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   Chapter 11 That Woman

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They had a sumptuous meal. Consuela didn't say anything but bowed her head in silence. She could only force a smile at the delicious food in front of her parents.

The atmosphere of the opposite was very harmonious, which was in stark contrast to her glazed eyes.

Oh, it seemed that she was the only one who had lived the most sour life in the world.

"Harry, don't you like that best? Why don't you eat today? " Sheryl asked Harry, whose face remained unchanged.

Glancing from the corner of her eyes that the person on the other side was quite gloomy. Her smile became brighter and painted beautifully in the light of the glazed lamp.

The sadder Consuela was, the happier she was.

"Your sister is the protagonist today." Harry answered her and wiped her mouth with tissue on the table.

They acted so naturally and intimately that Sheryl felt flattered.

The affectionate picture of Harry and Sheryl made Consuela feel a lump in her throat.

The chef at home was getting worse at cooking. He must have put too much vinegar in those dishes, or else how could they be so sour.

After dinner, Consuela's mother invited her to stay for a night. "Consuela, just stay here tonight. Your father will drive you back to the company tomorrow," she offered.

Holding a plate of fruit, Consuela paused a little and said with a smile, "Thank you. I will come back to keep you company after I take a few days off from work." After a pause, she continued, "I want to make more money to support you financially."

When she smiled, there were two dimples on the corners of her mouth that indistinctly reduced her age. She looked very sweet.

"Don't be too tired. Go home if you can't do it. Your father can support you." Johnson raised his head to look at her with satisfaction in his slightly turbid eyes.

Consuela seemed to have grown up into an adult all of a sudden. As her parents, they were very happy to see that.

After dinner, when the street lights were turned on, Consuela was finally able to leave the villa.

"Really? Consuela, there's no need for Harry to give you a ride?" Sheryl asked in a low voice.

Harry was discussing something with Johnson on the sofa in the living room. They could see her back clearly from the long corridor outside.

That person would never want to be associated with her again.

"Thank you, sister. I'm not the same way with my brother-in-law. I can do it on my own." She waved her hand at them and proceeded to her bus.

The dim yellow street lamps lit up her vision, and the night wind was getting stronger and stronger. Her dress was blown to one side, and a few people were standing by the bus station.

She didn't know how long it took, when a familiar low-key car passed her. The street lights shined brightly on it.

Consuela squinted her eyes and saw the sarcastic smile on his face through the large window. The familiar face now was very strange to her.

The people around her left one after another, but she still stood there until the tail of the last bus disappeared in her sight.

Every time she met Harry, she was put in a difficult position. After all, she was having a hard time now.

Ignoring whether her dress was stained with dust or not, she sat on the platform, with her head in her lap and her shoulders twitching slightly.

She was a victim, but she became the target of the public.

Richie pulled her to his side to torture her. Harry always had a disgusted look on his face.

She opened her mouth in a dull way. Her voice was fragile and childish. "Is my luck all consumed by myself in this way?"

The wind was her only comfort.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her belly. She raised her hand to stroke it. There were tears in her eyes.

She had a child. How could she be so weak?

In the busy street, she finally faced the strange gaze of the passers-by. She patted her skirt and stood up again. She stopped a car and went back to the rented place.

The light outside the window fell on her face, and the driver in the car turned on the radio. An old song was playing inside. It sounded touching.

Leaning her head against the glass window, Consuela kept silent with her long eyelashes drooping.

Meanwhile, in his office on the top floor, Richie pulled off his tie and closed his eyes for a rest. His phone that had been placed beside his hand kept vibrating.

The man opened his eyes impatiently. His eyes darkened when he saw the name on the screen. 'Huh, the ex-girlfriend who broke up with me because of the porn photo scandal.'.

Now she called him in order to keep her low profile and keep going with him.

He hung up the phone and put it on the desk. Since he was not in a good mood to rest now, he started the video conference on the computer in advance.

When the person on the other side of the video was numbly explaining the company's recent revenue and situation, Richie leafed through the documents in his hand. His casual posture made the person on the other side more cautious.

Richie didn't know how long it took before the video meeting ended.

His phone was still vibrating. He didn't know whether he should stop or not. Before the person on the other end of the line picked up the phone, he cut to the chase, "it's better to cut a long story short. I don't want to waste too much time."

The woman on the other end of the line held her phone tightly in her hand, her delicate face showing a ferocious look. She took a deep breath and said with a smile, "I have thought for a long time. In fact, you are not the one who took advantage of the porn photo scandal. You should just be used."

It was she who tried to win him over to her, but why did she speak like that.

"Well, thank you for your understanding," said Richie with a snort. His face was calm but impatient.

Laura Li, was the one who had been with him for the longest time. A noble woman had never been humble.

She changed the topic and asked, "Are you free tomorrow? Let's have dinner together. My dad wants to chat with you."

The man had no reason not to understand her intention when she offered him an invitation.

However, Richie replied frankly, "We can't get too close anymore. The media are keeping an eye on me all the time."

Even if something went wrong, people would make the headlines.

Laura Li's face was stiff for a moment. She was a person with high self-esteem. At this moment, she was refused by him with such a low profile.

"I know you are angry with my misunderstanding about you. But no matter who is in that photo, he or she will be very unsettled when he or she sees his girlfriend or her boyfriend act as the hero in that photo," she said in a hoarse and low voice. It seemed that she was smoking.

As he was commenting on the files, he said mercilessly, "I wish your future boyfriend a happy life. You won't be embarrassed like this."

There was no change in the man's black eyes, and a mocking smile appeared on his thin lips. His three-dimensional features were cold and thin, but his temperament was elegant.

No matter how arrogant she was, in his eyes, she was nothing but a woman who wanted to get the upper hand.

She used to be so free and unrestrained that her eyes would not allow a grain of sand to fall. Now she was probably forced to do it by her family.

Before Laura Li could finish her words, the phone was hung up

A busy tone came from the phone, and Richie turned off his cell phone. The woman was unable to keep calm.

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