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   Chapter 323 Nicholas Began Doubt.

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Amelia looked up and smiled, "Let Lucian do his work. I'll make dinner for him at home."

Eric understood that it was a lame excuse and nodded his head.

Eric saw Amelia get into the elevator and then knocked on the door and went in.

Lucian, who was absorbed in reading documents, saw Eric come in with documents in his arms and frowned slightly. "What took you so long?"

It was indeed a waste of time, because Lucian had finished most of the documents while waiting.

Eric didn't know whether to tell Lucian that Amelia had been here.

"What's wrong?" Lucian noticed that Eric looked preoccupied.

Eric put the documents required by Lucian on the conference table and then reported carefully, "Mrs. Amelia came to see you just now..."

Surprised, Lucian looked towards the door and asked with a frown, "where is she now?"

Feeling guilty, Eric scratched the back of his head. He thought that it was his own fault to have changed Amelia's mind. He apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Lucian. I said you had a lot of documents to deal with. Then Mrs. Amelia said that she would cook dinner for you and wait for you to go home."

Lucian lowered his head in silence. After a minute, he looked up and asked, "how long has she been gone?"

Eric estimated, "she is downstairs now."

"Read through the rest of the documents and report the key points to me." After making some arrangements, Lucian left the office with his coat.

Amelia went down the elevator. After she came out, many employees greeted her, but she was pulled away from them and didn't respond. She looked almost numb.

At the gate of the Zhan Group, a gust of cold wind blew on her face, which made her shiver all over. Then, she looked at the imposing building of the Zhan Group, with a bitter smile forming on her lips.

She didn't think it had anything to do with her, except for Lucian.

Amelia walked to her car and was about to open the door. Suddenly, she heard someone called her name.

Distracted, she turned around as if she had heard a familiar voice. She saw Lucian in a well cut suit standing in front of the Zhan Group.

She could still feel his unique charming even if she was standing so far away from him.

Amelia had been holding the car's handle all the time, but she suddenly fell into a dilemma. Should she get in the car and leave, or should she wait for Lucian or run to him?

After a long time, Lucian didn't intend to move, but she couldn't move her feet as her feet suddenly became heavy.

Just when Amelia thought that Lucian wouldn't come to her, she opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

"Since you are here, why are you leaving?" When she just held the steering wheel, Lucian's deep and gentle voice came into her ears.

Amelia listened in a little daze, looking at the man outside the car in a daze, and her heart was fluttering.

Even if she wanted to know if the news was true, she felt a little embarrassed to ask about it right now. After a

As Nicholas and Fannie were not good, if Fannie told Jonny, then the injured one must be Lucian.

"Dad, you know better than anyone else about Lucian's personality. Could you not doubt him just because you have no blood relationship with him? It's unfair to him!" The prosperity of the Zhan Group totally depended on the efforts of Lucian. If Nicholas treated Lucian with suspicion, it would be a huge disrespect to the fruit of his hard work.

"Lucian has a good character, and he didn't inherit any of Edmund's bad characters, so I have placed great hopes on him. However, I am afraid that one day the Zhan Group will disappear..." Since Nicholas knew that Amelia was the daughter of himself and Iris, he was in fidgets all day long. He felt that he had to tell everyone the truth that he had hidden from everyone for many years.

Nicholas's apprehension made Amelia speechless.

At the thought of all the defense Nicholas had done, Lucian was desperate.

I address you with respect, mostly because you're Lucian's father. If you don't trust Lucian, then my respect for you will be greatly reduced." With such kind of words, Amelia couldn't remember what she had said for many times. But now, she couldn't put Lucian alone because she couldn't bear to do that.

No matter how strong the Zhan Group was, Lucian was just Lucian. If we did not say the Zhan Group, the most urgent thing for Lucian was comfort.

As a wife, she felt ashamed that she couldn't do such a thing.

"Amelia, I know you and Lucian get along well with each other, but you are the daughter of Zhan family. You have to consider Zhan family..." Nicholas had no choice but to agree with the blood related story.

He thought that his words would arouse Amelia's consciousness, but in the contrary.

After hearing the story about Nicholas's blood ties, Amelia was a little disappointed and asked without thinking, "if it is the result of humiliation that ties of blood, should I still be grateful?"

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