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   Chapter 321 Lucian Doesn't Want To See Me

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Fortunately, Lucian didn't push her away. When they entered the bedroom, Lucian fell asleep on the bed.

It took Amelia a lot of strength to straighten Lucian's sleeping posture and took off his smelly clothes.

When she moved a little, Lucian murmured something in a low voice.

The next day, when she woke up, she was still lying on the bedside. When she looked up, Lucian was already gone.

Amelia knocked on her head and wondered why she was so sleepy?

When she was thinking about where Lucian would go, she heard the sound of water from the bathroom and felt relieved.

After Lucian walked out of the bathroom, his hair was still wet.

Amelia refreshed herself and said, "Lucian, let me get you a towel."

Amelia was used to Lucian's strong chest muscles, but every time she saw it, her face blushed and her heart beat rapidly.

"No, thanks." Said Lucian in a light tone, holding her slender wrist.

Amelia stood still and felt that there was something wrong with his tone. But when she thought of his drinking last night, he definitely had a stomachache today, so she looked at him with understanding.

"I slept too soundly just now. You should have woken me up. I am going to the kitchen to make some porridge for you."

Lucian looked at the blank look on Amelia's face. The longer he stared at her, the fiercer his eyes became.

Amelia looked into his eyes and asked nervously, "Lucian, are you okay?"

He pushed her a few times last night, and Amelia thought he was drunk, but now he was sober. Why did he look at her with hostility?

"Amelia, am I so poor?" Lucian's tone was full of anger, almost questioning.

Hearing his words, Amelia was confused. She didn't know why he said that. She was flustered and asked in an anxious tone, "Lucian, I don't understand. What happened?"

She didn't know where Lucian was last night and who had drunk with him

So she had no idea where her reproach came from.

All of a sudden, Lucian clasped onto Amelia's shoulders with one hand. He asked, almost gritting his teeth, "How many times have you decided for yourself and deceived me?"

Decided for yourself? Deceive... Do you?

All of a sudden, Amelia came to her senses. She looked at Lucian's furious face in astonishment, and her lips kept trembling. After a long time, she asked, "Is it because Jonny was talking nonsense in front of you?"

There was a touch of blood in Lucian's eyes, which looked extremely frightening.

Lucian's voice was as cold as the water in the well. "If he was talking nonsense, why did you try to hide it from me?"

It seemed that Jonny already knew the true background of Lucian. If it was a few words to provoke him, he could just ignore it. But now, the anger on the face of Lucian was concentrated, as if a storm could sweep over a

lia knew that Lily was worried that Claire would live in the SJ Garden for a long time. Therefore, she didn't feel sorry for her leaving. On the contrary, Lily felt lucky.

"If only Jonny didn't bother her..." This must be the only thing that Amelia worried about.

At dinner time, Lucian still didn't come back home. She called him several times, but his phone was always off.

Amelia thought that maybe Lucian is having drinks?

She thought about whom he should be with at the moment, and suddenly she thought of Michael.

Fortunately, she got his phone number. She dialed it and it took a long time for Michael to answer the phone.

"Hey, Michael, it's Amelia. Have you seen Lucian?" It was just a few words, and she panted heavily.

"Easy, Amelia. Lucian is with me..." Michael's voice sounded serious.

When she knew that Lucian was with Michael, she was a little relaxed. She continued to ask, "Michael, could you please tell me your address? I'll come and pick him up."

Her voice was very low, but sounded somewhat offensive. But at present, she had to see Lucian, or she would always be restless.

Michael sighed again. He refused to tell her the address, and instead, he prevaricated, "Relax, Lucian will be fine with me."

All of a sudden, Amelia felt like her heart was covered with ash. She said painfully, "It's because Lucian doesn't want to see me, right... Then please take care of Lucian. "

After hanging up the phone, Michael looked at the Lucian and asked, "Are you going to avoid Amelia?"

Lucian's face turned a little pale, but there was still no joy.

"Come on. Let's stay at my home tonight. The environment is no worse than that of a star hotel!" Michael stood up and walked over to support Lucian.

"No, I'd better go home." Perhaps there was something sad in his heart, so even he drank a lot, he was still sober.

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