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   Chapter 337 The Relationship Between Father And Son Was Deeper.

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So they didn't dare to offend too much, and their attitudes were always harmonious.

"Thank you all for your hard work," When Amelia arrived at the gate of the Zhan Group, she bowed to the reporters.

When she came to the front desk, Eric came over.

"Mrs. Amelia, you..." When Eric thought of what had happened just now, he was in a panic.

Amelia saw that Eric was so frightened that he could not say a word, especially with his usual care.

Apparently, they were worried and she did not know what about Lucian...

"I want to see Lucian?" Amelia looked at Eric with a pitiful expression.

"Okay." Eric greeted respectfully, standing beside the CEO's exclusive elevator.

Amelia was surprised. She had thought that Eric stopped her from visiting Lucian.

"Isn't Lucian busy now?"

"Our president knows that you are downstairs, so he specially sent me to pick you up."

Hearing the answer of Eric, Amelia felt happy and asked, "Lucian must not know that I have a lot to deal with."

"If the receptionist hadn't come up to report it, Mr. Lucian and I really didn't know..." Because Lucian always ignored those reporters.

It was not the first time that such a cold attitude had been handled, but those reporters were still unwilling to give up and come to the Zhan Group to wait.

Lucian thought they would leave when there was no need for them to do that. To his surprise, Amelia suddenly appeared.

"Oh, I see..." Amelia whispered in fear, "is Lucian angry with me?"

When Eric saw her worried look, he smiled and shook his head. "If everything goes well, Mr. Lucian will praise you."

"Praise me?" Amelia pointed at herself and said, "I don't expect him to praise me. I just hope he can be happier."

"Don't worry. Although our president is a glorious man, he has experienced a lot of difficulties behind him. We can't beat him to death for such an ugly man's treacherous behavior."

Eric's words soothed Amelia. She raised her head, smiled at Eric, and pouted, "You're such a sensitive person. Why aren't you married?"

Perhaps it was because he didn't get the right answer, Eric suddenly turned grim faced. He pointed at the open elevator door and politely replied, "Mrs. Amelia, we're here."

"Uh..." Amelia smiled awkwardly. She felt that she had poked others' privacy.

However, Eric was good-looking. She thought that he might ask for too much.

Amelia quickly calmed herself down.

The thought of seeing Lucian made her timid. She stepped back and let Eric walk forward.

Eric walked in and respectfully reported, "Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia is here."

Dropping the files in hand, Lucian raised his head and looked at Amelia who was a little far away from his desk with a faint smile on his lips.

"We've been married for so many years. You didn't even take a step back from me when you first met me."

Apparently, Lucian was


Nicholas's slightly hoarse voice touched the heart of Amelia. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she held back the urge to cry. She walked over and embraced Nicholas. "Father, I'm relieved to see you are safe."

At the dining table, it was prepared by Amelia herself. After a joyful meal, Nicholas called Amelia and Lucian to his study.

"Amelia, I've thought a lot since I came here. It's really a shame for me to see you once in a while."

Nicholas's guilty words made the atmosphere more depressing, but she still listened to him quietly.

"Dad, as long as you're fine, I and Lucian won't hold a grudge against you because of what you have said or done." Amelia reckoned that the reason why Nicholas was so embarrassed must be because of the defensive moves towards Lucian.

At the same time, Lucian chimed in, "Amelia's right. I won't hate you because of what you have done. On the contrary, I appreciate you for raising me up."

Although he felt a little bit pain when he thought of his life story, he quickly figured it out.

He wouldn't stand by and do anything evil just because Edmund was his father, nor would he give up the father-and-son relationship between him and Nicholas.

"Although you specifically asked me not to watch the news, I have heard about what happened to the An Group recently. Lucian, I don't feel complacent about it, but just think that good is rewarded with evil. Today's encountering a series of disasters, which are all caused by the evils that Edmund had done!"

The public always felt that the An family and the Zhan family were on good terms. Since he was sensible, he sensed that the relationship between the two families was very subtle.

Nicholas was in a high spirit now.

"Don't worry. You have devoted a lot to the Zhan Group. It won't be easy for me to handle it." Lucian knew what was in Nicholas's mind, so he promised to him in front of Amelia.

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