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   Chapter 274 Fannie Make Trouble With Lily On Purpose.

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Fortunately, Mark was so obedient that he didn't cry or make any noise all day long, because he couldn't speak. Even if he missed Amelia, he couldn't say anything.

"I'll carry Mark upstairs first." Said Lily, who answered in a low voice deliberately.

Although she did the same thing as before, she was really tired these days since Fannie came here.

"What's wrong with you? If you can't do this job, then resign from Lucian. Don't be so reckless!" Fannie stood up and pointed angrily at Lily.

Sasha pretended to persuaded her, "aunt, please don't be so angry. If you're not angry, you won't have to take care of yourself. There's only one servant in the SJ Garden. I'm afraid that she won't be able to help you."

"I got angry when you brought it up. I was kind enough to find two good servants before, but Lucian fired them because of Amelia in one morning." Fannie surmised that it was all because of Amelia, and she vented out her anger.

Sasha understood the situation and knew that Fannie did not like Amelia too. She believed that if she performed well, she would be approved by her mother, and when she got the appropriate chance to tell Fannie that she was pregnant, her entrance to Zhan family would be smooth?

On the contrary, she returned to the place she had been after going through so many things.

Although the process was full of twists and turns, the greatest beneficiary was still himself.

"Let me hug you, young master." With a smile, Sasha walked up to him and stretched out her hand.

Lily, who was standing in the middle of the stairs, stepped aside very quickly, as if she was guarding something. With a cold frown, she said, "young master doesn't like strangers, please don't bother Mrs. Sasha. Please."

Lily knew something about Sasha's mind, and she wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to young master.

But Amelia wasn't in the SJ Garden. She had promised her that she would take good care of Mark and have a good time with him.

Sasha's face went pale. She didn't expect Lily to refuse her in front of Fannie.

However, she restrained her dissatisfaction and smiled at Mark who was asleep. "You're Lucian's child. You're so beautiful," she praised.

If it weren't for that purpose, she wouldn't have said something nice to the son of Amelia.

But the girl was really pretty. It was hard not to praise him...

Thinking of that, Sasha became very jealous. She thought that the baby she gave birth to must be a lot more beautiful and excellent than Mark...

Since she was so close to Lily, she sensed the fury radiating from Sasha's eyes.

"Lily, you are getting more and more disappointing. Bring my grandson here!" Fannie tried to threaten Lily as Mark's grandmother.

Upon hearing the order, Lily immediately said, "the young master is used to sleeping in the bed, or he will not sleep well."

"No reason! Come here!" Fannie didn't allow Lily to go upstairs.

Although she didn't like

if the sea breeze could blow away her depression.

"It's fate that brings us here. We are just so destined to meet." Ten minutes later, a familiar, funny voice sounded.

Amelia knew who it was before she turned around to confirm it.

Fate or not? What a small world.

"I really doubt that you have installed a tracker in me!" Amelia complained in a bad tone after a glance of Michael.

Michael handed her a bottle of coke and gulped it down. "Don't be extremely arrogant. Lucian likes you, but that doesn't mean I also like him," he returned.

After Michael finished his words, he glanced at Amelia with disdain.

Amelia couldn't help but feel amused instead. "So it's said that I've found a treasure when I married Lucian!"

She used to be very happy to say this to Hiram, but now she was so depressed and in low spirits.

Noting that there was something wrong with her facial expression, Michael hid his playful tone and asked with concern, "what happened?"

"Do you really like to ask this question? Or do you really hope that something bad will happen to me?" Perhaps it was because she was in a bad mood that she misunderstood the kindness of others.

Michael was a little confused, and he said with a cheeky smile, "no, you're my sister-in-law. If something happens to you, won't Lucian get angry?"

'It seems that she is a nuisance according to Michael, ' Amelia thought.

Amelia didn't know how to answer. She pouted.

"You are a friend of Lucian. Stay away from me." Amelia lost her temper on Michael on purpose.

"Did you cry just now," Michael asked, looking at her curiously and keeping a proper distance from Amelia.

"How dare you mention it!" Amelia covered half of her face with her hands guiltily and didn't look at herself in the mirror. Did she cry like a big kitten and was seen through at a glance?

"Your eyes are swollen, and your face is full of sorrow." Said Michael, who was telling Amelia such a dramatic story.

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