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   Chapter 277 You Are Really Pissing Me Off

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"You don't have to tell me if you don't want, but Mrs. Amelia, I think you can't just put up with it like that anymore. Otherwise, there will be a new hostess for the SJ Garden!" Lily knew that what she said might have an impact on Amelia. But when she thought of the ambitious Sasha, had come to the SJ Garden yesterday, Lily was filled with anger.

Amelia understood why she was worried, because yesterday, together with the permission of Lucian, Sasha entered Lucian's house.

"By the way, did Lucian go the hospital now?" Amelia tried to find an opportunity to take Mark away.

Lily nodded. She could probably guess the thoughts of Amelia. She frowned in embarrassment. "But I don't know what the password of the door is. Mr. Lucian is afraid that I'll leak it to you, so he is very cautious now."

Lily's words made her lose hope.

"No wonder he let me stay..." Lucian was not a fool. He knew she was not just to take a look at Mark.

As long as Lucian knew that she couldn't get away with it, he was not afraid that she would run away with Mark.

Amelia tried all the passwords she could think of. She really didn't know what passwords Lucian could set.

"How about this? I'll climb over the gate." Although the gate was very high, she could still try to jump out through the gap.

If they had enough time, it was not difficult to go out, but it was not safe.

"It has just rained. If anything happens to you, how can I explain to Mr. Lucian?" Lily disagreed with what Amelia said. She thought it was male's behavior and Amelia was a woman anyway.

Amelia smiled to dispel the misgivings in Lily's heart. "Don't worry. Now that I have made such a plan, I will be sure to ensure my own safety. By then, you can pass Mark out from the fence of the backyard."

Fortunately, she was very clear about the layout of the SJ Garden, so she opened the curtain, took a look at the rain outside and changed into a sports suit. She was ready to climb the iron gate.

There seemed to be no better way. Lily worried, followed Amelia and kept cheering her on.

As soon as she arrived at the door, Amelia's phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar phone number. No sooner had she answered it than she heard Michael's loud voice. "Amelia, where are you now?"

Somehow, Amelia chose to trust Michael and told him what she thought.

He didn't let her down, and promised her that he would go to the SJ Garden to help her.

She didn't want to waste time. Grabbing the carved iron gate with both hands, she was ready to climb slowly.

The door was designed to prevent the evildoers from breaking into the house. Of course, these details would be noticed during the design.

Therefore, when she climbed to the highest position, she found that there was a sharp awl at the top of the gate and she would get scratched if she was not careful enough.

"Mrs. Amelia, please be c

Lucian can surely save you!"

"Michael, I don't need his help!" Amelia pouted to show she was angry. She was like a little girl.

Michael understood what she was thinking. She would lose face in front of Lucian, or she just wanted to take a gamble with him.

He didn't say anything. He just analyzed the structure of the iron gate, and tried to put his feet on the balance as he just came up. Then he stretched his strong and powerful arms to Amelia and said, "If you trust me, then catch me. Then you can pull your feet out with strength of my arms."

As long as Amelia's foot was not stuck, it was not difficult to go down.

She had avoided the sharp object that set obstacles. So as long as she went down slowly, there would be no dangerous.

Facing the firm eyes of Michael, she chose to believe him that the leg that was stuck could really be free, so even though she didn't want to waste his strength, she tried her best to kick it away.

The door shook even more violently. Fortunately, Michael was smart enough to grasp her hands firmly. Because he firmly stepped on it, the gate shook violently for a while and then came to be stable again.

"I can get off by myself." Amelia said in low voice. Although it was not loud, people could tell that she was happy.

Michael nodded, eyes full of happiness.

After a while, he also came down.

The moment they landed on the ground, they felt as if they were partner, trying to overcome difficulties. The sense of security and excitement was hard to hide in Amelia's heart. She threw herself into Michael's arms without hesitation.

Although there was an episode, the result was satisfying.

The scene of them hugging each other with excitement was seen by Lucian. At that moment, he felt that his heart seemed to be cut into pieces. It was so painful that he couldn't make any sound.

The sudden hug made Michael addicted to it for a long time.

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