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   Chapter 289 Wait For Me At Home

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Lucian and Amelia smiled at each other.

Sasha was so upset. She felt like she couldn't breathe. In her heart, a housemaid yelled at her.

"Lucian, where are you going?" Seeing that Lucian was about to leave, Sasha shouted.

"Of course? Mr. Lucian of course should go to work. " He won't be with you 24 hours a day! Said Lily inwardly.

Amelia glanced at Lily and hinted her to stop.

Sasha stood up and said, "I'll go with you." She was still an employee of the Zhan Group.

"No need. HR department has fired you." Lucian said in a cold voice. He really didn't have any feelings for her.

Sasha's face turned pale. She looked at Lucian in amazement. She didn't expect that he would fire her.

She was also planning to make use of this relationship to go to and off work with Lucian every day, so that not only the employees of the Zhan Group would see them in pairs, but also could provoke the anger in Amelia's heart.

The hope was broken in Sasha's heart. She stood there, lifeless.

Without taking her feelings into consideration, Lucian walked up to Amelia and kissed her on the forehead as usual.

"Wait for me at home." Lucian advised gently.

Somehow, after hearing that, Amelia felt that it was so gooey that her face turned red, but she still nodded like a little woman.

Lily covered her eyes with a bright smile. Only Sasha, her eyes became red with anger.

"Ahem... Don't overestimate yourself!" After Lucian left, Lily said with a ironic tone.

Amelia turned around and gave Lily a glance to stop her.

"Mrs. Amelia, I'm going to take care of young master. Please let me know if you want to leave." Lily couldn't stay with Sasha any longer, so she walked away.

Lily knew very well that Amelia didn't back her up. She just couldn't stand that kind of woman who had ulterior motives.

When Lily left, Sasha's face turned a little better. But she couldn't be nice to Amelia, so she said, "I'm here to have a good rest. Take care of your servants, and don't make me angry."

Amelia didn't like being bossy by Sasha. So she told Sasha, "For the sake of your unborn baby, you have to do what you're supposed to do."

Being the young lady of Zhan family, does she have a say as the hostess of the SJ Garden?

She had been tolerant enough to what Sasha would do to her, and she would never back down.

"The responsibility?" Sasha sneered. She cast a scornful glance at Amelia and continued, "It's better than someone who hang out with another man while she was pregnant. Who is the father of Mark is still a question. How shameless you are to teach me!"

Anger was useless to her. With a straight face, Amelia retorted, "So it means that the father of your baby might be Michael?"

"You!" Stuttered, Sasha didn't know what to say. All of a sudden, she lost her head, as if trying to fight back.

"Miss Sasha, plea

e criticized by Lucian and she would be able to take the credit.

"Young master, don't cry." Lily comforted him. When she stood up, Mark cried even harder.

She knew that as soon as she fell down, she pressed and injured Mark's leg, so he could feel the pain with just a little movement of his leg.

Just as Lily was worried out of her wits, Amelia came back home.

"Mark!" Amelia held Mark into her arms and felt sorry for him when she saw him crying.

In the children's specialist hospital, the doctor did a complete check-up for Mark, saying that it was inevitably painful to be pressed and there was no sign of fracture.

Amelia was finally relieved.

"Lily, you can go back first. I stay in the hospital to take care of Mark. Although there is nothing serious, it is convenient for him to have an examination in the hospital. I also feel relieved." Sitting in front of the sickbed, Amelia held Mark's hands tightly with a nervous look.

"Mrs. Amelia, I'm sorry..." Lily was so guilty that she didn't want to say anything.

"Don't think too much. Mark is fine now." Although Lily didn't explain the reason, Amelia surmised that it had something to do with Sasha.

In the evening, Lucian came to the hospital. He looked worried. "Amelia, why didn't you call me since such an accident happened?"

If he hadn't come back home from work and heard about it from Sasha, he wouldn't have known it from the very beginning.

"Mark is fine now. Besides, you are busy with your work. I don't want to distract you with this." Amelia looked at Mark all the time. She could not help but feel guilty. "Besides, it was my fault."

"Don't always look for your reason. I already know what's going on." Lucian frowned and interrupted her eagerness to apologize.

"You know?" All of a sudden, the only thing she cared about was sending Mark to the hospital. As for the reason, she didn't even ask.

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