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   Chapter 340 Time Is The Answer

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Jonny said that Claire tried every means to stay with him.

It would take a lot of money to set up a company. In order to cut the cost, Claire took over all the trivial matters.

No matter how hardhearted he was, he couldn't bear to see a weak woman suffer for him, let alone stay with him for nothing.

"Amelia, he thought I had impure motive to stay with him. Only when he had nothing left did he realize how valuable I am." A happy smile appeared on her face. Claire was shy but she couldn't help praising herself.

"Amelia, Lucian said he had an important meeting this afternoon, so we decided to ask you out."

Amelia told Lucian that she would go out and asked Frank to drive her here.

"Amelia, Jonny and I appreciate Mr. Lucian's help to us as well as your tolerance. We really appreciate your help and we'll be grateful to you in the future."

"Amelia, I don't like making oral promises. After all these things I've learned, I have two ideas in the future: work hard and live a good life for my mother and Claire, and live up to the help of you and Lucian."

The two of them, holding teacups, solemnly promised in front of Amelia.

Fortunately, they finally met each other, dispelling the hidden uneasiness in Amelia's heart.

Only time can tell if they were telling the truth.

When she got home in the evening, Amelia told Lucian exactly what had happened after she met with Jonny.

She had thought that Lucian would at least show surprise, or even happiness, but he seemed to have known everything and acted very calm.

"Maybe after you hear the good news, all the previous grudges are gone, right?"

"Mr. Lucian, you are the one who helped Jonny. Why are you sermonizing?" Amelia curled up her lips when she held Lucian.

With a smile on his face, Lucian gave a gentle glance at Amelia and said, "I mean, Mrs. Amelia should remember not to put herself in danger."

Amelia smiled upon hearing this. She buried her head in his arms and said docilely, "I have such a powerful husband. Who dares to bully me?"

With that, he leaned forward and Amelia was pushed onto the bed. With a wicked smile, he said, "Then have a good experience with your husband."

Time went by. She was getting better day by day. Thinking of all the obstacles she had met before, she felt she could breathe a sigh of relief. She felt that everything was the test of happiness.

It had been a long time since she last met with Jasper and Yolanda. Amelia planned to pay a visit to them, only to be told that they had moved away.

Finally, Lucian helped her get the news that they moved to C City and Jasper was doing a small business there. Her family lived in harmony.

"Amelia, if you miss Vernon, I can accompany you to see him." Behind Amelia, Lucian hugged her and whispered by her ear softly.

"I visi

.." Mark began to lose his temper, and not willing to open his mouth even when Lily fed him.

Amelia lost her temper, but she failed to control it. Then she criticized Mark, "You are two years old. You should learn to eat by yourself."

"Mrs. Amelia, don't worry. Young master has inherited your and Mr. Lucian's independent characters, and he won't be spoiled," Lily comforted as she knew what Amelia was worrying about.

Amelia frowned and looked up that she noticed Lucian was looking at her with a smile. "Mark is also your son. It's up to you."

After that, she quickly finished her meal and went upstairs.

Not long after she went upstairs, Lucian came upstairs. Seeing that Amelia was tidying up the closet, he walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and whispered, "I know what you mean. But Mark is just two years old, it's too hasty for us to ask him to do that."

"I was able to eat by myself when I was two years old!" Amelia set an example.

Lucian was amused by her words. He followed her and said, "Of course. My wife is independent."

"This is not the point. The point is that our son is not going to act like a spoiled kid!"

"Do you think your husband will educate our son into a playboy?" He was confident in the way he taught his children.

"I'm with him every day, but he just kept throwing himself into your arms and blaming me. You don't have much time with him, that's unfair!" Folding her own hands, Amelia felt wronged for herself.

Hearing her words, Lucian laughed even more happily. He proudly smiled and said, "This is a way to show your charm."

"Do you mean I'm not attractive enough?" The more he said, the more depressed she became.

"All right, all right. Mark is just a little boy. How could he be so naughty to be against you? He might ask mommy to hold him later." Lucian patiently coaxed her.

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