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   Chapter 298 We Have Been Married For A Long Time.

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Amelia shook her head and said lightly, "Nothing. I was trying to rule out a possibility. It seems that I made a mistake."

Amelia let out a sigh. At the thought that Lucian was on Fannie's side blaming her, she got angry.

Seeing that Amelia didn't look good, Nicholas asked, "Did you have a fight with Lucian?"

At the mention of Lucian, Amelia frowned and murmured, "He's downstairs."

There was a trace of dissatisfaction in her tone unconsciously.

Nicholas took the hint and smiled kindly. He guessed the reason why Amelia was unhappy. "You're a couple. It is unavoidable to have little fights."

Amelia puckered up her lips and felt angry.

When they first met, he always spoke out to defend her, but since knowing her identity, he became sensitive.

"Father, please don't ask about it anymore. You should take care of yourself." Amelia stopped frowning and then comforted Nicholas.

"I hope you won't be bothered by the question you asked just now. Let bygones be bygones." Nicholas said to Amelia in all earnestness.

Amelia pouted and felt wronged. She said in a low voice, "I didn't mean to seize it, but Lucian misunderstood me. I'm very angry just thinking about it!"

"Maybe Lucian knows it in his heart." Asked Nicholas with a smile.

"If he knew it, he wouldn't treat me like that!" Amelia didn't listen to Nicholas at all as she was still talking about the danger. Thus, she asked, "If he knows it, she will be angrier!"

So he was helping Fannie on purpose!

Seeing that Amelia was filled with righteous indignation, Nicholas was gratified and said, "I'm glad to see you do this for me."

"It's not only filial piety, but also justice!" All of a sudden, Amelia stood up and asked, "Dad, she means it?"

Nicholas didn't expect to make a slip of the tongue.

Seeing Nicholas's embarrassed face, Amelia knew that he just wanted to settle the matter peacefully, so she said no more.

To reassure him, Amelia promised in a calm tone, "Don't worry. I'll just let it go. But next time, I won't let it go any more!"

Amelia couldn't bear to see anyone bully the weak. Although Nicholas was strong, his legs and feet were inconvenient, but Fannie even deliberately bullied him.

Nicholas said with a relieved look on his face, finally feeling relieved.

"Dad, where is Darren?" Although this thing was past, Amelia thought that she should take some measures to stop this kind of thing happen again.

"Darren has asked for a week's leave to visit his family."

Except for Darren, most of the servants in the Zhan mansion had contacted with Amelia for a short time, so she was unfamiliar with most of them.

But there were so many servants in the Zhan mansion, she believed that rain could take good care of Nicholas.

When Amelia went downstairs, she met Lucian who was walking upstairs.

Amelia was first stunned, and then passed by him silently.

When Lucian w

result, he failed to keep his feet and leaned backwards to avoid falling down.

At the moment when Lucian almost fell to the ground, Amelia felt nervous but soon became indifferent as she saw he was fine.

"Amelia, don't be in conflict with Lucian for this matter. It's not his fault." Nicholas didn't want to see Lucian and Amelia got angry with each other because of him.

At the moment, Amelia was filled with rage.

"Why don't you blame him?" Amelia had thought that Lucian stopped her on purpose when they were on the stairs just now. If he really cared about Nicholas, wouldn't he come to visit Nicholas as soon as possible?

If not being stopped, how could Fannie have the chance to conflict with Nicholas?

After her analysis, Amelia looked at Lucian with doubts and felt that Lucian was a little scary.

Looking at the strange look in Amelia's eyes, Lucian was extremely puzzled. "Amelia, why do you look at me like that?"

"Lucian, stop pretending!" Amelia thought that the reason why Lucian held a grudge against Nicholas was because of his poor family background. And that was why he was dissatisfied with Nicholas.

"I pretend?" Lucian narrowed his eyes and put on a cold look. He didn't understand why Amelia looked at him with suspicion, and said, "My mother is not rational. I hope you can be rational!"

However, when Lucian said that, not only did he fail to make Amelia calm down, but also made Amelia misunderstand Lucian more and more.

"Yes. When your mother said something wrong, you asked me to respect her. When I said something wrong, you said that I was as irrational as your mother. So I want to know which side do you have your heart?" Amelia didn't want to quarrel with Lucian in front of Nicholas, but she couldn't help but feel angry.

Lucian's eyebrows furrowed deeply. He admitted that he had criticized Amelia just now, but he just wanted to resolve the conflict between her and Fannie.

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