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   Chapter 324 Said Clearly

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Nicholas knew exactly how he let Iris down.

The so-called compensation was a sign of how rich the Zhan Group was.

Amelia had told him for several times that family affection was the joy of a family, not the guarantee of the property of the Zhan Group.

"So far, even if you would blame me, I won't let anyone else take over the Zhan Group!" Although he felt sorry, Nicholas still felt that the Zhan Group was an inseparable part of his life, even if his answer would upset Amelia.

Amelia was still in a rage. The answer of Nicholas was just adding fuel to the flames.

"Dad, do you mean we should protect the image of the Zhan Group even if we have to give up Lucian?" Amelia clenched her fist. Her eyes were red with anger.

Of course, Nicholas noticed the fury behind Amelia, but he had made up his mind. Even if he was in a dilemma, he looked solemn.

The light of hope in Amelia's eyes dimmed all of a sudden. She mocked herself, "what you want is just the permanent decay of the Zhan Group, you don't need family..."

Nicholas looked stunned and the corner of his mouth moved. He wanted to explain, but he felt the reason was meaningless. So he just responded in silence.

"I'm telling you that I won't leave Lucian no matter what happens." Lucian was suffering a lot. If Nicholas asked her to make a choice between the Zhan Group and Lucian, she would choose Lucian without hesitation.

"Amelia, don't make such a decision until things have not happened!" All of a sudden, Nicholas became thrilled, with panic in his heart.

Amelia suddenly stood up and said angrily, "it's you who taught me to take precautions!"


Looking at the back of Amelia who turned around and left determinedly, Nicholas felt his heart contracted abruptly. It was so painful that he put his hand over it, and the anger was burning fiercely in his heart.

Although she didn't know what kind of person Nicholas was, he would keep a close eye on Lucian since he had made up his mind.

She was confused and intended to go to the Courtney's house to ask for a solution from Kent. On the way, Lucian called her.

"Where are you?" The man on the other end of the line asked straightforwardly without any ups and downs.

Amelia blinked nervously and answered, "I'm on my way back. I'll be home soon."

Although his tone sounded a little cold, Amelia was already very happy that he could call her. Then she gave up the idea to go to Courtney's house, turned the car around and was ready to return to the SJ Garden.

As soon as she entered the house, Amelia smelled the aroma of the food. She walked into the living room and found that Lily was accompanying Mark. Out of curiosity, she went to the kitchen.

"Lucian, you..." The sight of her in the kitchen shocked Amelia. Lucian was preparing dinner with an apron on.

Even he was wearing an apron, he was still very charming.

"Are you hungry? Wash your hands and let's have dinner." Lucian turned around and looked at her, with tenderness in his voice.

Amelia stoo

ect her mood.

As soon as she arrived at the hall, Amelia saw that Jonny was sitting on the sofa, with a cup of coffee in his hand and a rather leisure expression on his face.

"Mother *, it seems that it's not the right time for me to come here. I'll visit you next time!" said Daniel. (* TN: here mother means sworn mother) Amelia didn't mean it. Her anger towards Jonny was generated spontaneously.

If she had known that Jonny was in the An mansion, she would have never accepted Emma's invitation out of guilt.

With an embarrassed look, Emma explained, "Amelia, I just asked Jonny to apologize to you. I didn't mean anything else."

"If apology works, everyone can make such a disgusting and low-level mistake!" Amelia never meant to forgive Jonny for his shameless behavior in the hotel that day.

So she would take a detour to the place where Jonny appeared.

The man who was once regarded as a benefactor by her was now even more hateful than an evil person!

So she had no feeling about the competition between the Zhan Group and the An Group.

If it was in the past when she knew that the Zhan Group was doing something bad to the An Group, she would definitely speak for the An Group in front of Lucian. But now, she felt happy.

Jonny put down the coffee cup, stood up and walked towards Amelia.

Amelia rushed out like a coward, escaping from the plague.

"Amelia!" Emma shouted behind her.

Amelia kept running without turning back.

She couldn't find her car after she went out of the villa, not knowing the exact location of the car or the wrong place.

"Amelia, don't run. I really don't mean anything. I just want to apologize to you!" Jonny's voice sounded behind her, and it was so close to her that she could predict the distance.

Don't run? Does he think she is an idiot!

Even though she knew that she couldn't run faster than Jonny, she didn't stop.

She didn't know why she was angry at herself for her being so kind and agreed to Emma's invitation after hesitation.

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