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   Chapter 312 Michael's rescue

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Lucian shook his head with a relaxed look. "I'm fine. Sorry to bother you."

"Don't be so formal with me!" But when his eyes fell on Jonny, he said in an unfriendly tone, "Sir, thank you for your booking in our restaurant. But I don't welcome any discourtesy. Please leave here right now!"

It was beyond Jonny's expectation that the owner of the restaurant was on good terms with Lucian. It was a well-known chain restaurant in the country. So, when he heard those words from Michael, he could only accept it with a humble manner.

Although it was a private matter between him and Lucian, it was not good to deal with it in the public.

Besides his own reputation, the strong strength of the Zhan Group was also to consider. for the sake of the development of the An Group in the industry, he left some leeway for himself.

"Lucian, see you next time." Jonny smiled politely, but in Lucian's eyes, it was hypocritical and disgusting.

After he left, the tense atmosphere in the dining room also disappeared.

Michael patted him on the shoulder and said with a broad smile, "Fortunately, the lobby manager gave me a call, or I would get drunk again tonight."

With an elegant smile on his face, Lucian looked up and down at Michael. He couldn't help but thumbed up and said, "Not bad. You always wear sports clothes, but you're very charming in a suit now."

Michelle smiled sheepishly and said modestly, "I'm far worse than you."

"It's a bit tricky to take it over at first. Let me know if you need any help!" Lucian said as he patted on Michael's shoulder.

"How about we drink some wine somewhere else and talk about our future plan?" he suggested.

Michael just threw away the important dinner party to rescue him from danger, so Lucian had no reason to refuse his proposal.

He simply said, "Okay!"

When they had been abroad before, they used to ask each other out for dinner. Therefore, when they heard it, they felt very happy.

"Lucian, you're a successful business man. How could you be controlled by that man?" He learned more or less about Jonny. One of the posts posted on twitter was talking about the relationship between Jonny and Amelia, so the name "Jonny" was very familiar to him.

When he heard Jonny's name, a frown involuntarily appeared between his eyebrows. Naturally, he had an unpleasant expression.

"He is my buddy. In my childhood, the AN family and the Zhan family are closely connected. Some unpleasant things happened later, so I can't forgive them!" He was an emotional man when it came to family and friend related affairs.

Michael understood it since Lucian still forgave him after what he did with Sasha to him. If it were someone else, he would definitely lose a friend.

"If Jonny dar


Looking at his quiet sleeping face, Amelia could not help but sigh deeply. Drinking with a friend was okay. If he was worried about something and felt annoyed...

The next day.

Before Lucian went to the company, he told Amelia that he had to attend a banquet which invite both of them.

He asked for her opinion first. If she didn't agree, he wouldn't force her.

If this had happened when they just knew each other, Amelia would have refused him without hesitation because she was cowardly.

Afterwards, she had attended several large activities with Lucian. She had thought that as long as she could stay beside Lucian with a smile on her face, everything would be fine.

However, she teased on Lucian, "If I don't go, will Mr. Lucian find another female companion?"

"If you really don't want to attend, then I have to play this game," said Lucian, as he was fixing his clothes...

"How dare you!" Amelia said in a harsh tone and glared at Lucian.

Bearing his laughter, Lucian looked at her and said seriously, "Of course I dare not."

Amelia was enchanted by the seriousness and foolishness face of Lucian. She immediately smiled, "For the sake of your cooperation, I'll take part."

"Thank you, Mrs. Amelia." Lucian followed as she said.

Within half an hour, the party dress was delivered to her.

"You think I'm too thin? If I'm not thin, the clothes won't fit me so well!" She thought that Lucian had picked the dress for her by checking the photos on cellphone. And it fitted her perfectly. So she began to praise herself.

In fact, earlier when Lucian took Amelia to try on the wedding dress, he had asked the staff to keep the measurements of her and shoes size in mind, so this dress fit perfectly.

It was rare for him to see her laugh so happily, so Lucian didn't tell her the details.

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