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   Chapter 3 Confession

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In the following few days, everything was going smoothly. Consuela was getting better and calmer. She kept comforting herself that no one would know about this matter. She could take it as a dream and forget everything as if nothing happened.

Two weeks later, she plucked up the courage to confess her feelings to the man she had a crush on for a long time. Even if she failed she would regret nothing. At least, she had tried her best.

In the coffee shop.

With a pair of starry eyes on the handsome face, the man stared at her. "Hi, Consuela. What can I do for you?"

"Harry, I like you—"


The mobile phone sounded as she confessed to him. With a huge crash, Harry stood up. Stunned by such a big reaction, Consuela, who was sitting opposite to him, felt very confused.

His expression was so ambiguous that his hand clenched the phone, trembling a bit. In fact, Consuela didn't think it was necessary for him to be so shocked. She had just summoned up the courage to confess her love to him.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Without answering, he just kept looking at the phone. His face grew pale. He didn't sit down again.

Lowering her head in shyness, Consuela realized that something was wrong. She raised her head to take a deep look at Harry, and her face became not as relaxed as before. She stood up and stretched her head, trying to see the contents on Harry's mobile phone to find out what happened.

"Hello, Harry..."

But, when she glanced, her pupils dilated in an instant and her breath smothered. A cold feeling spread from her back to her neck. She was too frightened to utter a single word.

"That, that is..."

Consuela grabbed the phone from Harry's hand. She didn't even notice that she had knocked down the glass of water on the table. She was concentrating on the phone all the time. Neither did she want to see the photos, nor did she want Harry to see them.

The water flowed down the table and dropped on her dress, but she didn't feel it at all.

There was a woman and a man in the photo. The man had his back to the camera in some photos, while his handsome profile was shown in some other. And the woman with a red face was none other than Consuela.

The person only aimed the camera at her. The man's face was hard to recognize, but Consuela's face was too clear.

'Why? How could this be possible?'

It became difficult for Consuela to breathe, and the more she thought of it, the more she felt difficult to believe what she had seen.

"Didn't you say you like me?"

Harry recovered from being shocked by the photo. He calmed himself and sat down again with a shaky voice.

"I—I…" She didn't know how to respond as she stared at the pictures.

"What's going on?" Harry gasped with a hint of pain and hesitation in his eyes.

How much he wanted to refuse to see what

was in front of him.

"I—I don't know!" It scared Consuela when she heard the frightened voice of Harry. She answered in a low voice as if she was crying. She wondered why and how could these pictures appear on Weibo.

"You just need to tell me," said Harry, who raised his head a little bit and closed his eyes. "Is the person in the photo you?"

Consuela heaved a sigh of relief. She bowed her head, feeling as if all her strength had been drained from her body in an instant. The phone slid down on the floor with a thud. How could she answer such a question in front of the man she had loved for so many years?

Seeing her look, Harry was sure that she had betrayed him. The disappointment he felt when he saw the photo flooded in.

She didn't know how to answer him. As soon as she raised her head, she lowered her head again because of fear. Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks and jaw.

Thoughts were struggling in her mind.

With all the strength left in her, she clenched her fists. She didn't feel any pain as her fingernails were piercing into her palms. Closing her eyes, she nodded.

The room went into dead silence. The chilly air filled the whole surrounding.

Harry didn't know how to react. He had thought she was a white lotus, pure and attractive. Now, when the truth uncovered in front of him with no disguise, he felt that he could not accept it. He felt as if the person he had trusted for a long time had betrayed him.

Consuela tried to open her eyes, seeing that Harry had returned to his seat. But she could not see his expression.

'What should I do? What can I do?' she thought. How could she explain it to Harry?

Consuela's mind was in a mess and she didn't know what to say. She lost her words.

"Harry, that was an accident! I…"

She wanted to tell Harry what had happened that day. All of a sudden, a sarcastic laugh came through, interrupting what she would say.

Tears on her face, Consuela was not sure if she had heard it clearly. She tried to continue, "Harry, I..."

"I'm very disappointed!" Harry raised his head, giving her a meaningful look with disgust and dislike.

Consuela looked at him in a daze, forgetting what to say for a moment. The gentle appearance and expression of Harry at the moment was replaced with a grimace.

"Harry…" Again, she uttered the name of the man she had been in love for many years.

"Say nothing. I always think you are an exquisite woman." The voice of Harry was calm to the point it sounded he didn't care about her at all, but he seemed to be bearing something. He focused his eyes on her and kept thinking of the photos he had just seen. He thought she was a pure woman, but he didn't expect her to groan under a man. Did it mean that anyone could touch her when she felt lonely? Disappointment surged in his heart.

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