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   Chapter 314 I Have No Place To Go

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"Here you are! My coat!" Even though Amelia had a thin coat, she found that Claire's body trembled with cold. Amelia couldn't stand it anymore.

Seeing that Amelia took off her coat, Lucian frowned. He took off his suit coat quickly and put it on Amelia.

Although he behaved a little aggressive, Amelia was still moved by him.

It was already 2 a.m. when she walked out of the hospital with Claire.

"Where do you live?" Lucian asked coldly.

Amelia also looked at Claire. Just as Lucian had expected, Amelia could only set her mind at ease after sending her home safely.

She looked at Lucian and shook her head. "I... I have no place to go... "

"No place to go?" Amelia frowned and thought it was impossible.

Lucian's face darkened. He still kept those tricks in his mind, so he was still on guard against her.

Even though what she had done couldn't pose a threat to him, he just couldn't help but worry that she would hurt the soft-hearted Amelia.

"I've been living in the villa arranged by Jonny, but tonight... He swore at me tonight and asked me not to go back... " Claire sobbed, looking very pitiful.

"That's why you took a taxi yourself?" Amelia guessed but didn't understand why she jumped out of the taxi. She said with lingering fear, "You just jumped out of the car. It's really dangerous..."

Claire nodded her head rapidly and told about her inner feelings, "I was in a bad mood, but after I got on the car, the driver touched me. I was so angry that I couldn't care much, so I jumped out of the car..."

It turned out that the girl who looked quite fragile had such a heroic side. Amelia looked at her for a long time.

"There is a hotel nearby. You can stay there first." Lucian has been observing this coldly. To prevent Amelia from becoming benevolent, he suggested.

She didn't say anything to respond.

Amelia frowned. She didn't think it was appropriate to do that.

"Lucian, it's not safe to leave a girl alone in the hotel." She thought, 'There are always some people have bad intention to a single girl like Claire. In this way, we not only haven't helped her, but put her in danger.'

After hearing her, Lucian frowned and thought that it was unnecessary to talk too much. He insisted, "If you really worry about her, I can call the hotel security to make sure she is safe."

After he said that, the fear in Amelia's heart disappeared.

A trace of disappointment flashed through her sharp eyes, but she still forced a smile and thanked Lucian and Amelia.

On their way back, Lucian didn't say anything. Amelia thought he was tired, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

"Amelia, sometimes you're too kind." When they were about to reach the SJ Garden, Lucian suddenly spoke.

Amelia was confused at first and blinked her eyes. She slowly understood what Lucian had said. Then she asked, "Do you mean that I am


As for Sasha, she acted differently that she showed her viciousness obviously. Every time Lily came to confront her, she would dash against her like mad.

But Claire was so good at pretending to be pitiful.

Her face suddenly turned pale. She then said to Amelia, "Amelia, after some things, I've learnt what's good and what's bad. I won't change my mind because of him. I don't want to hurt anyone, especially for you and Mr. Lucian."

So, does she mean Jonny?

It seemed that everything she did was out of love for Jonny.

Amelia smiled as she could understand, "A relationship is always complex. We can't see through something, but we can learn to grow up from it."

"Yes, I love him so much..." Claire said with tears in her eyes.

The words she said struck Amelia's heart like a fierce punch.

She did understand the meaning of her words, because she had once loved and been abandoned by the man she loved deeply...

"There are so many good men in the world. Don't hang yourself on one tree!" When saying this, Lily sighed, thinking of the two jerks she had met.

Claire put on a forced smile and agreed with the clich é, "I know. But it takes time. How can I control my feelings all of a sudden?"

"You are right. But it will be better as time goes by." It had been a long period of time for Lily to adapt herself to the new environment and to the new life that she was in now.

"Amelia, Lily, thank you for your tolerance. I'm leaving now." She stood up quickly and said goodbye to Amelia.

Amelia stood up and asked worriedly, "have you found a place to stay?"

She shook her head and forced a smile. "Don't worry. I won't let myself be homeless."

"I have an idea. You can live in the SJ Garden temporarily before finding a place to stay." Amelia was still worried because Claire just got love wound and she didn't even get a good rest before she needed to find a place to stay.

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