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   Chapter 330 The Misunderstanding Is Getting Deeper

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Because of her bad mood, she drove around the downtown for several circles but didn't think of a good idea.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She picked it up and found that it was Claire.

It was not until now that Amelia remembered the place Claire told her last time. It seemed that the place was nearby.

"Amelia, where are you now? Come to my house. I'm bored staying at home all day long." The moment Amelia picked up the phone, she heard a chatter.

Amelia was in a bad mood, so she held the phone in her hand and became a little impatient. However, Claire couldn't hide her enthusiasm at the phone, so Amelia just waited quietly for her to finish her words.

"How about some other day? Today..."

"Amelia, to tell you the truth, one of my friends has a very good relationship with Jonny. I heard from my friend that she got news from Jonny that Jonny would make Mr. Lucian a laughingstock for all in A city..."

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

She promised right away since it was related to Lucian.

She lived in a well safer neighborhood with a good environment.

Claire should have informed the guard in advance and Amelia only made a simple registration to enter.

The elevator went up to the 12th floor. She walked out and found the corridor very quiet.

After checking the plate number, Amelia try to find the right place.

"Well... Ah... "

Suddenly, a scream came, making people blush and heart beat rapidly. As she heard it, Amelia's face became red.

Just when Amelia thought she got the wrong place, there was a girlish voice coming out of the room.

"Honey, hurry up! Ah... "

She held her phone tightly with one hand and pressed her heart with the other. She didn't want to interrupt them by making any sound.

But why did the woman's voice sound like Claire?

After taking a look at the house number again...

Building 1203... That's right?

"Didn't you just say that Amelia is coming? She might hate you to death if she saw what we do. "

A man's voice was heard clearly because the door was wide open. And it was Jonny who just spoke.

Realizing what was happening, Amelia covered her mouth all of a sudden. Meanwhile, her whole body was shaking out of fear.

"So what? Wasn't she a soft-hearted person? Then let her see the consequence of being a good person! "

Her delicate and cold voice made Amelia easier to recognize it. That complacent female voice was Claire.

Amelia burst into laughter and didn't know how to accept it.

All of a sudden, she thought what Lucian said was right. She was too indecisive and she couldn't tell right from wrong. Although she had experienced so many setbacks, she didn't know how to judge a person...

"Come on, get up, you don't care about your reputation, but I still want to keep a good image in her mind!"

"What good image do you have in Amelia's mind? Do you still remember what you

attitude towards her these days, he felt sorry for her.

"Come here, Mark. Let's go downstairs to play." Amelia tried to soothe him in a low voice as she realized he shouldn't have hugged Mark so tight.

She was obviously trying to hide away from Lucian.

"I know you are worried about dad, but I have already told you that he will be safe!"

Hearing the anger in Lucian's tone, Amelia turned her head and looked at him coldly. "Mr. Lucian, don't be so angry. I don't want to know now..."

If the answer was forced by her, it would be better not to know.

Then she held Mark in her arms and went downstairs, leaving Lucian alone in the bedroom.

At this time, the phone vibrated and several photos were sent to the phone in succession.

And the text wrote 'Lucian, your wife is so sexy!'

In the photo, Jonny was naked and the woman under him couldn't be seen clearly. But there was a photo in which Amelia went in and out of the elevator and greeted the guards

When he saw these photos, he didn't feel angry but knew that Jonny had an ulterior motive.

He thought that since he was so impatient, he would give him a quick death!

"Dinner is ready, Mr. Lucian. Are you going out?"

At this time, Amelia was feeding food to Mark in the dining room. When she heard the voice from Lily, she looked up and saw through the glass window that Lucian was standing in the living room, dressed in a formal suit.

"Enjoy your dinner. I have something to deal with, so I need to go out." After that, he walked out of the room.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian said he had something to do..."

"Well, let's have dinner now. I'm hungry!" Amelia heard what he said, so she didn't wait for the Lily to finish her words. She just held Mark and looked at the dishes on the table. She seemed to have a good appetite.

In fact, only she knew clearly that the moment she knew that Lucian was going out, her heart was empty.

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