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   Chapter 304 Lucian's Jealousy

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Lucian nodded honestly and winked at Amelia.

He meant, "Honey, well done!"!

However, Amelia answered impatiently, "Courtney, your dirty words before were more disgusting than mine. By the way, the reason why I'm so different now is that I'm deeply influenced by Lucian!"

In fact, she didn't mean to hurt him. As soon as she said that, Kent and Courtney laughed happily.

"Lucian, I didn't expect you to be so romantic. No wonder I'm so jealous of you!" Courtney took the opportunity to give Courtney a lesson.

Amelia's face flushed. She felt she had dug a hole for Lucian. She looked at him apologetically and found that he was very calm.

"Well, let's sit down and talk." Kent interrupted them in time and asked them to sit in the living room.

"My belly is getting bigger and bigger. It's not so convenient for me to even move," After sitting down, Courtney pouted and complained.

Amelia comforted her since she had experienced something, "You have been went through the most of the time. Are you afraid of the last three months?"

"You are right. It's much cooler now." Courtney relaxed and smiled happily. She said hopefully, "I really hope I can have a son so that I don't need a second child!"

Amelia cast a sidelong glance at her and said, "You are still very old-fashioned. I thought you won't prefer boys to girls...

Courtney sighed and explained, "It's not that I'm old-fashioned. It's just that I'm the only child in my family, and Kent has married into our family. If I don't have a son with me, my father won't be happy!"

"Didn't your father accept Kent? How could it be possible for him to care about to have a boy or a girl? " Amelia was confused. Every family has a skeleton in the closet.

"Although my father's request is a little excessive, he still cares about me." When it came to her father, Courtney wasn't as emotional as she used to be. She became much calmer.

Amelia lost in thought and could not help but think of Nicholas.

She knew that he was caring about her, but she just felt uncomfortable as if she had a branch left in her heart. Once she was related to the property of the Zhan Group, she would feel very uncomfortable.

"It doesn't matter. If it's a daughter, you should cultivate her into a female icon and make her live a good life!" To spare her worries, she said so.

After all, in the future things might change a lot. We have to find ways to deal with them after something happens.

"By the way, I saw the news report a few days ago. Is it true that you're Nicholas's biological daughter?" Courtney knew that Vernon was not the biological father of Amelia. When she heard the rumor, she was shocked and wanted to call her to confirm. But she felt that it was not something worth celebrating after all, so her curiosity was suppressed.

Amelia was so depressed when she heard that.

"Sorry, Amelia. I didn't mean anything else..." Co

e smiled and was ready to eat at ease.

Amelia didn't understand why Courtney had come up with such an idea. She glanced at Lucian and found that he looked at her with a serious look. She was frightened and immediately withdrew her sight and began to eat her meal.

Kent was trying to regulate the atmosphere and greeted Lucian.

On the way back, Lucian devoted himself to driving, not as usual, he chatted with Amelia while driving.

"Did you have enough at dinner?" Amelia tried to find a topic and asked with boring topic.

"What if I say I'm full? Will you feel disappointed?" All of a sudden, Lucian stepped on the brake and unbuckled his seat belt. Then he leaned down, with the distance of only a millimeter between him and Amelia.

Amelia opened her eyes wide in astonishment. At the sight of Lucian's handsome face, her cheeks flushed and her heart beat fast.

"Why should I be disappointed?" She blinked her eyes and was too nervous to breathe.

"Didn't Courtney say those words to test my reaction?" Lucian whispered in Amelia's ear. It felt like he was saying something sweet to her.

She didn't expect that Lucian would understand what Courtney meant, but she didn't mean to do that. Well, she didn't object...

With a smart smile on his face, Lucian continued, "Since you have achieved your goal, I will cook you a braised pork tonight."

Amelia was stunned and it took her a long time to react.

Seeing that Lucian looked serious, she shook her head and said, "Can you be less childish?"

"No, No. Mrs. Amelia, I'm not going to burn the meat." Lucian again bent his face and the words coming out of his thin lips were like the smell of mint. Before she could even respond, Lucian's sexy thin lips already began to roll on her gently.

When she went back to the Zhan mansion, she received a message from Courtney. She texted hat Lucian still cared about her very much and his face was dark when he ate...

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