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   Chapter 1 One Night Of Shame

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In a dim pub overwhelmed by the smell of cigarettes, people were toasting each other. At the corner, a woman was raising her head to drink another shot of whiskey when a drop of tear fell down her cheek.

"Consuela, you're drunk." Noticing that Consuela Xia was about to get herself dead drunk, Sheryl Xia snatched her glass with furrowed eyebrows.

Nobody noticed that a small pill fell from Sheryl's hand into the glass.

"Sister, why are you here?" Consuela giggled and stared at her sister in a daze.

"Look at you. You are a girl and you are so drunk now. Father and mother will be mad at you after you get back home!" Sheryl said, feigning an angry expression.

"Well, well, I'm not going home!" Consuela Xia answered in a firm and indifferent way although she was a little unconscious.

Sheryl took deep breaths upon hearing Consuela's words. She hated her sister so much.

Ever since she was a little girl, their parents wouldn't allow her to do what she wanted. Instead, she could only behave herself. But what about Consuela? They bound her to no rules and she could do whatever she wanted. Every time people saw her, they wouldn't see any signs of sadness. They were full sisters. Why were they so unfair? Why was Consuela Xia the princess in the Xia Clan and the latter the Cinderella?

Sheryl clenched her fists, trying to relax herself and put on a kind smile. "I knew it! I have booked a room for you with room number 316! You... "

Sheryl's phone rang before she could continue talking.

Then she took out her phone, scanned the message she had received and gestured Consuela that she would go to answer the phone.

When Sheryl came back, she saw an empty glass on the bar counter. A hint of hatred flashed in her eyes. Trying to suppress her excitement, she said to her sister, "Consuela, can you go to the hotel and have a rest yourself? I'm sorry that I can't go with you! Wait for me in Room 316! I'll come to you when I'm done!"

Noticing the worry and guilt written on her face, Consuela nodded and urged her to leave.

As Sheryl turned around, a vicious expression appeared on her face. Nobody, including Consuela, saw that change.

After waving goodbye to her sister, Consuela staggered to an opened room numbered 316. She went straight in the room. Having a terrible headache, she tried her best to find the bed to lie down until she fell asleep.

Consuela's body was becoming hotter and hotter as she drifted off to sleep. She had a strange feeling now. Then in a trance, she opened her eyes in a slow motion.

To her surprise, a man's face came into her view. He was sitting on a sofa with eyes closed. His forehead was sweating, and his face

was red. She struggled to get up and approached that man to see what happened to him. But right then, the man opened his bloodshot eyes as if he was trying hard to refrain himself from something burning in his heart. He grabbed her hand and swallowed hard. He squinted his eyes and lunged at her as if he couldn't stand it anymore.

She didn't realize how terrible the situation was until he tore her clothes. She wanted to struggle and refuse the man's kiss, but she found that when the man's hand touched her skin, she wasn't able to get rid of his passionate, cold aura.

The strange feeling awakened her, so she struggled to hide in a corner of the room.

"No! Go away," she said with a sob. "Please, don't do this to me!"

Tears welled up in her eyes. She furrowed her eyebrows, not willing to give herself to the man. Her cheeks blushed. She kept shaking her head, expressing her tearful pleas.

However, in the man's eyes, she was just playing hard-to-get.

"Weren't you so enthusiastic just now? Are you just pretending to be innocent now, huh?" Looking at the woman hiding in the corner in front of him, he snorted. Then, he walked forward and pressed his body against hers.

He had seen a lot of such women, but no one dared to drug him.

At the thought of this, he narrowed his eyes as anger started rising from his heart. He looked closer at the woman leaning against the wall. The contempt in his eyes was obvious as he gave her an apathetic smirk.

"No! No! I—I don't know..." She sobbed with a frightened expression.

All she could remember was she was drunk and her sister told her to wait for her in the room. Because of that, she fell asleep on the bed for a while. When she woke up, she found a very handsome man in the room.

What the hell was going on?!

"Then, I'll satisfy you as you wish!"

Tears streamed down her cheeks when she heard what the man said. It was against her will.

"Why, why are you doing this to me? Who are you?" Her words full of reluctance were more tempting to Richie Ye.

"No. Ah!" She bit her lower lip with shame, hoping that she wouldn't make any sound anymore.

Seeing the woman behave this way, Richie Ye snorted. Wasn't this what she wanted? Or he hadn't satisfied her?


Finally, both of them were indulged, sweat pouring down.

The drug's effect had subsided. Looking at the woman under his body, he snorted. 'Such a shameless woman of no scruples! If I wasn't drugged, how could I allow such a woman to sleep with me? What a dirty woman!'

He looked at his body and got up from the bed in disgust.

"You have achieved your goal," he said with his back to Consuela. "Get out of here right now."

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