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   Chapter 315 Jonny Broke Her Heart

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"Amelia, I appreciate your kindness. I really don't need it..." Claire refused immediately with a worried look on her face.

"Well, it's early now. I'll accompany you to find a place to stay." Amelia had experiences on it before, so she proposed the suggestion enthusiastically.

After a short hesitation, Claire nodded.

Although Lily was a little worried, looking at Claire, she thought she would not be as full of bad intentions as before?

"Amelia, I really envy the love between you and Mr. Lucian." On the way to the apartment, Claire sighed the front passenger seat.

Amelia smiled as she drove the car. "Why should I envy you? We get married and have our own child, just like the normal people..."

"At least you and Mr. Lucian are in love, not like me. It's all my wishful thinking." She had a glint of sadness in her voice, and she was almost desperate by her relationship with Jonny.

After listening to it, Amelia also felt a little uncomfortable. After all, this Jonny was totally different from the previous one.

However, as soon as she remembered that he tore away the letter between she and Lucian many years ago, she couldn't help but think that he had always been like that. It's just that he pretended to be kind, making Amelia respect him with gratitude.

"That's how love works. The one you love doesn't love you. The one who loves you that you don't love." Amelia didn't know how to comfort her. She just hoped that Claire could figure out that paying for a man who didn't love her was useless and stupid.

"In fact, he has always been using me to arrange me to marry Mr. Lucian. He said that as long as Mr. Lucian trusts me, he will marry me..."

Although Amelia later knew that her appearance was all because of Jonny, still, a sense of anger grew in her heart when she mentioned it again.

The subject was a little boring, and Amelia didn't know how to answer it. There was a dead silence in the car.

When they were near to the downtown area, Amelia asked, "Do you want to be far away from the city or live in the city?"

"If your heart can't rest, wherever you go, you will be homeless." Claire lowered her eyes quickly and said with disappointment.

Looking at Claire's depressed face, Amelia was indignant for her.

"You attended the party hand in hand last night. You looked so sweet. Why did you quarrel after that?" Amelia thought Jonny had gone too far. Even though he was not in love with Claire, he shouldn't take advantage of her love for him.

When she mentioned this, Claire lowered her head. Obviously, she was unhappy.

"He gave me a villa and came occasionally, but didn't mention marrying me. After the party last night, I insinuated him and he got angry..." Claire's hands got entangled with each other, like her restless heart.

Since he couldn't make it, why did he make a promise?

Amelia thought that it was unfair to Claire, but now Claire was distressed by this. So Amelia didn'

confirm it.

She nodded swiftly with a bitter look, "Though most of the time, I stayed alone, he'll come back one day. Even if I just met him once in a while, it's still a great gift for me."

Claire's words made Amelia become silent.

She must love Jonny so much that she put all her hopes on him.

"Maybe you're just having a wish and enjoying it. I can't interfere in your feelings. You're smart, but you have to remember to love yourself." Amelia wanted to say too much, but could not find a suitable word. Those words of consolation were too far fetched, because everyone's persistence was different.

It had to be said that Jonny was generous, because after Amelia drove Claire to her house, she discovered that this villa was in the rich community.

However, Claire really wanted was not only the villa, but also the promise that Jonny made to her.

However, Jonny thought that after he gave Claire a luxurious villa, his guilt for that didn't exist at all. Instead, she should be satisfied.

She didn't know much about Claire. But her love for Jonny was so deep-rooted. No matter how hard Jonny hit her, she couldn't get rid of it.

She drove away from where she lived. What happened that night happened again.

It was in the afternoon. Amelia had a good eyesight and she could recognize at a glance who was the driver of the car stopping in front of her.

This was the second time that he had the same trick, and she could take it as a real contempt for him.

Because of the one way, it was impossible for Amelia to take a detour.

It seemed that Jonny had thought of that. He opened the car door and walked towards Amelia.

Wearing a suit, he was in the bright sun and the smile on his face was very eye-catching.

However, thinking of what he had done, there was nothing but disgust and contempt in Amelia's eyes.

"Amelia, what a coincidence! We meet everywhere!" Said Jonny with a smile as he knocked on the car window of Amelia.

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