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   Chapter 316 Defending For Claire

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Amelia frowned and showed disgust on her face.

Seeing that she still didn't want to roll down the window, Jonny took a look at the villa behind him and said in bewilderment, "Did Claire tell you this place?"

Hearing that Jonny mentioned Claire, Amelia looked at him with resentment and said, "This place is not yours. Why can't I come here?"

As for her angry counterattack, Jonny was speechless for a moment. He had to grin and said, "You're right. This place is mine. Of course you can come."

"Jonny, when did you become so shameless?" Amelia asked, gnashing her teeth.

Although this man was much more mature than before, but his words were disgusting. It made his handsome face also disgusting.

"Amelia, what you said is like a knife, mercilessly piercing my heart." Jonny frowned and covered his heart with his hand, pretending to be very uncomfortable.

The disgust in Amelia's eyes was obvious. She raised her voice and said angrily, "A man who has no sense of responsibility like you, no matter how successful you are, would be despised!"

Because of what happened that night, Amelia wouldn't get off the car no matter how angry she was.

However, Jonny stood in her way, so she was about to call Lucian.

Although she didn't have the habit of bothering Lucian with everything, she did not hesitate when it was time for her husband to show up.

"Are you calling Lucian? I have something to talk to him. " Jonny asked leisurely as he glanced at the name on the screen of Amelia's phone.

She thought that at least it could make Jonny restrain himself, but on the contrary, he became more arrogant.

Not knowing why, the triumphant tone of Jonny made Amelia feel that he was not afraid of anything since he knew Lucian's background.

On the other end of the line, Lucian answered the phone. His gentle voice smoothed the anxious and angry heart of Amelia.

She glanced coldly at Jonny who was laughing like a ruffian, and her words choked in the throat before she could say anything. Finally, she had to smile: "I wanted to call Courtney, but I dialed the wrong number."

After hanging up the phone, Amelia turned her head to look at Jonny.

"Amelia, are you afraid that I said something wrong to irritate him?"

"Jonny, it seems that the performance of your company isn't good recently. Why are you so free?" The man Amelia knew had disappeared without a trace.

Jonny's expression changed and his eyes became sharp. He said, almost gritting his teeth, "It's all because of Lucian. He cancelled the cooperation project with the An Group and made other companies look down upon us!"

Amelia couldn't help laughing, "You're only good at tricks. I can only say that Lucian is doing a good job!"

This time, Jonny's face turned dark. If it was n

She was prejudiced, but as a fact Jonny didn't like Claire at all. If Claire kept staying here, she would be taken advantage of by Jonny.

Claire looked at Jonny, hesitating. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Jonny smiled ironically to her. He didn't care about her sadness caused by him at all.

"Amelia, the wounds on your hands and face need to be treated in time..." Standing outside the car, Jonny was worried about her.

Glancing coldly at Jonny, Amelia put on a smile and said, "This is the evidence of your crime."

She was afraid that Jonny would spill out in a fit of anger, and make Lucian suffer a blow in his heart.

At this moment, though, she couldn't help but want to show off to Jonny.

"Well, since you have said so, I have to wait until Lucian come to get even for you." It seemed that Jonny was not afraid of her at all. He raised the corner of his lips ironically.

"Amelia, how about I drive? Your hand must hurt." Claire said lightly out of concern.

Amelia held back the pain on her face and the palm. She smiled and said, "I'm fine. I'll be there soon."

"I'd better stay at the hotel last night. And I'll check the rent information online later."

"It's okay. You can live at our house before you find a place to stay" In Amelia's opinion, if she chose to help Claire, she should be responsible until the end. How could she rest assured to leave Claire alone outside.

"But..." She had some worries in her heart. She hesitated for a while before she said, "Mr. Lucian, if he..."

Amelia got it. She smiled and said, "in fact, Lucian is just looked serious. He is easy to get along with. Don't worry. He won't say anything."

"It seems that Mr. Lucian only smiled in front of you, and he is always serious in the rest of the time." Claire said what she thought about Lucian.

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