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   Chapter 6 The Last Faces They Wanted To See

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The man with the sunglasses opened the door and got out of the car. Then he gestured to Consuela to get out as well.

Consuela felt nervous, but eventually, curious. First of all, she began to believe that the man she was with was the leader of the kidnappers. The way he confidently and authoritatively sat informed her that. Second, she was confused as to why she was getting the treatment she was getting. 'I don't think an abductor would be so courteous to his abductee,' she thought.

"Miss Xia, please." The man noticed that Consuela hadn't moved at all despite being instructed to exit the car.

Consuela came back to her senses and shakily got out of the car.

The first thing that caught her eyes upon alighting was a classic and elegant gate standing in the middle of the gorgeous scenery. It had a vintage design to it, making it extremely exquisite. The surrounding paths were extremely clean and the grassy areas were well-trimmed. On the other side of this gate was a villa. Only a small part of it could be seen, but just from that, Consuela could already deduce that the whole structure was impressive.

'This place is beautiful!'

she said inwardly.


The loud sound created by the car door closing brought Consuela back to reality. Frowning, she turned around to ask the man what was happening.


However, before Consuela could do that, both her arms were seized by two large men and she was forcefully fitted a thick blindfold.

"What the fuck? What the hell is happening? Let me go!"

Consuela was now panicking more than ever. With all her might, she tried to get herself free from the strong hands that were holding her. It wasn't long before she realized that her efforts were futile. She just wasn't strong enough! She wanted to comfort herself, that maybe she wasn't in danger and that the men would not harm her, but the sheer force that they were exerting on her made her think otherwise. 'No one would feel safe around these hoodlums!' she thought. Not seeing where they were taking her made her more scared for her life!

Though she asked persistently, no one answered her. No one was making a sound. All that could be heard were their footsteps and the sound of her struggling.

She was still trying her hardest to fight her captors, but in vain. Soon, she realized that it would be better if she calmed down for now and saved her energy so that she could stage an escape attempt later.

A while later, she felt the atmosphere change. 'We must have entered the villa already,' she thought. She was making a conscious effort to keep bad thoughts away from her head, but needless to say, she wasn't excited about where they were at that moment.

After a while, their party stopped abruptly. Consuela raised her head and listened attentively, carefully to at the very least get an idea as to where they were. Suddenly, she head the sound of a door opening.

Just as abruptly as they stopped, they were once again on their way.

Finally, Consuela felt her arms were released.

Being at a loss as to where she was at that moment, she just stood still. She didn't know where to go or what to do!

A million worst case scenarios had already started running inside her head. She didn't want to think that she would perish then and there, but she realized that it would be a high possibility. Slowly, her hands balled into fists as anxiety took over her. She was waiting for something bad and painful to happen, but nothing came. Instead, her blindfold was taken off. For a moment, the bright light blinded her, but after a while, her eyes adjusted to it.

She looked around the room she was in. The area was unremarkable, to say the least, and the decorations seemed to be in line with the outdoors. This peculiar design was responsible for the room's fresh and vibrant aura.

Her eyes continued to scan th

e room until they happened upon a figure sitting on a chair in the farthest side of the room. The person's back was facing her, and so she had no idea who it was. The sunshine penetrated the window and reflected on the surroundings. It made the room more beautiful and homey.

When Consuela caught herself admiring the room's interior, she shook her head and reminded herself that there were more important things to deal with at the moment than appreciating her surroundings. As she did that, the man sitting shifted his head, exposing his side profile to her.

Immediately, she knew that there was something wrong.

'What the hell...' The man now fully turned to face Consuela, his handsome face serene. Consuela, however, felt a pang in her chest.

It was the last face Consuela wanted to see at the moment!

Richie looked at Consuela coldly and thought that she was indeed very bold! She even dared take photos of him and post them online! 'Is she really so eager to marry me?' he wondered. 'Huh? Will she really do everything in her power to get what she wants?' God knew how badly he wanted to skin her alive when he saw their pictures!

When he noticed the paleness on her face, a mocking smile appeared on Richie's lips. Then he asked slowly, "Are you afraid now?"

Consuela didn't know how to answer his question. Why would he kidnap her just to meet him? Their encounter that night was supposed to be their first and last! She didn't want to see him, not only because she felt violated by him, but because disgust was still evident on his face as he stared at her!

Richie's eyes twinkled when Consuela didn't respond. He stood up from his chair and walked up to her ever so slowly.

Soon, he was standing in front of Consuela.

Consuela wanted to run away, but she was unable to. It was as if her feet were cemented to the ground. She felt weak, but also firm in her stance.

The corners of Richie's lips were still curled. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You are scared."

Consuela let out a noise that could only be interpreted as agreement.

There was no use denying it. She was afraid of what might happen in that place! But she was disgusted with him more than scared. He insulted her over and over again that she felt her whole being was being trampled underneath his feet! She felt lowlier than trash!

"Well, you have done it. What are you afraid of?" Richie hated women like Consuela. There was no way he would want to see her again if she hadn't posted those pictures online.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Consuela angrily responded, her brows furrowed. She had a feeling that this man might have misunderstood something.

"You don't know what I'm talking about? Okay...okay..." As Richie's smile turned into a scary sneer, the look in his eyes became colder than ice.

He took out his phone and unlocked it. There, he showed her their pictures: naked and making love.

Consuela averted her eyes. She didn't want to see those obscene pictures anymore. If it weren't for this man, she might still have a chance to be with Harry! Everything was because of the photos. But then she had a moment of clarity.

Richie seemed to have noticed this, as the next thing he asked was, "Now, do you know why you're here?" He ominously put his phone away, disgust evident in his face more than ever.

"Do you...think that I...?" Consuela stuttered.

"You drugged me! You were the first bitch to do that to me!" Richie's eyes were wide with anger and his fists were clenched. Just the thought of Consuela succeeding in setting him up made him furious beyond words!

"You posted those pictures because you wanted to cause a scene so that I'd marry you, just like that. Well, fine! I'll give you what you want!" Richie raised his eyebrows in a playful manner. No one could tell whether he was serious or not.

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