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   Chapter 266 Fell Sick

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Amelia looked at the cloudy sky and then thought that he was a classmate of Lucian. She had no reason to refuse him.

Although Michael looked like Western, his manner and speech were no different from theirs.

As soon as he got into the car, he started to talk to Amelia. He kept looking for words to communicate with her.

Luckily, she paid full attention to the road and ignored his words.

"In fact, I've already known that Sasha loves Lucian..." But before he could finish, Amelia stopped suddenly and looked at him in shock.

Michael was obviously shocked. He leaned forward but soon came to himself. With a charming smile on his lips, he said, "Your driving skill is really amazing!"

This was not a praise for her, but a praise for her boldness.

But it didn't matter. The point was why he had broken up with Sasha.

But before she could open her mouth to ask this question, Michael took the initiative to answer it.

"I wouldn't have cared about it at the very beginning. But Lucian is my good friend and I love him. This would have put our brotherhood into an awkward situation." The smirk on his face disappeared, replaced by a serious look. He couldn't hide his anger anymore.

"So... You broke up with her? " Suddenly, it occurred to Amelia that Sasha had told her on the phone that she had a boyfriend, and that she had used him to get close to Lucian.

So Amelia didn't feel sorry for him at all. Instead, she said with a smile on her face, "Until you leave the wrong person, you would meet the right one. You don't have to be that painful."

If Sasha hadn't taken any fancy to Michael, he might have been cheated on by her. After he was used up by her, Sasha might date others.

"It seems that you've heard of it?" said Michael, looking at Amelia with surprise.

"You mean that Sasha has a crush on Lucian?" Amelia looked calm. She nodded and taunted, "All the people in A city know that Sasha loves Lucian, right?"

"Really? It seems that I'm the only one left in the dark!" A little vexed as he was, he quickly put on a smile. "But those women who don't pay much attention to me generally don't attract me!"

Michael's words impressed Amelia.

The sky got dark all of a sudden. At dusk, the sky fell like late night.

The God seemed to be preparing a big rain. It was gloomy for several days in a row. The rain did not fall until then.

Just like sadness, slowly gathering together, when it reached a peak, it once again had a happy release.

"Where do you live?" Amelia was going to drive Michael back first and find a hotel for herself.

"You don't look good. Did you really quarrel with Lucian?" Amelia didn't answer his question. Michael fixed his eyes on the delicate face of Amelia.

"It's normal for a husband to quarrel with his wife. But it won't be that long," Amelia escaped from his blue eyes uncomfortably.

"Okay, I'll get off here." Michael pointed at a sma

brought tears to Amelia's eyes.

Her heart softened while thinking of this.

Despite the lights on both sides of the road, Amelia still felt the place was haunting.

She arrived at the Zhan mansion with a restless heart. As soon as she got off the car, heavy rain drops rushed down.

In less than a minute, the whole body of Amelia was wet from head to foot.

Two lanterns were hung at the gate of the house, which gave people a sense of joy.

It was not Darren, but a servant who she had met but couldn't tell the name opened the door.

The moment Amelia stepped into the hall, she found many servants working.

Amelia didn't know what happened. She asked the servant who just opened the door for her, "What happened?"

The servant frowned. It was hard to hide the truth from her, so she told Amelia, "Mr. Nicholas is suffering from his leg disease, more serious than before!"

"Then send him to the hospital!" Amelia took out her phone and was to call the emergency center.

"Mrs. Amelia, please don't call the doctor. Mr. Nicholas doesn't like to go to hospital for leg disease." The servant stopped her and said, "Mr. Nicholas' attending doctor is on his way. I'll go upstairs to help him."

The elegant building became a mess in an instant.

Holding her phone tightly, Amelia thought she could do nothing to help. She wanted to call Lucian but gave up.

"Mr. Nicholas, Mrs. Amelia is here!" When Darren saw Amelia show up at the door of the bedroom, he was so excited with great joy in his tone as if to announce a big happy event.

All the servants who were busy by the bed side walked away tacitly and made way for Amelia.

Looking at the middle-aged man in bed whose forehead was covered with sweat because of pain, Amelia had an indescribable sad feeling.

Although she had never seen Nicholas suffering from the disease, the bad feelings in her heart seemed to have been reduced a lot when she saw the scene.

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