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   Chapter 264 I Have Broken Up With Sasha

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"Mrs. Amelia...Mrs. Amelia!" Darren called out, huffing and puffing several times as he tried to run after her.

Amelia quickly turned around when she finally heard Darren and faced him with a stumped expression on her face. "Have you seen Lucian?" she asked him directly.

She felt shivers run through her body when she remembered how angry Lucian was when he lost his temper. However, this time, he had eyes that blazed with resentment in a way she had never seen before.

"Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Fannie just left the Zhan mansion, but he asked me to pass this message to you...' he said, slowly unraveling the apprehension in his voice that stopped him from finishing what he was going to say.

"Just say what is it that you have to tell me?" Although, Amelia already had a hunch about what this was about, she still wanted to hear it straight from Darren himself.

"Mr. Lucian said that the Zhan mansion is your home now. There's no reason for you to return to SJ Garden anymore." Darren finally concluded as tiny beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. The way he was sweating from agitation made it clear that he had gone through a lot of difficulty just to deliver this message.

Amelia was mindful of the fact that Lucian was capable of playing with anyone's vulnerabilities. He could even harm someone like Amelia, with just a simple command and no regrets.

She wondered if Lucian's message about not returning to SJ Garden was Lucian's way of casting her out from his life. She wondered whether this was the same kind of retaliation that Lucian had subjected to Nicholas as well.

However, Amelia was even more troubled with the thought that if she never returned to SJ Garden, she would never have the chance to see her son again.

"I cannot accept that. I'm going back to see my son!" Amelia refused decisively as she walked straight to her car and started the engine.

"Mrs. Amelia! I apologize, but Mr. Lucian is currently in a fragile state. A small thing could provoke him into rage. I hope you don't mind me asking if you could wait until his temper has settled down." Darren pleaded to Amelia, just by the window of her driver's seat.

This was also the first time Darren had seen Lucian so mad with rage. He shuddered with fear as he recollected the way Lucian's eyes looked like they were just about to pop out during his outburst.

Amelia was too caught up on her own thoughts to listen to Darren's incessant pleading as she drove off in her car, completely disregarding the terrified man.

Darren had no idea how the situation was going to turn out and all he could do was scurry back inside, anxiously mumbling, "What should I do? What should I do?"

On her way back to SJ Garden, the hurtful things that Lucian had told her kept repeating inside her mind and stabbing at her heart.

The words became nails that pricked her heart and forced tears to run down her cheeks without her knowledge.

In spite of how she felt, Amelia had to face Lucian and go to SJ Garden to see Mark again. Unfortunately, she had no idea whatsoever of what she was going to say to the man.

She reflected on Sasha's pregnancy and everything that Lucian had told her just moments ago. Just the mere thought of those words caused her heart to ache with an inexplicable pain.

When she arrived, Amelia parked in front of the gates of SJ Garden and tapped the password she knew, but she soon realized that her finger prints were rendered invalid.

The PIN that Lucian previously set up with the date of her birth had now been changed into something else.

She dryly admired how quick Lucian was to act on this with a bitter smirk.

She attempted entering Lucian or Mark's birth dates as a last-ditch option, but neither of them went through.

After exhausting all her options, Amelia resorted to the simplest way she knew would work. She started yelling as loud as she could.

'Lily would surely open the door for me,' she thought.

After a few minutes of shouting, Lily reluctantly walked towards the gate. Amelia was ecstatic to see her and said, "Lily, please open the gate! I want to see Mark."


e really meant what he had said, how would he even be able to help?

Michael and Lucian had a history and why would he take her side. Besides, he was in a relationship with the person she considered a rival. That's why Amelia found it strange and suspicious that Michael would lend a helping hand to her.

Just as she got into the car, Michael grabbed the door before she was able to close it.

Amelia was flustered and she impatiently said, "Oh, so both you and your girlfriend like doing this, huh?"

"Girlfriend?" At first, Michael seemed to be taken by confusion, but as soon as he realized what she was talking about, he smirked knowingly. "When the husband sings, the wife follows."

"Do you have something to say to me?" she asked. Michael was clearly approaching this arrogantly, but Amelia no longer had the patience to humor him anymore.

"I can tell that Lucian hasn't been in his best state. He got really drunk the other day and he kept asking me to drink with him. Just tell me what happened, will you?" Michael's eyebrows started to furrow, pinching the golden brown hair that laid softly on his forehead.

What the man vaguely implied was that Lucian was trying to drink his sorrows away.

Amelia had a good idea of Lucian's drinking as she had seen how much pressure he was under in the last few weeks. However, the way Michael described it to her broke her heart.

"Thank you for letting me know. I'll take note of this and will be more attentive about it in the future." This fabricated statement rolled off her tongue as she maintained composure and smiled politely. Although there was no use trying to hide the fact that she was having a fight with her husband, Amelia didn't want the rest of the world to talk about her personal affairs.

"Sasha and I have broken up!" Michael shouted just right before Amelia was about to drive off.

Amelia stopped as soon as she heard Michael's shocking revelation. She couldn't understand why he would tell her something so personal all of a sudden.

Amelia stared at him with her mouth agape in disbelief.

Michael couldn't have found out about Sasha's pregnancy—that much Amelia was certain of because she was cautious enough not to make any mistakes.

Although Amelia didn't know why they had broken up all of a sudden, but when she saw the smile on Michael's face, it was clear that he wasn't sad about it at all.

Perhaps he also had the ability of portraying the role of someone who didn't care.

While Amelia was lost in thought in the middle of the road, Michael caught up to her car. He had a vibrant aura, and with a big charming smile on his face he asked, "It's about to rain, can I get a ride home?"

Slowly his face transformed into a more solemn expression.

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