice that was incredibly magnetic. His mere tone was able to convey that he was the superior in this scenario.

Consuela quickly lowered her head to avoid Richie's intense gaze. Amid her body shaking from what she could only recognize as fear, she shuffled at the spot beside him.

Her lips were trembling. In order to control it and to not let her boss see it, she pursed her lips tightly, making her cute dimples come out of hiding.

"Is there money on the floor? Why are you staring at it instead of me? Are you scared?" Richie loudly banged on his table as if trying to wake Consuela up from her slumber. His face was, as always, contorted by disgust.

This made Consuela jump up a bit. She turned her head to look at Richie and she saw his stone-cold, emotionless face that was full of disdain. She realized how she had never seen him donning a pleasant expression.

"Sorry, sir. Since you've called for me, I'm guessing you need something. May I know what it is?" she blurted out.

Consuela felt like she was living out a bad dream. There was nothing in the world she would not do just to never interact with this man ever again.

Richie, instead of answering Consuela's question, laughed in her face instead. 'This woman looks so pitiful right now,' he thought, highly amused. 'Did she really not think of the consequences she'd face when she drugged me?'

"Who are you showing off for? I asked you to work, not to stare at me blankly." Thou

gh it seemed impossible, Richie's eyes became even more tinged with contempt and disgust. He was starting to look dangerous.

The tension didn't last long, however. It seemed like he detected how nervous Consuela was, so he decided to ease up and smile a bit.

He then raised his hand and pointed at the huge bundle of files behind her. His expression did not really change, but somehow, he looked more cunning. "Make a copy of those documents. It's urgent, so I need them as soon as possible," he ordered.

Despite being sure that Richie was only doing this to get back at her, there was no way she was going to confront him about it and put her job on the line.

"On it, sir," she determinedly replied. She wasted no time in gathering all the files and heading down to the copy room. She stayed there for a significant amount of time. It was almost noon and she still wasn't finished with the task.

She graduated from a famous university. But now, she was copying files that were probably unimportant in a small copy room just to order to earn money for her baby's milk powder. Anger was starting to form in her chest.

When she finally finished and delivered everything to Richie's office, he looked at the files and barked another order. "There's more over here. Also, after the meeting, I want a cup of black coffee on my table. No sugar."

He didn't even bother to look at her as he spoke.

Consuela felt disrespected, but the man could fire her any time.

"Roger that," Consuela answered, forcing a smile.

Richie, however, wasn't going to let her have even a moment of peace. "I hope you don't put drugs in it this time," he said nonchalantly. "I don't think I can satisfy you in this office."

Consuela's eyes widened. She was so caught off-guard that fear, sadness, anger, and regret violently contorted her expression, making her look pitiful.

Richie, surprisingly, felt bad about what he did. He even felt sad about it! "Go! Do as you were told. Get out," he said, taking his eyes off of Consuela.

Every time he saw her, he always let go of his self-control. He felt so much anger towards her that it felt like she had been his enemy since he was born.

Consuela hurriedly turned her back to Richie and strode away.

If he didn't like her, did he think she liked him?

Even though both of them were victims, she was the one who suffered more loss.

As one of his secretaries, she knew his schedule. His meeting would start soon.

It was already lunchtime and she was still far from being finished with the copying. Her face was already pale from hunger.

As she heard her stomach rumble, she couldn't help but caress her tummy. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she had been feeling hungry more often.

"What kind of boss is that fucker?" she hissed in a low voice. "What a total cocksucker! Why does he need copies of all of these documents anyway? He's so unreasonable!

Not only does he lack distinction between public and private interests, he also abuses employees. I doubt he gives benefits to anyone here! And please, he did not get his position on pure hard work. He must have been connected with someone with influence, and that's why he got this far!" The longer she ranted, the louder her voice became.

She was doing it to let out steam and make herself feel better.

But she knew to be careful. She didn't want anyone overhearing her, especially the ladies who thought they had a chance of dating him.

Unfortunately for her, some people had really, really good hearing.

When Richie passed by the copy room, he stopped subconsciously. It was as if something was drawing him into the room. Tim Ye, who was behind him, looked confused as to what he was doing.

As Richie slowly crept up to the copy room, he began to make out a female voice that sounded seemingly angry. Soon, he was able to make out what the lady was saying: Richie Ye was a ruthless exploiter and did not deserve his position in the company.

Richie's face became gloomier and gloomier the more he heard Consuela venting out. It seemed like the woman he got pregnant was going to be harder to deal with than he had originally thought.

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