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   Chapter 285 What About Me And Our Baby

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Just as Amelia looked confused, the host came to the center of the stage and mentioned the bridegroom, Lucian. She just like woke up from a dream.

Her guess was right. There wasn't any makeup conference at all. All was the wedding surprise made by Lucian.

When the serious and romantic wedding march sounded, Amelia suddenly found herself trembling.

At the same time, Lily who was wearing a purple dress, came up to her. She held Amelia's arm and said softly, "Mrs. Amelia, don't be nervous. I will be with you."

The voice of Lily was indeed a soothing way to ease people's worries. Although Amelia felt a little relaxed, she still felt nervous in the face of such a luxurious and romantic scene with all the guests present.

When the host said he welcome the bride's father to come to the stage, Amelia's heart was tightened. She thought, Vernon was still in prison...

When she was wondering, Nicholas, who was in a black suit on a wheelchair, walked towards the platform.

She didn't know why but she felt more nervous the moment she saw Nicholas.

When Darren pushed Nicholas in the wheelchair to the front Amelia, she was a little bit flustered. With her hands clenched into fists, her heart was beating nervously.

Despite the astonishment, she walked to Nicholas as arranged by the emcee and they left the venue.

As the host gave a passionate speech and the romantic background music, Amelia stood on the path covered with flowers and enjoyed the salty smell of the sea water. An indescribable excitement came to her heart.

On the other side, Lucian was walking towards her. He was dressed in an tailor-made light blue suit with baby's breath in his hands. He looked like a prince who had just walked out of the painting. His handsome face and an extraordinary smile touched Amelia's whole heart.

She understood that her heart would always beat heavily when she faced with Lucian.

"Lucian, I entrust the happiness of my daughter to you." When Amelia was still in a daze, Nicholas pulled her hands and put them in the hand of Lucian.

She didn't know why she felt so warm when their hands covered together. Although she felt a little uncomfortable, she didn't feel relieved until she saw a smile on Lucian's face.

With a casual glance, Amelia found tears in Nicholas' eyes.

That scene stung her soft heart.

Almost every father would say this to his son-in-law at the wedding in the name of a father, so Nicholas presented at the wedding today as her father and saw her off in person.

She held Lucian's hand, and they slowly walked to the wedding stage at the music.

The distance of ten meters was short but it seemed that she had walked for a long time. Maybe it was because Amelia was too nervous.

But to her surprise, besides the romantic part of exchanging the rings, Lucian had prepared a wedding Vow.

"Honey, We have been married for so long, but I have never had the chance to hold a wedding for you. You

furiated. She had to take her time.

If it didn't change the fact that Lucian and Amelia got married, there would be some public opinions.

She wouldn't give up easily on this matter.

Just as she was about to enter the gate of the family, she found that Fannie suddenly changed her mind and didn't cooperate with her to deal with Amelia, which made her lose her backer.

She learned by accident that Lucian and Amelia were holding wedding here today, so she came here without any intention of ruining their wedding. She also knew that she could not destroy it on her own, but at least she could bring trouble to Lucian, which also vented her anger.

"Even if you are pregnant with Lucian's baby, so what?" With a look of disdain on her face, Courtney said, "You're fond of being a third party. You seduced Lucian for countless times, and you finally succeeded this time. Of course, you tried your best to enter the Zhan family, but unfortunately, today's marriage is between Lucian and Amelia as the daughter of the family. As a result, it's nothing but a daydream for you to make any progress!"

"What do you mean?" With a pale face, Sasha didn't know what Courtney meant.

Generally speaking, if Amelia was the daughter-in-law of the Zhan family, how could she marry Lucian as the daughter of Zhan family? Was what reported true?

"If you really want an explanation, you have to leave. Otherwise, I will have to treat you in a rude way!" Said Lucian in a cold voice. His deep eyes were filled with contempt when he looked at Sasha.

"Lucian?" Shocked, Sasha begged, "Please think about the baby in my belly? If you have a happy family, what about me and our child? "

"All right, all right. Stop acting! You know clearly when you did it! " Courtney stretched out her hand and pushed Sasha. She felt that Lucian and Amelia couldn't do it by their own in this occasion. "You're so shameless. You've ruined our good wedding ceremony. Get out of here, now!"

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