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   Chapter 287 Are You Qualified To Teach Me A Lesson

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Amelia agreed after hesitating for a while.

Sasha was tough to deal with. But to clear Lucian's name, Amelia would do her best.

When he saw Amelia nodded her head, he felt relieved. Then he pulled her into his arms and said, "Thank you, honey. Your trust is more important than anything else."

The next day after the wedding, Lucian drove Sasha to the SJ Garden.

Lily had no idea of that. The moment she saw Sasha come in, her face darkened. And she was even more confused when she saw the beaming faces of Lucian and Amelia.

"Mrs. Amelia, what happened to you and Mr. Lucian? Why did you invite a wolf into the house?" In her eyes, Sasha was a vicious and cunning woman.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Lucian and Amelia had reached an agreement when carrying out the plan. They decided to keep the secret to themselves. Amelia could only say something to comfort Lily.

It was not that she didn't trust Lily. She just thought that the less people knew about this plan, the better.

If not, Sasha would be more suspicious since Lily was also respectful to her.

"Lucian, I don't have much luggage. I just bought some books about pregnancy women the other day. I have put too much books in my suitcase. You must be exhausted." After apologizing to Lucian, Sasha ran to Lucian and massaged his shoulder.

Amelia witnessed all this, but she tried her best to control her emotions, with a faint smile on her face.

"Mr. Lucian usually does exercises. It's not tiring at all..." Standing by the side, Lily grumbled.

When she heard it, Sasha realized that it was not a good idea. She withdrew her hand and turned to look at Amelia with a smile. She said sweetly, "Amelia, we live in the same house. Please take care of me in the future."

It sounded like she was greeting to Amelia as a mistress...

Amelia looked nonchalantly, casting a glance at Sasha kindly, "Same to you."

The implication was that if you hadn't stirred up trouble for us, we could have enjoyed a peaceful life.

"Lily, please take Miss Sasha to the guest room." Amelia turned around and said with a smile.

At first, Lily wasn't willing to do that. But Amelia arranged that for her and she could only obey her.

When she heard the word "guest room", Sasha was disappointed. But the moment she thought of it, she felt that she not was far from being the hostess of the house?

The moment she received the phone call from Lucian, the excitement in her heart hadn't dissipated yet. When she learned that Lucian came to pick her up to the SJ Garden, she was so excited that she almost fainted.

She was having a lucky streak since morning. She felt that all the injustice she had suffered was worth it.

It seemed that she still got something from yesterday's wedding.

Although the media did not respond to the news she exposed to them, Lucian finally gave her an explanation. She continued to act like a little lamb, and when the time is ripe,

reated her. She didn't think what Lily said was wrong.

For people who didn't respect others, they didn't deserve apology.

"Let's eat." Ignoring the curious look on Sasha's face, Amelia walked straight to the table, held Mark in her arms and started to eat.

Now that Sasha had just come here today, she decided to hide her thoughts.

"Amelia, you're so amazing. You can eat with one hand and hold Mark with the other." Being sarcastic, Sasha praised Amelia.

Lily was nearly unable to swallow a mouthful of food. She mocked in her mind that no one was willing to talk with her.

"Let's eat." Amelia smiled awkwardly.

"Well, Amelia, it's not that I am picky, but the dishes are too light for me to eat." Looking at the dishes on the table, Sasha had a bad appetite.

Amelia was surprised. Then she asked curiously, "Miss Sasha, you like spicy food too?"

"Not really. In fact, I prefer light food, but I really don't want to eat these dishes." Sasha was just trying to pick her up. She didn't even know how to answer Amelia's question.

"Hey, can you stop?" Then Lily looked at the dishes on the table and said, "Mrs. Amelia would not care about what you like to eat if it were not for the baby in your belly."

"Lily, stop talking." Amelia interrupted her, "Lucian and I also like spicy food. I'll cook something spicy next time."

Upon hearing this, Sasha felt upset. It made her feel like she had choked on a fish bone.

"I didn't like it that much before. But since I got pregnant, my appetite has changed." Sasha said naturally and complacently, trying to make herself sound as innocent as she could with her baby.

Amelia remained a smile, refusing to talk to Sasha.

Lily decided not to waste any time with Sasha anymore. It would be a waste of time to talk to her.

The dinner ended in a peaceful atmosphere.

"Mrs. Amelia, please go and have a rest. I'll wash the dishes." After the meal, Lily cleaned the table with hospitality.

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