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   Chapter 10 Opponents

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Consuela took a step back subconsciously and her eyes were filled with ice.

In the middle of the meeting room, Richie was reading a document, which attracted everyone's attention, including Consuela.

With his long and narrow eyes, Richie raised his lips slightly and asked, "Consuela?"

He did not ignore the light in her eyes turning dim all of a sudden. He just felt that things became more interesting.

Consuela straightened her back and answered, "Yes, I am."

Her face was unable to make any expression as if it was injected hyaluronic acid, and she laughed embarrassedly.

She swore quietly and clenched her fists, trying to control her raging emotions.

She had never thought that she would be admitted to Sruthan Group. When she sent an application to Sruthan Group.just in order to fill her dream. She was unable to think anymore, and so she had believed it.

'He must be here to humiliate me,' she thought.

It was not hard to guess his identity by sitting in such a prominent place.

Under the surprised look of the crowd, Richie twirled his pen and said, "You're the only secretary I need."

He raised his head and met Consuela's confused eyes. Then he smiled, "Of course you can refuse."

His gesture was casual and unconcerned, which scared the working staff for a long time.

This was definitely not a cruel president.

The man's eyes twinkled with coldness, as if he could push her down the ninth floor without mercy when she refused.

Consuela shook her head with a bitter smile. She avoided his eyes and said modestly, "How could I refuse? It's my honor to work for you."

It's a fucking honor..

Amused by her reaction, he lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Are you mad?"

Such a short distance made her smell the strong mint fragrance mixed with a faint smell of tobacco from him.

This was a very dangerous distance.

Consuela lowered her head and said with smile, "Of course not! I'm just...”

Her lips were suddenly touched by a slender and white finger. She looked up and met his deep eyes.

"Then hold it," he said these words mercilessly. As soon as he finished, he passed her and walked towards the door of the conference room.

As soon as the man left, the conference room was in an uproar. Eyes were fixed on Consuela.

Consuela bit her lips and didn't know whether she should go with that man or stay there.

A woman suddenly appeared in front of the door of the meeting room and with a low voice, she successfully stopped all the noise.

The woman was wearing an acerbic expression, and she said as cold as Richie, "The CEO said that Sruthan Group don’t raise idle people. If the design department can't hand out drawing before returning home, they will be fired."

The crowd whined. Then Consuela was taken to the Secretary Office by the woman. Seeing her colleagues with long legs and thin waist, she said, "Isn't it said that the boss doesn't like women?"

The woman lifted her glasses and glanced at her sharply. Her lips curved in a faint smile and she didn't answer.

"Your desk is over there. You'll start working tomorrow."

After the confession, the woman walked straight out of the office, and all the young and beautiful secretaries in the office cast curious eyes at her.

She really didn't w

ant to face that man, so she left with an awkward smile.

In the crowded elevator, Consuela suddenly heard two women talking about her.

One played with her curly hair and smiled scornfully. "Oh, have you heard that? He's seduced by a coquette."

"TSK, TSK. She must be very good at bed. She even slept with a man like my head."

They talked in a proper voice so that Consuela could hear them clearly.

When she looked down, her face suddenly turned pale. She had difficulty in breathing in the closed tin sheet space and her hand, which was petting her belly, suddenly stiffened.

…… Baby.

She should be patient for the sake of her baby.

When the elevator stopped at the first floor and she finally managed to get out of the narrow space and exhaled some air, she saw the team of people coming out from another elevator.

Richie was buttoning up his shirt with a cuff link deftly. The grim atmosphere made people dare not look at him.

Consuela was standing against a wall. When she lowered her head, she didn't notice the sight of Richie.

In the CEO Office, Richie dialed a number,"Send someone to take good care of her. Now that she's in trouble, you can go with her."

After threatening, Richie opened the drawer and began to smoke. The white dust almost spilled out of the ashtray, and the clean and cold office was filled with smoke.

It was a little early for Consuela to come back to the rental house. After having a rest she recovered from the tiredness.

Her parents always called her to go home for dinner, no matter how she tried to turn them down.

She opened her eyes, looked at the pure white ceiling, and suddenly smiled bitterly.

There was a little disappointment in her voice and she mocked herself, "Consuela, you did fail."

The former lover suddenly became her brother-in-law, and he was also pregnant with the child of a dangerous man.

Life was a tough one, but she could do nothing.

After she cleaned herself up, she went back home. She didn't see Sheryl and Harry at home, and she didn't want to ask.

She might feel better without Harry and Sheryl around.

Standing outside the villa, Linda was waiting for Consuela. Linda pulled her into her arms and scolded her with a smile, "You are so heartless! You have to be forced to come back."

Consuela felt embarrassed and stuck out her tongue. She was not as young as her age, but her eyes turned gloomy when she heard a sweet voice.

The woman with heavy make-up walked towards her mother, arm in arm with her man. "Consuela, I happen to buy you a suit. Would you like to try it on?"

Looking at the petite figure, Sheryl suddenly stiffened, with a hint of complacency in her eyes, and her tone became even more fervent.

'Well, I'm better than this woman in every aspect. I can snatch my man away, and I can snatch my man back if I like.’

After a period of cooling, Consuela felt much better. She turned back with a big smile, "Thank you, sister."

But she still didn't dare to look at the man beside her.

She just wanted to be a coward to curl up in a turtle shell, without feeling the change of world status, and she didn't have to feel sorrow and alienation any more. But there were always people who wanted to uncover her wound.

And the fester couldn't be cured.

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