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   Chapter 291 An Unexpected Encounter

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The smile on Sasha's face didn't reach Amelia's ears. She knew that Sasha wouldn't give up.

"Amelia, what's so good about you? Except for cooking and washing, you are good for nothing. However, I can help you with Lucian's work." Sasha didn't give up telling Amelia about her advantages.

"Sasha, you are so amazing. A woman like you was hard to find even with a lantern. I must make an recommendation to Lucian when I sleep in the same bed with him." Amelia said in a cold tone deliberately.

Sasha did get the sarcasm in Amelia's words. Amelia meant that she was the one who had shared the bed with Lucian now, and that Sasha was just telling a joke.

"Then wait and see!" Sasha said angrily.

Watching Sasha's angrily turned around, Amelia lost in thought.

She didn't understand why Lucian was suddenly admit that child, but she thought he did have a point.

She couldn't mess up and ruin Lucian's plan.

After lunch, Michael invited Amelia to have some afternoon tea with him. She had intended to decline, but she found that Sasha was about to leave.

Meanwhile, Michael sent another message to Amelia. "I have made an appointment with Sasha. Please don't be discovered by her on your way here. Perhaps we can get the answer you want from our talk.".

Although she was restless about the contents of the message, she might get the answer from their chatting.

"Amelia, it's so boring to stay in the SJ Garden all day long. I want to go shopping. Do you want to go with me?" Sasha asked Amelia as she changed her shoes.

She was really good at being polite. With a smile, she shook her head and said, "I have to stay at home with Mark. Go ahead. Be safe on the way."

A smile crept over her lips. Nodding, Sasha said, "Please excuse me."

Since Sasha had her own car, it was convenient for her to go out.

After Sasha left for ten minutes, Amelia drove to the address that Michael left for her.

It was at a famous coffee shop in A city. At first, Amelia was worried that if she ran into Sasha.

When she arrived at the coffee shop, Amelia realized that she was overthinking. Michael had a thorough understanding of the layout of the shop, trying to avoid any possible accidents.

The booth Sasha was in was next to the one of Amelia's, but there was a folding screen between them. As long as she didn't get up and walk around, Sasha wouldn't notice her.

After comforting herself, Amelia sat down and listened to the conversation of the neighboring table.

"Old flame, what do you want from me?" Sasha said in a casual tone. But there was a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

"Old flame?" "You borrowed sperms from me, but we don't have to be lovers, right?" he continued with a sneer.

Amelia was shocked when she heard this. She even trembled the glass of water in her

g this matter."

It was not until he heard the answer of Amelia that the strained heart was finally relieved.

When they walked out of the coffee shop, Amelia couldn't help but feel very depressed.

Things were far more terrible than she had imagined.

When Amelia went back to the SJ Garden, Sasha curled up on the sofa, read a book. Upon hearing the sound of the door closing, she jumped out of the sofa and sprinted towards the man. "Lucian, you're back!" she gushed with a wide smile.

Lucian? Amelia looked back but found nobody.

Looking at the disappointed look on Sasha's face, Amelia came to realize that Sasha had regarded her as Lucian.

"Didn't you go shopping? Why do you come back so early?" Amelia pretended to be calm, trying to keep everything she just knew in the bottom of her heart.

Sasha quickly walked to her, hopping up and down. She grabbed Amelia's arm and said excitedly, "I walked around and found nothing interesting. So I decided to stay at home."

Stay at home? How could she take this place as her own home.

"Ha ha, that's true." Amelia pretended to agree.

Sasha sensed that there was something wrong with Amelia. She assumed that Amelia was mad at her because of Mark's wound. So she quickly tried to cotton up. "Did you go out just now?"

"Yes, I went to the flower shop." Amelia didn't look up and was about to go upstairs.

With a smile, Sasha said, "Look at me. I told you that I'll go to the flower shop to buy some flowers, but I've never been there."

"At that time, you were still in a relationship with Mr. Michael. It was necessary for him to send you flowers, but now the situation is different." Amelia said sarcastically on purpose. She wanted to see how she would react when she heard the name of Michael.

Out of the blue, Sasha opened her mouth. She stared blankly as if she had lost her soul.

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