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   Chapter 342 The Best Of Us (Part Two)

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It seemed that Sasha had something to tell her, and since it was still early, she agreed.

"Madam, you are here." The manager greeted Sasha with a bright smile as soon as she walked in.

With an embarrassed smile on her face, Sasha turned around and said to Amelia, "I've told them not to call me like that. They said that it was Michael's request."

At the moment, Sasha had a happy smile on her face. She could tell from her tone that she was happy.

"Amelia, when I see Mark, I'm very curious about the baby in my belly. Is it a boy or a girl?" Playing with the toys that Sasha had bought him, Mark was sitting quietly while Amelia and Sasha were chatting.

"In fact, both boys and girls are the same."

"Yes. I've changed a lot since I became a mother." Sasha seemed to think of something. With a smile, she said, "That night, Michael got drunk and hugged me, crying all the time. In fact, we know that we don't love each other that much, but... It's more miserable if we break up. "

Sasha finally brought up the question that Amelia cared about. But she didn't ask it, because she wanted to hear the story from Sasha herself.

"No matter if he stayed with me because of the baby in my belly or not, I have determined to give birth to this baby and live a happy life with him."

Sasha said earnestly, without any trace of being affected by any emotion on her face. It seemed that she was determined to have a good life for the sake of the baby.

"Why don't you change your mood? You will find that Michael is a good guy and he can also bring you a happy life." By virtue of the efforts Michael had made for his mother, she was sure that he was a responsible man.

"You are right. I used to stand against Michael, but recently I have different feelings to him. I believe my days with him will be gradually better." Together with a brilliant smile, Sasha's face shone with happiness.

At night, in the SJ Garden.

"What makes you so h

ut exclaim, "No wonder my period was late!"

After blurting out the words, she felt embarrassed and quickly covered her mouth. Her big black eyes stared straight at Lucian.

But out of her expectation, he was surprisingly calm. He stretched out his long arm and held her into his arms, and said, "I was thinking that if we had a daughter, she would be called Carlo."

"Carol Zhan... I like the name. I hope she could be happy every day! " Murmured the name a few times, and then she asked worriedly, "What if we have a boy?"

Seeing that she frowned in chagrin, Lucian reached out his hand to touch the center between her eyebrows, and then an evil smile appeared on his face. "Then, let's have more children until our daughter is born," he said...

"I am not... HMM! " Amelia was about to retort, but he had taken away her right of speaking in such a domineering way.

"You are my wife. If you want, we can keep having the babies. If you don't want the babies, we won't have more." Lucian's low voice sounded around the ears of Amelia. His tenderness melted her into his arm.

"Honey, it's so good to have you. I feel like I'm the happiest woman in the world." Amelia reached out her hands and wrapped them around Lucian's neck. She stood on tiptoe, trying to deliver her happiness to him.

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