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   Chapter 336 Learn To Forgive

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As for my close relationship with Edmund, I want to find out the real reason of my mother's death." Lucian followed.

Hearing Lucian mentioning the issue of Fiona, Amelia looked at him suddenly and found that Lucian's eyes were as dark as ink.

"Did you find anything?" Amelia asked.

She knew that Lucian wouldn't be unprepared. And for this important thing, he must find the answer.

And before the result came out, he would not say it easily, or it would bring trouble to the other party.

Amelia began to know him a little bit, but sometimes it was driven by her emotion that caused misunderstandings.

"Yes, it's true that Edmund wants to be the CEO of the An Group again. But he doesn't say anything about my mother."

So Lucian intended to get along well with Edmund, while waiting for Edmund to show his true colors.

"Maybe the death of your mother was a trauma to him..." Amelia said boldly.

She had thought that Lucian would get angry, but unexpectedly, he just rebutted, "I think he has a guilty conscience!"

"So you suspect that your mother's death has anything to do with Edmund, don't you?" In Amelia's opinion, since they were a couple, they should talk as much as they wanted. Some dull words might remind Lucian.

Lucian's deep eyes fell on Amelia's face quietly, and his thin lips moved regularly. "Dad thought it was odd back then, but he couldn't find the evidence to confirm it, so it's over."

At the mention of Nicholas, Amelia's eyelids fluttered. She thought for a while and analyzed from Nicholas's point of view, "Dad was also one of the victims of the accident at that time, so breaking through the truth is also very important to him."

"Therefore, I have to look into the accident!" Lucian said in a firm tone, and the light from his eyes was extremely sharp.

After a moment's reflection, Amelia suggested, "Lucian, how about we try to sound Edmund out?"

"Dad met with Edmund before to get some information from him. I didn't expect him to get the upper hand." About the fact that Edmund secretly put sleeping pills in Nicholas's cup, Lucian was angry.

"So you are worried about dad's safety so that you decided to let him stay out of the Zhan mansion, right?" At this moment, Amelia understood why Lucian did that.

Lucian frowned and told Amelia his worries, "My mother always has a good relationship with Edmund. They got together in private. So I have to take precautions."

Even though Fannie and Nicholas were separated, nobody would stop her if she returned to the Zhan mansion.

Thus, it would be easy for Fannie to get what she wanted if she wanted to do something to hurt Nicholas.

"I have always been grateful to father, not because we are not connected by blood, but because of his previous stubbornness that let me disappoint."

Amelia could understand what he felt at that time, and was happy for

Amelia took a deep breath and put on a warm smile. "Since you are so curious, why don't you ask Mr. Edmund?"

"Mr. Edmund? But Mr. Edmund has made it clear in the news? " One of the reporters asked in reply, not knowing the situation.

Amelia pursed her lips and kept smiling, "the An Group just went bankruptcy, so he harbored some resentment against the former president of the An Group. So his angry remarks are just for entertainment public. If people believe that, Lucian and I are willing to make contributions to your happiness."

Now that Edmund was so despicable, she had no scruples about his face.

Even if it was all true, she had to deny it.

"But Mr. Edmund sweared that he would poison you when giving us the information..." A reporter said skeptically.

Amelia sneered at him and said with a serious face, "nobody would dare to slander a person? Besides, if all this is true, why don't you think back, from the point of view of slandering others, how can Mr. Edmund be proud?"

"Mrs. Amelia's words seem to make sense..."

The reporters nodded in agreement.

"Then Mrs. Amelia, there are rumors that you are the illegitimate daughter of Mr. Nicholas. Can you give us some time to respond?"

Amelia smiled and replied calmly, "rumors are rumors, and the truth is always in the heart of me and Lucian. If I have to answer, I will only tell you that our family is living happily without those bad things."

She had been with Lucian for a long time. In the past, she could be so nervous that she could even tremble with fear when she was on such an occasion. But now, she was able to cope with the large group of reporters with ease.

Those reporters who kept throwing questions at the reporters finally gave in.

Perhaps these reporters were wise. After all, Lucian had a great influence in A City. Even if the news was true, it wouldn't affect the development of the Zhan Group.

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