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   Chapter 273 I Missed You

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She didn't know if Sasha was only acting brash and ambitious in front of her, but right now, she looked incredibly pitiful, innocent, and weak. 'Has she always acted like this... in front of him?' she thought, stunned.

Lucian had seen what kind of person Sasha was before. Because of that, he only felt two things towards her: hate and loathing.

"But... the thing between you and Amelia... hasn't been resolved yet, right? I guess I'll just... talk about it next time..." Sasha said, trying her hardest to appear like a reasonable person. Her true intention, however, was to convince Lucian.

Unfortunately for her, Lucian was not interested in pursuing the matter. "Don't ever show up here in SJ Garden again if you have nothing important to say or do," he said coldly, not even looking at Sasha.

With the impersonal and sharp tone that Lucian was using, everyone who heard it was sure that it was a warning—and not even a very kind one at that.

Perhaps it was because Amelia was already irritated by how Lucian was acting that she wasn't able to stop herself from speaking out, "No one will ever come look for you if it is not important. You know that!"

Had this whole debacle happened in the past, Amelia's words would have sounded humorous. Now, however, she sounded very unhappy. More importantly, she spoke for Sasha.

Lucian didn't understand. No matter how wrong he had been, Amelia would never choose to take Sasha's side in an attempt to counter him.

"Amelia, please stop," Sasha begged, fear evident in her voice. "Lucian is in a very bad mood today."

"I don't care!" Amelia shouted. "Some people just have the same mood as the June weather. I know that you can wait, but the baby inside of you can't!" With that, Amelia had pledged her allegiance to Sasha's side of the argument.

But she knew, deep, deep down in her heart, that she just said what she said because she wanted to get back at Lucian.

Lucian, on the other hand, didn't think that. Even Sasha didn't understand why Amelia was fighting for her that much. 'I don't care, ' she thought, amused internally. 'It seems like I would be able to control Amelia easily!'

Now that Amelia was willing to help her, it was infinitely easier for her to carry out her plans! "What are you saying, Amelia?" Lucian asked, as he looked at Amelia in confusion.

"What am I saying?" Amelia repeated back to him, her tone mocking. "Have you forgotten how you acted whenever you were drunk?" As she said that, the intimate photos of Lucian and Sasha kept popping up inside her head. They were making Amelia all the more jealous, and all the more angry.

"What are you saying?" Lucian mumbled, confused. Slowly, the situation dawned on him. "What the fuck is Amelia saying?!" he bellowed, as he turned his ice cold and incredibly dangerous gaze towards Sasha.

At that, Sasha couldn't help but tremble with fear. Like a cornered animal, she whimpered, "Lucian, have you forgotten the time you got drunk with Michael? The next day... you woke up... next to me..." Her voice trailed off due to fear.

At that point, Amelia turned her eyes on Lucian. As her heart started to break into a million pieces, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

She thought that she was ready to hear the truth, but in reality, she knew she couldn't. Slowly, her breathing became labored as she felt her strength being drained out of her body.

Lucian's eyes slowly became filled with doubt, and his face became contorted by a complex emotion that was hard to decipher.

"Lucian," Sasha called out, sounding increasingly mortified by what was happening. "I know you must be confused.

didn't want to—she didn't want to serve a person like Sasha.

Sasha, however, seemed to be inside her own world. Ever since she stepped inside the house, her greedy eyes went everywhere. What was worse was that she already had the air of arrogance reserved only for the owners of the house.

"So you're going against my orders, Lily?" Fannie said angrily as she slapped the table with her hand. "You lowlife—you should know your place in this house! You are a servant here, not a master. I am the master. Now, be a good slave and pour tea out for our guest!"

Mark woke up with a start as he was startled by Fannie's actions. He began to cry, but Lily was quick to comfort him.

Seeing what happened to Mark, Lily got more angry. "Of course I know who I am!" she hissed back. "But I guess someone else hasn't find her place in here just yet!"

This act of defiance was the last straw for Fannie. She was so angry that she stood up and was preparing to slap Lily to show her who was in charge.

Sasha, however, grabbed Fannie's hand, persuading in a soft voice, "Auntie, don't worry. Lily is right. Taking care of Mark is her most important task right now. I can get tea by myself."

After she finished speaking, Sasha went into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of tea.

That somehow appeased Fannie's anger. However, she couldn't help but glare at Lily.

The reason why Sasha had endured Lily's treatment of her was because she had learned a trick that would surely keep her inside the mansion. Previously, she had left a bad impression on Fannie. This time, however, they were on good terms and were mingling enthusiastically as if they were true family. Because of that, she intended to make a good impression on everyone in the house.

'A plan that is infallible, ' she thought to herself, rejoicing silently.

When Lucian invited her in and shut Amelia out, she became extremely happy. It was a big win for her, and she intended having more.

"By the way, Lily, it's time for lunch. Why don't you go to cook?" Fannie once again lazily ordered as she took a sip of coffee.

Lily was already preparing to take Mark to his room to let him sleep, but when she heard Fannie, she once again became very angry.

She knew clearly who she was in that house, but she was becoming more and more irked by Fannie's arrogance and Sasha's fakeness. 'Mrs. Amelia, where are you?' she thought, missing her more and more.

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