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   Chapter 4 What Happened

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"I didn't expect you to be such a dissolute woman!"

"No! It's not like that! "

Consuela looked at him in disbelief. This was the last thing she wanted! She thought that Harry also liked her. As long as she explained to him, he would believe her, forgive her and accept her. But now it seemed that she was wrong! He didn't even give her a chance to explain! With a mixture of disgust, disappointment and bad tone, she was easily sentenced to death!

All of a sudden, Consuela felt like a big hole was struck in her heart. It would be broken and hurt only by a gentle touch.

"It was an accident! I didn’t want to! I was drunk, and someone... "

"Hi, Harry. Nice to see you here," a familiar voice came from far to near and immediately attracted the two people's attention.

Consuela paused and turned to look at the person, just like a drowning person clutched at a straw in the ocean. She opened her mouth immediately, "Sister, you can prove it!” Consuela thought to herself, 'Harry, you have to trust me! I didn't mean to do that!’

"What? What happened? Why do you two look like this? " As soon as she got close to them, she sensed that something was wrong in the air. Noticing Consuela's red eyes and nose, she pretended to be nervous and asked, "What's wrong, Consuela? Why are you crying? "

"Sheryl! Sheryl! Please help me explain to Harry! " as she said these words, she wanted to cry. Fortunately, her sister had come. She believed that Harry would be able to tolerate her after listening to Sheryl’s explanation!

"Explain what?" Sheryl was confused. In fact, when she saw the photos in the mobile phone, she knew what had happened exactly. It seemed that her goal would soon be achieved.

"It's just about what happened that night... " Consuela didn't want to mention the past again. She had to tell him the truth for her own sake.

"What? That night? Didn't you say nothing happened that night? "

As Sheryl read the eagerness and indignation in Consuela's eyes, she suddenly changed the expression on her face, turned to Harry and said, "Don't blame Consuela, Harry. No one wanted that to happen! Consuela was a good girl! Although I don't know what's going on between them, I believe in Consuela. "

Consuela nodded to him repeatedly, hoping to prove her innocence. She didn't tell Sheryl what had happened, and she didn't know what else she wanted Sheryl to say either. She just wanted to have someone to rely on and help her slow down Harry. Besides, Consuela trusted Sheryl very much!

"Aha... The photos have been posted on Weibo. There is nothing to talk about." Harry sneered and there was no other emotion on his face. He was really surprised. It was obvious that Sheryl didn't know about it. She just put in a good word for Consuela. Now it seemed that everyone was deceived by the woman's appearance!

"Harry, please don't do that," said Sheryl. She looked at Consuela with embarrassment, indicating that Harry should take care of Consuela, who was still present. "Consuela will be very sad."

"Will she be sad? Huh, she has done

the shameless things, so what I say won't have any impact on her, right? Anyway, she has another man. Maybe now she is crying out here, and the next second she will be out of sight right under that man in the photo! " Harry tried to pretend that he didn't care about it at all, and he could only see the illusion in his half-closed eyes.

He said this without thinking, as if only these vicious words could make him revenge such a deep betrayal.

However, the result was a disappointment to Consuela, who had been fond of him.

The most painful thing was not to be refused by the one you loved, but the one you had loved for so many years refused to trust you without hesitation.

She bit her lower lip, trying to hold back her tears. Her mouth was as red as a flower. She felt so painful that she could hardly breathe.

Observing the expression on Consuela's and Harry's faces, Sheryl turned her head a little, with a satisfied smile on her face. However, she wanted more than that!

"I don't think so. Although he's handsome, I believe that Consuela will not be willing to see him again! It happened just because she was a little confused and tipsy."

Sheryl didn't mention that Consuela was drugged, as if she was trying to defend her. However, as furious as Harry was, it dawned on him that she was in a love affair. He believed it was true. Consuela was just a dissolute woman who could hook up with men easily and did immoral things in private!

As Harry stared at her, Consuela felt that the pain in her heart was getting stronger and stronger, and she was about to burn down.

"People always make mistakes. Don't overreact, Harry!" Sheryl waved her hand and didn't mention it. Then she said in surprise, "Harry, why are you so angry? You like her? "

"No! How could I fall in love with such a woman! The reason why I'm angry is because I saw the one I cherished as a sister for years do such a shameless thing! "

He wondered why he hadn't seen her true color! Just for this sad feeling! He didn't do this for any other reason, let alone for love!

Consuela looked at him in the eye, trying to figure out if he had misjudged her. But, nothing! Why? Was it really just her wishful thinking?

"Really? Then, Harry, do you have someone you like? " Sheryl asked quickly, unable to conceal her excitement.

"Someone I like?"

Harry repeated the words again with a frown, instead of answering directly. Then he raised his head to cast a meaningful glance at Consuela. Since she had betrayed him first, what else did he need to wait for?

Consuela stared at the two of them in stunned disbelief, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Harry stood up and looked at Sheryl. Then he raised Sheryl's chin gently and bent over to kiss her.

After Harry left, Sheryl was stunned for a few seconds and then slightly raised the corners of her mouth. This was exactly what she wanted! Sheryl thought to herself. Finally, no one could take Harry away from her!

Sheryl's hands under her sleeves began to tremble because of the shock, but no one noticed it!

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