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   Chapter 275 Just Tell Me If You Need My Help.

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But it was a good thing. She felt much better now than those words which could comfort her and make her feel pleasant. She seemed to be joking, but in fact, she was very concerned.

If someone tried to comfort himself, it would only annoy him. The more he thought, the more likely he would fall into a dead end.

"Have you really broken up with Sasha?" It seemed that she couldn't find a good topic to talk to him. She brought up a topic that not only upset herself but also made Michael down.

"If I had known that you were such a good tempered woman, perhaps I wouldn't have turned a blind eye to some matters," Michael continued casually, relaxing his chin

"What do you mean?" Amelia's eyes were full of doubts. When she looked at the profile of Michael's face, she found that it had a good shape, especially the tall nose, which looked especially charming when the afterglow sprinkled.

He was such a dandiacal man that once he became silent, he could be very stylish.

"I'm sorry for what I have done to you." Michael didn't tell the reason but apologize to Amelia.

Amelia didn't want to make a detailed inquiry. She thought that Michael was in a bad mood as he just broke up with his girlfriend.

"I just found something miserable on my way to the seaside." Amelia also looked at the afterglow on the other side. The sunset glow tinted the sky a little girl's shy face. It was so beautiful.

"Why do you feel that way?" Michael looked at Amelia with interested eyes and listened to her patiently.

"My only friend. Her best friend is pregnant. There is no one who can tell her the truth." She had never felt this way before, but just now, she felt it deeply.

"That's because you've been so dependent on Lucian. You think that as long as you stay with him, you will have everything." Michael analyzed.

Amelia thought it was not that case, but it seemed to be the case.

"You always have a look of knowing everything, but in the end your own feelings are a mess." Amelia could not help but make fun of Michael. Maybe she thought he would not be angry, so she just said it straightforwardly.

"Ha ha, you little girl. Sometimes, words can hurt me. But you are right." Michael didn't get angry but laughed happily.

Amelia added, "That's because you look like a playboy. You deserve to be single!"

The smile on Michael's face didn't fade away at all. "So do you admit that I'm handsome?" he asked narcissistically

Amelia was too shocked to finish his sentence.

But she felt much better as they talked with each other.

"Hey, do you think that we are just like two craps in the heat?" Michael suddenly became serious.

Amelia shook her head unconsciously. "I don't want to think about his romantic affairs now. I just want to see my son..."

"Lucian doesn't allow you to see him?" Michael didn't understand why Lucian would do that.

Amelia pouted. She

lia's heart.

"Darren, I need you to go to the SJ Garden and bring Mark here." Nicholas ordered solemnly, putting down his chopsticks.

"But what about Mr. Lucian?" Darren knew Lucian well. If Lucian didn't agree, taking away Mark was very difficult.

Nicholas understood what Darren meant. He was lost in thought.

After returning to her room, Amelia found that time was extremely boring.

As soon as he stopped, anxiety overwhelmed him.

She still had to go to the SJ Garden tomorrow morning. She couldn't bear the pain of missing Mark just because Lucian didn't allow her to see Mark.

The next day, Darren went out of the Zhan mansion and was about to go out.

At this moment, thunder rumbled and dark clouds were gathering in the sky. It seemed that it was going to rain.

Amelia liked rainy days in the past, because it could calm her mind down. But since she knew that rain would cause Nicholas's leg disease in rainy days, she was afraid of rainy days.

She frowned and asked, "Darren, did you call a doctor for Dad?"

She did care about him, but she made her care less on purpose.

"Mrs. Amelia, please rest assured. I have arranged everything well." Hearing that, Darren was gratified for Nicholas. Then he asked, "Mrs. Amelia, are you going out?"

"Yes." Amelia nodded her head. She did not want to tell others that Lucian did not let her see Mark, so she just said that she wanted to take something from the SJ Garden.

An unintentional excuse made her suddenly understand that there was really something left in the SJ Garden. It was a good excuse to go back and take things. She could see Mark with this excuse.

Darren looked a little bit unnatural, but soon he smiled and said: "do you have many things? I'll drive you there."

"No, thanks. I can drive by myself." Amelia waved her hand at once. Everything that happened in the SJ Garden would be reported to Nicholas if Darren saw it.

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