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   Chapter 290 Baby's Father

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"Lily worried that you might take the blame, so she told me about the whole thing before I set out." Lucian's eyes darkened suddenly as if he was thinking about something.

Amelia looked a little embarrassed. But she quickly collected herself and asked, "Is it related to Sasha?"

"Yes." Lucian nodded and looked cold.

Amelia's heart jolted. She had guessed it right. Sasha had only been here for two days, but she was so restless. If there was no way to deal with it, she would make trouble.

"Lucian, I can't let Sasha stay at the SJ Garden." Amelia said in a serious tone.

For the safety of Mark, she would do anything, even selfishly.

"I let her go into the SJ Garden not to take care of her, but to get some useful information from her daily life. Now that she can't just sit there and do nothing, I have to do it another way." It seemed that Lucian had planned it for a long time.

Amelia looked confused, but she still thought it was not appropriate. She frowned and said, "For the sake of the child in her belly, I can endure her, but I can't endure her murderous heart!"

The next day, after the doctor made sure that Mark could leave the hospital, Lucian took Amelia and their son back to the SJ Garden.

Not knowing whether it was because of that Sasha was aware of her mistake or just to please Lucian, she came up to greet Lucian who walked into the room with Mark in his arms.

Lucian ignored her and went upstairs directly to his bedroom.

Sasha was stunned. It took her a while to come to herself. She held Amelia's hand and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Amelia. I didn't mean it."

Amelia cast a cold glance at Sasha and said nothing. Then she pushed her hand away.

Sasha seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. With a trembling body, she distanced herself from Amelia.

Luckily, Lily held her in time and said to her coldly, "Stand firm. If you say that you have a stomachache, you'll blame Mrs. Amelia for it."

Sasha's lips moved. She knew that Lucian was mad at her. If she wanted to stir up more trouble, she wouldn't have made him stand by her side.

"I'm sorry..." She pulled herself together and apologized.

"Lily, take care of Mark. Ask Lucian to have a rest. I'll cook some porridge for Mark." Amelia said as she glanced at Sasha's face.

"Okay, I will do it right away." Lily felt that the tension in her heart was finally smoothed away and she smile brightly.

Because of the accident of Mark, Lily felt guilty all the time. Fortunately, Amelia was willing to let her take care of Mark, otherwise the problem in her heart would be difficult to cross.

Amelia was cooking porridge in the kitchen, and Sasha followed her. Amelia knew she was right behind her, but she didn't turn to talk to her.

"Amelia, you must haven't had a good rest last night. Leave it to me, okay?" Sasha said sincerely.

"It's okay, it won't take a long time." Amelia still had a faint e

cian had gone out to deal with something in the afternoon. After he left, Sasha came to the living room and said with a smile, "Amelia, do you have time? I want to talk to you."

Amelia put down the remote control. She had guessed it in her mind. "Okay," she replied with a smile.

She'd like to hear what Sasha was going to say to her.

A smug smile crept over her face. Sasha sat down on the sofa and said to Amelia with a smile, "I just had a talk with Lucian in the room. I think you're interested in it."

"Huh!" Amelia picked up the teacup and sipped the tea slowly, showing indifference.

Seeing that Amelia was not interested in the topic, Sasha stayed calm and smiled. "Lucian has finally admitted the baby in my belly."

With her hands caressing her flat belly, Sasha was overwhelmed with joy.

Amelia pretended to be calm, buts she felt uncomfortable when she heard it.

"So, I'm glad to hear that. I'd like to congratulate Miss Sasha?" Amelia said with a smile, putting down the tea cup.

Sasha acted coyly, showing off her wealth, "Lucian isn't a heartless person. How can he leave his child alone?"

"Of course I know that Lucian isn't a heartless man. He's been seduced by a lot of women. He must have abandoned his wife and his son if he is." Amelia had intended to avoid arguing with Sasha, because Sasha wouldn't find what she had said and done shameful.

Sasha quickly realized what Amelia meant. Her face went pale with fury.

"Huh! You are getting more and more mean. But you still have to learn to accept the reality. " Not to be outdone, Sasha retorted.

Amelia had a quick smile on her face and said fearlessly, "Even though it's inevitable to avoid some situations, I believe that we three will never be separated by anyone."

Sasha didn't want to believe her at all.

"Then you can cheat yourself. When my baby is born, I will be the wife of Lucian." Sasha said in a firm tone. She had a clear goal.

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