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   Chapter 339 Take Responsibility For The Mistake

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Amelia didn't expect that Lucian would be so obedient. When she helped him go upstairs, she couldn't help but feel happy, laughing secretly.

"Have a rest first. I'll make some soup downstairs." She had made up her mind to give Lucian a good rest. Although she had recovered a lot, she had to take care of him and do her duty as a wife.

As soon as she stood up, he grabbed her wrist and said like a child, "Don't leave. Sit with me for a while."

Amelia looked at her wrist that was tightly grasped by him, and smiled, "I'll cook soup and come back soon."

With a warm smile on his handsome face, Lucian said in a soothing tone, "As long as I can look at you, I'm happier than anything else."

Amelia lowered her head shyly and scolded her, "Don't you feel embarrassed? If only I could be that powerful. "

"Who said you're not?" At the moment, Lucian put his arms around Amelia's waist and kissed on her cheek. "I feel good to see you."

"By the way, Lucian, about your mother's death..."

Amelia knew that the mention of this topic might be a little frustrating, but when she saw that Lucian seemed to be in a good mood, she still ask it.

Hearing that, Lucian pulled a long face, with a cold expression flashing in his eyes. It seemed that this topic was indeed ominous.

"You would never expect that the one behind was Fannie, right?" Lucian's eyes dimmed, but when he spoke of it, there was obviously sorrow in his eyes.

"You mean mom?" It was really out of her expectation. She stunned for a long time.

"For so many years, the only reason that she feels insecure is that my mother's death is lingering in her mind. That's why she wants more wealth to hide her sense of guilt..."

He wouldn't have suspected if it hadn't been for the close relationship between Fannie and Edmund.

One of the servants working for Fannie was arranged by him. At the beginning, he wanted to take good care of her, but after the servant heard what Edmund said when he had quarreled with his mother, he felt it odd. So he told Lucian and helped him find some clues about the cause of Fiona's death.

Edmund thought that his mom was making a scapegoat for him. Lucian would choose to forgive him since they were related by blood. Therefore, Edmund told Lucian the whole story.

"So you didn't agree to his request at that time, and he hit you out of anger?"

Amelia touched Lucian's wounded back and felt sorry for him.

"To be exact, it was a sneak attack." Seeing the sadness on her face, Lucian wanted to cheer her up. "Your husband is good at fighting. If we have a head-on fight, he will be no match for me."

Amelia was not sure whether she should laugh or angry. She looked at Lucian and muttered, "You don't have to hide your true emotions. You can talk to me if you feel sad."

With a faint smile on his face, Lucian relieved and said, "My injury made me find out the truth of the evil that

ending. Aunt... She chose to turn herself in so as to pay for the mistakes she made in the past, so I won't be sad... "

Lucian tried hard to control his grief and make himself look calm.

Amelia didn't say anything. She walked to him, put her arms around his waist and buried her head into his chest. Lost in thought.

A month later, Jonny came to her.


A woman's voice came from the quiet coffee house.

Amelia looked up and saw Claire coming.

When she was wondering why she met her, Jonny appeared behind her.

Maybe there had been some unpleasant things happened before, so Amelia looked a little embarrassed after seeing them.

"Amelia, I haven't seen you for a long time. It seems that you've put on some weight." Sitting opposite to Amelia, Jonny brought back the sunny smile he used to have, and he looked more relaxed.

"You can't call her that unless she is chubby. She used to be so thin, but now she looks great." Claire immediately retorted. Embarrassed, she looked at Amelia and said, "Amelia, he didn't express himself clearly. Please don't get angry with him."

"Well... It's okay. " Amelia didn't care about this at all. Claire's explanation made her a little embarrassed.

"Honey, you always have a silver tongue." Echoed Jonny with a naughty smile on his face.

"Honey? You two?" Amelia was a little confused. She pointed at the two people opposite and asked, "Are you married?"

Claire's face flushed as red as a ripe apple. She nodded her head with shyness and touched Jonny's arm with her elbow. "Can you tell Amelia what is going on?"

"Here is the thing..."

It turned out that they were tested by misfortune and finally fell for each other!

They had pretended to be a couple in the past, so it was hard for Amelia to believe their marriage.

Claire loved Jonny so much, but he had no affection for her at all. So it was out of her expectation that they could get married.

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