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   Chapter 310 You Have Broken My Good Deed

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Amelia pressed her lips tightly, glared at Jonny and said coldly, " I wouldn't have married you even without Lucian!"

Hearing that, Jonny's pupils were almost swollen to the point of shaking out from his eyes. His strength suddenly decreased, but he did not intend to let go.

Amelia's neck was almost choked by him. She didn't want to bear it any more. She reached out her hand and violently waved away Jonny's hand.

Jonny came to his senses and was about to reach out his hand again, but was nimbly dodged by Amelia.

Perhaps Jonny didn't expect that Amelia would resist. He felt that the more she resisted, the higher his desire rose. He reached out to open the door from the car, and the thin Amelia was easily pulled out of the car by Jonny.

During the pulling, Amelia almost knelt on both knees. When her knees flopped down, she felt a sudden pain.

She frowned, and the fury in her eyes was even greater.

"Amelia, you are insulting me again, do you know?" Jonny was infuriated by what Amelia said just now.

Although he always knew that Amelia didn't like him, his heart was hit by what she said.

The anger in Amelia's eyes was hard to extinguish, and her eyes were as fierce as a knife with white light. At night, under the flickering of the mottled light, there was a strong destructive power.

"That's your own humiliation!" Amelia didn't mean to say angry words, but thought so in her heart.

Jonny destroyed his face by himself, so why should she care about it.

"Self-humiliation?" Jonny stared at the angry face of Amelia and sneered. Then he picked up Amelia and said resentfully, "Then I'll let you know today what self-humiliation is!"

Because of the thin figure of Amelia, Jonny easily picked her up.

Amelia struggled desperately but failed to break away from Jonny.

She had no choice but to bite Jonny's shoulder fiercely.

"Hiss..." Jonny's throat made a painful sound, but he didn't mean to let go of Amelia at all.

"Jonny, you are crazy!" Amelia thought the biting would stop Jonny, but he didn't.

Amelia was thrown into the back seat of the car by Jonny, and he then rushed on like a hungry wolf and began to tear her clothes.

Amelia couldn't help but think of the last time when she was in the villa in the south of the city, Jonny was also ill intentioned. If Emma hadn't come in time, she would have been... Now she was facing the same crisis, but this time she won't be so lucky...

She was still careless about him. Amelia struggled desperately. The more she struggled, the more powerful Jonny was.

Her legs were completely crushed by the strength he attached, and her hands were tightly held by him. Her struggle and resistance were in vain.

"Amelia, since you can't be my wife, then be my woman. As long as I get you, I won't be a loser!" Jonny said in her ear, almost madly.

Amelia's eyes were wide ope

"No, don't disturb us." Lucian said without looking back.

Lily stayed where she was. After being stunned, the smile on her face became deeper and deeper.

Amelia has been buried in the arms of Lucian feeling the charming breath from him.

"Let me have a look." After Lucian put Amelia on the bed, he squatted down and touched her chin with his hand, with his eyes particularly focused.

Amelia's face was burning. She raised her chin shyly and felt the softness of Lucian's fingertips. Her heart was as comfortable as a lake being swept by the Breeze.

At the moment when her chin was raised, Amelia obviously frowned, but soon returned to her usual expression.

"Speak out the pain. Why do you have to bear it?" Lucian captured her subtle expression, with a hint of heartache in his eyes.

Amelia pouted and felt warm in her heart. "It doesn't hurt now."

"Apply some medicine, take a shower and go to bed early." Lucian tidied up her torn clothes. He tried his best to hold back his anger and spoke to Amelia in a particularly gentle tone.

Amelia looked at Lucian and kept silent for a long time.

Noticing that she was staring at him, Lucian didn't ask why. He bent down, with his sexy thin lips attached to her beautiful cherry lips, from gentle to demanding, gently and strongly...

The uneasiness in Amelia's heart was soothed by the tenderness of Lucian. At this time, she was completely immersed in the tenderness given by him, and the nightmare gradually dissipated with the bright night.

"Cancel all the cooperation projects between the Zhan group and the An Group, and from now on, there will be no cooperation!" As soon as Lucian arrived at the office, he couldn't bear it anymore and to tell his assistant, Eric.

Eric also knew what happened last night, but it was the first time that he saw Lucian get so angry, so he quickly returned: "Yes, Mr. Lucian, I'll do it right away!"

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