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   Chapter 328 You Still Care

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His words made her face turn livid. Fannie asked in disbelief, "In Nicholas' mind, what matters is only the benefit of the Zhan Group. Why do you still care about the relationship between father and son? If you really care about the relationship between you and Amelia, just don't let her down!"

It was not easy for her to get a chance to fight back. So she wouldn't miss this opportunity. She had been encouraging Lucian to turn against Nicholas.

However, Lucian was not easy to be fooled. The reason why he came here was that he wanted to figure out how she worked with Edmund.

Unexpectedly, Evan spoke out her intention first.

"Mom, though dad and I are not related by blood, but I'm brought up by him. It is the greatest kindness in the world. Please don't try to brainwash me!" Lucian told her clearly.

"He was just using you!"

"When my mother passed away, I didn't take over the family business. If he really was like that, he wouldn't have sent me abroad for further study, wouldn't he?"

When he saw the anger in Fannie's face, Lucian was even more furious than she was.

"You are saying that you won't recognize your biological father. But you want to accept that old fox who is only interested in earning money?" There was a flame of anger in her eyes.

However, Lucian ignored her. He coldly warned, "I hope you can stay out of this matter. Otherwise, I won't consider how you feel."

"What a good son!" Instead of getting angry, she laughed and said, "Let me see what you'll get with your devotion."

After getting out of Fannie's place, Lucian called Eric and generally inquired about the quantity of shares owned by the Zhan Group which had been acquired from the An Group.

"If Jonny still want to fight me to the end, I'll fight with him to the end!"

After hanging up the phone, Lucian's eyes shone like eagles.

They had worked overtime these days and finally got the result.

Since Jonny took over the An Group, the performance of the company had fallen greatly. When it was in the hand of Edmund, it had been a hot potato.

The An Group and the Zhan Group started at the same time. Both of them grew to be leading enterprises in A city. However, in the past few years, the Zhan Group had made rapid progress, but the An Group was not as good as it used to be.

Now, if Lucian was pissed off, he could take over the An Group.

When Jonny was as anxious as a cat on a hot pan, Lucian returned him a great gift with both hands.

In the hospital.

It was at dusk when Nicholas woke up.

"Amelia, I... Why am I in the hospital? " At the moment, a nurse was changing a transfusion bottle for Nicholas. Obviously, he was surprised.

Nicholas didn't know what was going on, he must be drugged with sleeping pills by Edmund.

It seemed that Nicholas didn't keep a distance from Edmund. Otherwise, how could he do it to Nicholas?

"I'm sorry, my child. I've gotten you in trouble again

pig brain was ready. Everyone laughed at that time..."

Lucian's face became more and more serious, especially when he saw that Amelia cooked a pig brain. He frowned and couldn't help complaining, "Why do you have such a bad taste?"

"What? Uh... " Amelia was a little embarrassed and managed to pick up the pig brain herself. She used chopsticks to cut the potato in the bowl. A piece of potato soon became a little muddy and she said, "In fact, I don't like pig brain either. Just because once when I was extremely disgusted with it, my mother said that pig brain is good for my brain. She said next time when I take test, I can get a 100 points!"

Somehow, Iris' face appeared in her mind when she was recalling those words. She felt that the scene was very beautiful at that time.

Looking at her in silence, Lucian suddenly felt that his words were inappropriate just now. He wanted to make her happy, but he interfered with her because he felt uncomfortable

"Yes, you need to eat more." Lucian picked up the chopsticks and put one piece into the hot pot. Then he added other dishes into the pot, urging her to eat quickly.

Amelia knew that Lucian was just teasing her, but she felt relieved when she saw the smile in his eyes. She began to enjoy the food boldly.

Although most of the food was eaten by her, Lucian also ate a small part. So when they walked out of the hotpot restaurant, Amelia found that she was too full to walk.

"Lucian, do you mean to feed me up?" After eating too much, Amelia blamed Lucian for letting her eating too much.

"Let's go. I'll drive you home." He became serious again.

Amelia was confused. She scratched her head and said, "Didn't you say you have something to tell me? Besides, we have to take care of dad in the hospital tonight. "

"I will take care of dad in the hospital. You just go home to accompany Mark."

Amelia found that his tone was very serious, so she couldn't insist anymore.

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