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   Chapter 278 I Didn't Want A Divorce

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The hug that Amelia offered was only a celebration, nothing else.

When she got out of Michael's arms, she found that there was a worried look on Lily's face. She looked round, and then she saw Lucian, who was holding the long ladder.

She slightly opened her mouth and was speechless.

Despite that she was sweating profusely, she took Mark from Lily, as if she had got a priceless treasure. "Mark, mom's baby!"

The affectionate feeling was triggered in Michael's heart. Standing aside and watching Mark who was exactly looked like Lucian, he said, "You look so beautiful!"

Lucian put down the long ladder and walked up to Amelia. His eyes were unfathomable.

There was hardly any expression on his handsome face, but the feeling scared Amelia.

When he remained expressionless and said nothing, his heart was stormy.

"Lily, take Mark away!" It seemed that Lucian was on the verge of breaking down. His low voice sounded like a dull thunder under the ground.

Amelia was shocked. But when she heard that Lucian was going to take Mark away, she felt extremely unhappy.

"Lucian, make it clear. Mark is my son. You have no right to interfere with my meeting with him!" She hadn't seen Mark for days. When she had come here in the morning, she had been wet in the rain like that, but Lucian had been cold to her.

She argued strongly for herself, just to take Mark away but not to defend herself.

"Take Mark away?" He couldn't help laughing and asked aggressively, "Are you going to divorce me next?"

Divorce him? Amelia had never thought about it. Even if she had been almost desperate because of Lucian, she had never thought about it.

Perhaps it was because of her emotions that Amelia answered against his will, "If we have no feelings for each other, there is no need to struggle."

On hearing this, Lucian was stunned for a while.

"Mrs. Amelia, it's windy outside. You just got wet in the rain. Go back to your room first." Lily came over and gently comforted her.

"No, it's not my home anymore." 'Didn't Lucian kick me out? What's the meaning of staying here?' Besides, she was not afraid of anything now with Mark in her arms.

After hearing Amelia say that the SJ Garden was not her home, Lucian's eyes were narrowed and his heart was filled with pain.

"Tell me, where is your home?" She didn't want to have a quarrel, but it seemed that every word she said was full of gunpowder.

"The Zhan mansion. Didn't you ask me to go back there? I'm going back now!" With these words, Amelia turned around and was about to leave with Mark in her arms.

Lucian roared in his mind with rage. Every word that Amelia said was adding fuel to the fire, and he felt even more depressed.

Noticing the change of his fist, Amelia could not help sneering, "So, are you going to fight?"

Because Lucian came up to her, with one hand holding her should

g why, Amelia felt warm in her heart as she saw the joy on Nicholas' face and felt that she had done a great thing.

"With Mark accompany me in the future, my leg disease is nothing to mention." He had been tortured to death by his leg disease long before. Now he was refreshed, despite his gaunt face.

"Dad, I know there are a lot of servants in the Zhan mansion. But since Mark was born, Lily had been taking care of him. So I brought her with me." 'Anyway, Nicholas is the owner of the house. To be polite, I should get his permission first, ' she thought to herself.

"Good morning, Mr. Nicholas." Lily bowed to him respectfully.

Nicholas looked at Lily and said with a smile, "Don't worry. You can decide it yourself. I'm fine with that."

Actually, Nicholas wanted to say that she didn't need to care about others' opinions because it was her home.

But he felt relieved to know that Amelia had always been polite to others, which also proved that she respected him in her heart.

Fortunately, Nicholas did not ask about Lucian. Otherwise, it was hard to answer him.

During the dinner, it was inevitable that Nicholas asked about Lucian and Fannie, who he hadn't mentioned for a long time.

Hearing Nicholas mention Fannie, the hand of Lily who was feeding food for Mark shook and gave him a guilty look. Lily was about to tell the truth but was interrupted by Amelia.

"They are fine." Amelia answered perfunctorily, but it was a relief to Lily that she was safe.

"That's good. I guess you can't stay with Fannie in the SJ Garden, can you?" All of a sudden, Nicholas' eyes became sharp. He squinted and observed Lily's expression, as if he wanted to capture something.

Hearing that, Amelia realized that Nicholas was trying to get the hint from them, but she still looked calm. She said with a smile, "Lucian has been too busy recently. He will come to pick up Mark and me in a few days."

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