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   Chapter 318 Jonny, You Are Shameless!

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Just two steps away, Amelia's phone rang.

When he was about to press the "off" button to stop the ring, he found the phone was displaying the name of Jonny.

With a moment of hesitation, Lucian answered the phone.

"Amelia, after careful consideration last night, I thought that I shouldn't have sent you those threatening messages. Please trust me, my love for you is true. I was very sorry for your injury yesterday. Sorry Amelia..."

Lucian's pupils suddenly tightened. He had already got the answer to the question in his heart.

Anger started to blaze deep in his heart. He didn't utter a word but Jonny kept calling the name of Amelia.

"Amelia? Relax. I will only say what I should say in front of Lucian, but I won't say what I shouldn't say! Please don't be mad at me, okay? "

Clenching his fists, Lucian was furious.

Although Jonny didn't make it clear, he knew that Amelia's wound must have something to do with Jonny.

But Amelia, why don't you tell me the truth? After hanging up the phone, Lucian stood by the bed and stared at Amelia in silence for a long time.

When Amelia woke up, it was already afternoon. She went downstairs and found out that Lucian had gone to work.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked you to rest at home. Don't go out..." Frowning, Lily repeated the words from Lucian with difficulty.

Running around... 'Well, although this word is very strange, but as her hands and face were hurt, Lucian was probably worried about her going out alone.

When it was about dinner, Amelia received a phone call from Claire. She said on the phone that Jonny sent someone to find her whereabouts and wanted to take her away.

Although it was through the phone, Claire's frightened voice made Amelia so worried.

"Claire, don't panic. I'll be right there!" Then Amelia put on her shoes and was about to leave.

Seeing that, Lily came over with Mark in her arms. "Mrs. Amelia, what happened?"

Amelia was worried that if Lucian asked about it later, it would be hard for Lily to answer. So she just told her the truth. "Jonny arranged some people to take Claire away forcefully. I have to go!"

Lily couldn't stop her since she was in a hurry.

When she arrived at the hotel where Claire lived, a man in black suit was dragging her to the end of the corridor.

"Stop!" Amelia was flustered and ran forward, stood in the middle of the four men and pulled Claire to her side.

One of the men seemed to recognize Amelia. He said with a rough voice, "Miss Amelia, you are the woman Mr. Jonny loves most. We won't hurt you, but please don't meddle!"

The man's warning was meaningless to Amelia. She sneered, "You are smart enough to have Claire call me just to lure me here. Why do you make up such a disgusting excuse?"

e distance between him and Amelia.

Amelia moved back a little reluctantly. Her brows furrowed and her eyes were billowing with disgust.

"Jonny, you're more than a freak!" If it was Lucian who answered the phone, what would he think?

The topic about Lucian's family background was like broken glass which fell to the ground by accident. And one would be stabbed if one tried to touch it.

"Amelia, do you know how unfair it is to me?" Jonny didn't stop until he forced Amelia to the corner of the wall.

The potted plant under his feet was kicked to the side. He stretched out his foot to block her feet, and both of his hands supported the walls to prevent her from struggling and escaping.

"Jonny, I don't want to argue with you. I'm here just to take away Claire!" Amelia glared at Jonny. Since Jonny was so close to her, she stretched out her hands and pushed him with all her strength. She felt disgusting.

The scene from the side seemed like the flirting between lovers.

His men already left. Nobody said anything except Amelia.

"Now that you chose to come here, I believe you still trust me." Jonny said shamelessly and blew on Amelia's face.

Amelia knew it was Jonny's trick, but it was disgusting for her.

"Let me go!" Amelia found that Jonny's hand was touching her body. Although it was covered with thick clothes, she still felt disgusting.

Jonny didn't let her go. Instead, he leaned forward. The intimacy became an aggressive gesture.

"Shame on you!" Amelia didn't want Jonny to take advantage of her.

"Yes, I am shameless. So what?" All of a sudden, Jonny was like a furious lion. He tightly held the slender wrist of Amelia, and his strong chest, like strong walls, fiercely pressed on her thin body.

She cried out painfully. She didn't give up struggling though she was overwhelmed by Jonny.

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