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   Chapter 307 Shocking News

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The villa in the south of the city is very close to the one of Jonny. It was found when Amelia followed Lucian to send Fannie.

However, Lucian didn't say anything, so she had no objection.

After all, there was nothing between Fannie and Jonny. Besides, they were not under the same roof, so there was nothing to worry about.

"Mom, dad is afraid that you are not used to living here, so he sent you two servants, one to take care of your diet and daily life, and the other to chat with you." Amelia took Fannie's arm and walked towards the two servants.

Fannie, on the other hand, smiled reluctantly. "Having lived with him for more than ten years, for the first time, I feel that he is such a considerate man."

"Dad also said that if you need anything, you can tell him at any time, of course, you can also tell me and Lucian." Amelia knew that it was somewhat inappropriate to mention Nicholas in front of Fannie at this time, but in order to transfer Nicholas's concern for Fannie, she had to say it.

"What is missing..." Fannie snorted coldly, her eyes full of loneliness.

Amelia understood that no matter how Nicholas made up for the loss in Fannie's heart, it would be difficult to win her favor.

I don't know how much courage she has summoned to decide to divorce Nicholas. Although she is now separated, what's the difference between divorce and her?

"Your father did it on purpose." With a sigh, there was not much joy on Fannie's face, but sadness.

Amelia said nothing more and helped to tidy up Fannie's room.

"Amelia, just let the servants do these things. Have a rest." Deep in her heart, Fannie was quite satisfied with her daughter-in-law, but in her heart, she was full of the pain of that year, and she had always held a grudge against Nicholas, so she treated Amelia coldly.

She had been in touch with Amelia for more than two years. She knew what kind of person she was, and it was reasonable for Lucian to love her deeply.

"Mom, it's okay." Amelia turned around and smiled brightly.

After sending Fannie here, Lucian rushed back to the company for a meeting. Although he didn't specially explain anything, Amelia had to put everything here in order. When she went back, she felt relieved. When asked by Lucian, she also explained.

Back to the Zhan mansion.

"Mrs. Amelia, Lord asked you to go to his study."

Amelia found that Darren looked serious and went to the study with a nervous mood.

When Nicholas saw Amelia come in, he put aside his pen and asked kindly, "have you arranged everything over there?"

"It has been arranged." Catching the concern on Nicholas' face, Amelia couldn't help saying, "why didn't dad call Mom? In this way, you can be closer to each other."

From the bottom of Amelia's heart, she still hoped that Nicholas and Fannie could make up.

Nicholas was obviously shocked. After greeting Amelia to sit down, he frowned and said, "I know you must blame dad in your heart. Why do you have to separate from her? It's just that many things are not as simple as you think."

"Dad, that's

still valued the Zhan Group more than his own life.

There was no need to see it. At this time, Nicholas's face was extremely frightening. Maybe Amelia's sharp words hurt his heart and lung, or maybe, he dug out the memory hidden in his heart...

"Dad, I'll go out first." Amelia was worried that her emotions could not be controlled and her words would be more and more unpleasant to hear.

Nicholas didn't stop her, but just asked, "can you keep it a secret from Lucian first?"

Amelia took a breath of cold air and felt extremely sad. "Up to now, you are still ignoring the old feelings for the interests of the Zhan Group!"

"My child, for me, the Zhan Group is not only my lifelong efforts, but also the honor of the Zhan family. Can you understand my father's mood?" Although Nicholas felt guilty, he didn't think it was inappropriate for him to do so.

"I don't care what kind of feud you have with the An family. If what you do is not good for Lucian, I won't care about this blood relationship!" Amelia made it clear.

"Edmund is a cunning Fox. If he knew that Lucian is his son, he would definitely instigate Lucian to inherit the property of the Zhan Group and set up his own company..." Because of the panic in his heart, Nicholas became anxious and coughed before he finished his words.

"Do you think Lucian is a fool? Besides, with your grade words, I think it is reasonable for Lucian to be cold to you. Or, if Lucian's mother wants to divorce you, she also knows your unkindness, right?" Amelia's face became more and more ugly and her tone became more and more indignant.

All of a sudden, Nicholas was speechless. Under his horrified look, there was an embarrassed bitterness in his eyes.

"Paper can't wrap fire. Lucian will know it sooner or later. I advise you not only for the interests of Zhan family, but also think about the relationship between father and son." Before walking out of the study, Amelia reminded Nicholas in a cold voice.

Nicholas's pupils were constricted, and he was more and more worried.

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