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   Chapter 280 Shareholders' Meeting

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"Mrs. Amelia." Eric greeted her with a big smile and then continued to work.

When she was wondering where to sit, Lucian pulled her to his side.

'it's strange that I was so angry yesterday that I even couldn't eat anything, but today he managed to subdue me only by a passionate kiss.'.

Amelia felt that her heart was easily betrayed her, and she had forgiven Lucian so easily.

"It's a gift for you to cheer you up." Lucian gave her a folded paper and said mysteriously.

She was curious and wanted to open the box to see what was going on. But she was stopped by Lucian. "Don't look at it in front of me. It will embarrass me."

A trace of shyness flashed across Lucian's handsome face, which made Amelia more curious about the paper.

Soon enough, the shareholders came in one after another. Amelia stopped gossiping and became serious.

With the same serious look on his face, Lucian pointed to the seat for Amelia was and asked her to sit down.

They sat very close to each other. The moment they sat down, she felt as if they were in college.

When most of the guests arrived, Sasha came in with a list and began to sign for all the shareholders.

The meeting process this time was obviously different from before, but all the major shareholders still followed the process. After signing, some old shareholders began to talk about it in whispers.

It was not because that Amelia was sensitive, but that she faintly felt that a few rays of curious eyes were coming towards her.

Amelia straightened her back and looked calm.

Since she was not a shareholder, it was not normal for her to show up in the meeting.

Although she was the wife of Lucian, she had never been to the shareholders' meeting before. She didn't know why there was an exception this time.

When Sasha came to her with the lot, she threw it on the table. It was rude, not as light as when she had dropped it on Lucian.

From the small detail, Amelia could tell how angry Sasha was now. But she deliberately ignored the fury, looked for her own name, and put her name on it instead.

Only Nicholas was expected to attend the meeting. The door of the conference room was wide open. Darren pushed him in a late time, and there was also Fannie who stood beside the wheelchair.

Today, Fannie was dressed professionally, wearing a pearl necklace around her neck, and even earrings were in one set. Her hair was worn up, which made her more dignified than usual.

The host started to state the meeting in a solemn tone. When Lucian started to speak, Amelia's cheeks could not help burning.

When she first knew him, she worked in the same office with Lucian. She often looked at him working seriously and was in a daze. She felt that his serious appearance had a special temperament, and he was handsome as well.

At this moment, she felt that everyone's attention was on him, and as his wife, she felt delighted.

Even though she didn't understand wh

know the truth would think she incited those thoughts. After all, it was her first time to attend the board meeting.

Amelia stood up suddenly and everyone turned to look at her.

Amelia was a little timid, when those strong eyes looked at her, she was stunned. She took a breath and said with courage, "I'm sorry, everyone. As for the chairman's proposal, I disagree at first and then no matter for the first or the second!"

She didn't want to talk too much and just told others her objection.

Hearing the discussion among the shareholders, Fannie was not satisfied with what she did. The decision just now had provoked her anger, so she suddenly stood up and asked, "Why didn't you stand up when we got the decision? Are you beginning to shed crocodile tears now? "

All the shareholders nodded in agreement. They thought it was hypocritical for Amelia to say no.

"I don't care if you believe it or not, but the chairman's proposal is invalid, because I am not going to cooperate!" All of a sudden, Amelia said in a tough tone. She glared at Nicholas angrily, as if she felt that his rash decision was just too childish.

Those decisions that he thought were good for her made her difficult to adapt.

After Amelia left the meeting room, Lucian followed her closely, leaving Nicholas and other shareholders in the room.

Eric was wise enough to soothe the mood of all shareholders, and then showed the sales data of the last season with a PPT to everyone, which caused all the shareholders to forget the farce just now.

Maybe she was on the same way, she ran into the CEO's exclusive elevator. The moment she entered, Lucian rushed into the elevator like a strong wind.

She was shocked, but the moment she saw Lucian, she felt relieved instead of lost.

"It's no big deal. Look, it makes you so anxious." Lucian took out a piece of wet tissue and wiped the hands for Amelia.

He had just felt her sweating on her hand when he had the meeting.

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