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   Chapter 325 Why Did You Go To The An Family Again

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Amelia wore a pair of shoes with low heels. Even so, she was still stepping on the ground with the click sound. For her, who had been used to flat shoes, she ran much slower than before.

There was a big spray fountain at the gate of the An mansion. Amelia worried that she ran in the wrong way and wanted to go around the spray fountain to check if her car stopped next to the spray fountain. However, she didn't see her car after she checked.

"Amelia, don't run, you can't run away from me!" All of a sudden, Jonny grabbed her shoulder and threatened her.

Amelia took a look at her shoulder and gave Jonny a disgusted look. "How dare you? No way!"

The An Group must be in deep crises these days. How could he have the time to tangle with her!

"It's true that I've done something wrong, but I've always been against Lucian, not you..." Said Jonny. He stared at Amelia with his sharp eyes.

Then, she looked away and sneered, "That's exactly why you are my enemy that you are against Lucian!"

The firmness in her tone and the hostility in her eyes was a silent murder for Jonny.

"Amelia, you are too naive..." Jonny suddenly shook his head. He didn't smile, as if he thought that Amelia was just being silly.

However, all his words and expressions could not be trusted at all.

"Let go!" Amelia glanced at Jonny and got rid of his hand.

"After Lucian knew his identity, he couldn't wait to find Edmund. Then he used the power of the Zhan Group to suppress the An Group. I think next, Lucian should cooperate with Edmund to suppress Nicholas, right?" After that, he burst into laughter.

"Nonsense!" She would never believe that Lucian would do that.

He doesn't like Edmund. How could he ignore the benefits of the Zhan Group just because of the blood relationship?

Although the head of the company still was Nicholas, the achievements of the company over the years were all made by Lucian. For his own painstaking efforts, Lucian would not destroyed it.

Hence, the wariness of Nicholas caused Lucian's incomparable chill.

"Why are you so excited? In fact, you are also afraid of such a situation happening," Jonny said proudly. It seemed that he figured out what Amelia was thinking.

Amelia was rendered speechless. She stared at Jonny fiercely for a long time. When Jonny didn't pay attention, she raised her head and stepped on his foot fiercely.

She got rid of the control and she gave Jonny a hard push out of blue. Then she turned around and ran towards the door.

Although it was the house of the An family, the two guards, like onlookers who didn't know the truth, didn't move. Amelia had run out

e. Why are you so angry?" Jonny's words were full of provocation, and then, he looked at Amelia's face intimately, "Amelia, I am still the man you can depend on, no matter what happened, my shoulder is always yours!"

With these words, Jonny specially knocked on his shoulder.

He just wanted to make Lucian angry. But already Lucian understood and said coldly, "Now you're in trouble. How can you protect others?"

Lucian was very clear about the current situation of Jonny. He was rendered speechless.

"Lucian, leave him alone. Let's go home!" Amelia held Lucian's arm tightly as she glared at Jonny.

The irony in Jonny's tone was a unwillingness but was a trauma to him.

"Jonny, don't you always talk about my family background? Let me make it clear. I won't let your wish come true! " Before getting on the car, Lucian sneered at Jonny.

As far as Jonny knew, Lucian was not an easy rival. His thoughts were completely seen through by him. That's why he always wanted to get Amelia involved. After all, she was his Achilles' heel.

After getting in the car, Amelia felt so nervous because Lucian concentrate on driving and said nothing.

As soon as the words that Lucian warned Jonny a moment ago came to her mind, she thought that Lucian looked just domineering.

His words made Jonny's face pale that he must feel frustrated.

Perhaps feeling the evil smile on her lips, Lucian immediately threw a piece of ice to her, which was cold. He said, "The words just now were just to disgust Jonny, but it doesn't mean that I will forgive you for hiding it from me with your father..."

Amelia was suddenly stunned and looked at that handsome figure. He was so close to her, but the coldness on his face made her feel that he was far away...

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