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   Chapter 6 A Face I Don't Want To See

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The man with the sunglasses opened the door and got out of the car. Then he gestured to Consuela to get out.

Consuela felt curious. She didn't think that an abductor would have the same treatment. Obviously, the man with sunglasses looked like the leader of the kidnappers. She could tell from the position he sat just now.

"Miss Xia, please." The sunglasses man noticed that she had not been moving for a long time, so he reminded.

Consuela got out of the seat nervously.

In the eyes were the green. A classic and elegant door stood in the middle of the green. The vintage design added color to it, making it extremely exquisite. The surrounding roads were clean and well trimmed. Inside the gate was a villa. Only a small part of the villa could be seen from the outside, which looked fresh.

It's beautiful!

She praised it inwardly.

"Bang -"

A loud bang was heard when the car door was shut. Consuela immediately came back to her senses. Frowning, she wanted to turn around and ask the man what he was doing.

"You two..."

However, before Consuela could do that, she was taken aback and then moved on with their hands on both sides.

"What the hell do you want?"

Consuela couldn't help but shout. She kept moving her legs and arms restlessly as if she wanted to struggle out of the shackles. She believed that at this moment, no matter which woman was dragged away by this man, she would get furious! Not to mention that she was blindfolded and couldn't see the direction!

However, no one answered her. The surroundings were quiet. Only the sound of footsteps could be heard.

She was not strong enough to fight against them now, so she knew that it was useless to struggle no matter how hard she tried. Therefore, before long, she gave up resistance and prepared to save some energy and other chances to escape.

After a while, Consuela perceived that she might enter the magnificent villa through the dim light. However, she was not excited at all.

After a while, she was stopped abruptly. Consuela raised her head and listened attentively, as if there was a sound of door opening.

While Consuela was listening attentively, her body started moving again.

This time, Consuela's arms were relaxed. She felt free as no one held her.

As for Consuela, she didn't know where she was now and what she had to do, so she had to stand still.

The back of Consuela's head was out of the obstacles in front of her. The ray of light flooded into her eyes from outside the window all of a sudden, which made her feel uncomfortable. She raised her hand to hide the light.

When she finally got used to the bright room, she found herself in a casual room. The decoration around the room was quite suitable to the outside, giving off a fresh feeling.

She scanned the room, and then found someone sitting on the chair at his desk with his back to the other people. The sunshine penetrated through the window and reflected on the surroundings. It was really beautiful.

Then, the only thing in her mind was what they wa

nted to do!

Right then, the man's face was clearer than ever.

Suddenly, Consuela had a bad feeling about this. When the young man sitting in the seat turned his handsome, delicate face, wearing a serene expression, Consuela's heart ached again. She was in a more violent state of fury at that moment.

That was the last face that Consuela wanted to see at the moment!

Richie looked at Consuela coldly and thought that she was indeed very bold! She even dared to take photos of him and post them online! 'Is she really so eager to marry me?' he wondered. Huh Did she have to do anything to get what she wanted? God knew how he wanted to skin her alive when he saw those pictures!

Noticing the paleness on her face, Richie gave a mocking smile. Then he asked slowly, "Are you afraid now?"

She didn't know how to answer his question. She didn't want to see this man again! Not only because he put too much pressure on her, but also because the contempt and dislike on his face were too unbearable.

His eyes twinkled with excitement as he didn't get any response. He stood up and walked up to Consuela slowly.

Soon, he stood in front of Consuela.

Consuela wanted to run away, but she was unable to as if her feet were lead. She just stood there, weak and firm.

The corners of his lips still curled. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Huh! Are you scared?"

It was a positive answer.

It was true that even Consuela herself couldn't deny the fact. She was also afraid of the possible consequence! However, she hated him more. That man insulted her over and over again and trampled her under his feet. Her self-esteem had been trampled into the trash!

"Well, you have done it. What are you afraid of?" He always hated women like Consuela. He wouldn't even want to see her if it wasn't for the woman who had taken their romantic pictures and uploaded them on the Internet.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Consuela furrowed her eyebrows. She had a feeling that this man might have misunderstood something.

"You don't understand? Good, very good! " The corners of his mouth curved upwards, and the look in his eyes was as cold as ice.

Soon after, he took out his phone and switched it on. And then there were those limited pictures with only two characters in them, he and she.

She didn't want to see those obscene pictures anymore. If it were not for this man, she might still be with Harry! Everything was because of this photo! Only at this moment did she understand.

"Now you know it?" He put his phone away and was keenly aware of the strange reaction of Consuela.

"Not me..." Consuela said slowly in a low voice.

"You are the first one who dares to drug me!" Richie squinted at her with his fists clenched. He was furious at the thought that he had been set up by this woman!

"Don't you want to make a scene and force me to marry you by posting these pictures online? Fine, I'll satisfy you now! " Richie raised his eyebrows playfully. No one could tell whether he was telling the truth.

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