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   Chapter 2 Playing Hard To Get

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Consuela was getting more and more anxious when she heard Richie's words. She dragged her sore and feeble body and explained, "I don't know what happened!"

"A whore wants to be a chaste widow? You made it! You can say whatever you want now!" His anger vanished a lot. He wouldn't have hurt a woman, anyway.

"Hey, you..."

"The Ye family won't accept any woman like you!" Richie interrupted her and turned his head to stare at the woman behind him with his sharp eyes.

There were a lot of women who tried to marry Richie, but unfortunately, they didn't even have a chance to see him. He was so careless today that such a woman even drugged him.

The temperature of the room seemed to have plummeted. A shiver ran down her spine from her neck to her back. She swallowed, trying to say something.

Without waiting for her answer, he walked towards the bathroom while saying, "If you're smart enough, disappearing right now will be your best choice."

She didn't know why, but it was obvious that he had took advantage of her vulnerable state.

"I tell you, I'm not interested in your family at all! I am the victim of what just happened!" Glaring at his back, she added in a furious voice, "And I'll leave right now. I don't want to see your face anymore!"

Hearing her words, Richie stopped and sneered. Was she playing cat and mouse with him again?

Ignoring the sharp pain, she stood up straight and was about to leave this stifling and humiliating room.

But, as soon as she got out of the bed, she had seen her torn clothes, and it was because of the act of passionate love. She was naked now.

Feeling embarrassed, she picked up his coat on the ground and wore it. Although it was a little strange, the coat was long enough to cover her private parts.

She didn't want to talk to him, but she still coughed out of respect and stifled in disgust. "I'll return it to you after I clean it."

After hearing that, he moved again towards the bathroom. He curled up his lips as he thought this woman was looking for an excuse to meet him again.

"Throw it away. I don't like it." He filled his words with disgust.

Without waiting for her answer, he closed the bathroom door first. Then she heard the running water coming from inside.

It was her first time to feel humiliated like this, and she did nothing to experience this kind of treatment.

Holding back her tears, she raised her head to look at the ceiling. Then she pushed the door open and strode out of the room.



Out of the elevator, Consuela ran into Sheryl's arms as soon as she saw her. Tears welled up in her eyes.

A dash of nervousness f

lashed across Sheryl's face, but it didn't last long before she could collect herself and put something into her bag.

"What's wrong, Consuela?" She patted her back and comforted her in a soft voice.

"Sheryl, where have you been? I—I…" Consuela raised her head and wiped off the tears on her face. She wanted to ask why the man was in the room rather than Sheryl.

"Me? I've been waiting for you in Room 319! I want to ask you, where did you go last night? I heard you were drunk? I waited for you in my room for so long that I almost wanted to check out. But you didn't show up until now!" Sheryl said, as if she wasn't telling a lie.

"What? Sheryl, you mean Room 319?" Consuela's eyes widened in disbelief. How was it possible? She remembered that her sister said it was Room 316.

"Yes, I have emphasized it many times! But you seemed to have drunk a lot." Sheryl frowned as she recalled what happened before.

"What? How could it be possible?" Consuela was too shocked to utter a single word. Drops of crystal clear tears were hanging in her eyes. Sheryl hadn't lied to her. Did it mean that she had mistaken Room 316 for Room 319 after she got drunk and lost her virginity because of that?

So it was all her fault?

"Consuela! Consuela!" Sheryl waved her hand in front of Consuela, trying to wake her up.

"What's wrong with you?"

After she realized that she had made a mistake, Consuela swallowed her saliva and faltered, "I—I just got into the wrong room and slept there. Nothing happened!"

She would never tell the whole thing to Sheryl, even if she was her sister.

"I see!" After a few seconds, she asked, "Then why did you cry?"

"I—I just had a terrible nightmare. When I woke up, I was alone in the room. So it scared me!" Consuela rolled her eyes and went on, "Yes, I was just scared. That's all."

"That's good. I thought something happened to you when I saw you in such a panic! I'm relieved that you're fine."

Sheryl smiled with relief. The light shone on her face, which reflected her face bright. Many passers-by looked at her.

Her sister was always so beautiful. No wonder that Harry Xue was so nice to her. The more Consuela thought about it, the more she got disappointed. Now, perhaps she even had no right to like Harry.

A bitter smile crept up her face.


After taking a shower, Richie went out of the bathroom and wiped his hair with a towel. When he saw a touch of red on the sheet, he stopped wiping. He raised his eyebrows. 'The woman is desperate to become a member of Ye family, ' he thought.

The contempt in his heart rose again. Then he continued his act with indifference.

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