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   Chapter 263 A Fight Between Father And Son

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"If you really want to have a peaceful relationship with family then you should just respect them and don't treat them any differently." Amelia's point was that everything should stay the same—nothing should change.

Even so, it would be difficult to act the same especially when you knew everything.

But now, she obviously didn't have the courage to face reality.

Nicholas nodded in understanding. Putting on a gentle smile, he said, "Don't worry. I treat you and Lucian the same way."

"Does that matter? I don't care about that at all." Amelia couldn't help but laugh. She didn't think it was necessary for Nicholas to say this.

Because Nicholas couldn't make it up to Iris and Lucian's mother no matter how much he owed them and no matter how much he regretted his actions.

Nicholas knew this better than she did.

Fortunately for Amelia, Vernon had always been cold to her even as a child. He never really treated her like his daughter so Amelia never really felt as if she had a father in the first place.

Iris's love for her was enough.

The moment she stepped out of the study, a servant approached her to inform her that Lucian had just arrived.

Despite her excitement, she made sure to slow down her pace.

"Lucian, please help me!" When she arrived at the door of Fannie's room, she immediately heard Fannie crying.

Amelia's heart tightened. Just as she was about to go inside, Lucian suddenly blocked her way as he was leaving already.

Visibly shocked, the look on Lucian's face shifted. Grabbing her hand, he ordered coldly, "Follow me!"

She uneasily followed behind Lucian who was walking way too fast that she was having trouble keeping up with him.

She wondered what Fannie had told him to make him so angry.

Lucian only stopped when they arrived at Nicholas's study. It looked like Lucian wanted her to see Nicholas.

Amelia didn't ask him what was going on because he had the same cold expression on his face as when they first met.

He knocked on the door but Nicholas didn't answer so he grabbed Amelia's hand and entered the study.

At that moment, Nicholas had just resumed painting.

He looked completely focused on his painting.

"Is there any wild flower fragrance in this house?" Lucian asked sarcastically upon recognizing the woman in the painting.

Hearing this mockery from Lucian, Nicholas's face turned livid with rage. At that moment, Amelia wriggled her hand free from Lucian's grip.

She didn't like the way Lucian was acting. Even if he resented his father, he shouldn't have taken it out on his mother.

Blinded with rage, Lucian had failed to realize how hurtful his words were.

"Lucian, apologize to Amelia!" Nicholas said angrily with a scowl on his face.

"Please don't get Amelia involved. This has nothing to do with her This is our business!" As N

melia came to meet Nicholas alone the other day. That same day, Amelia was giving him a cold shoulder.

He had been forcing himself to trust Amelia despite what he knew but when he heard that Nicholas was going to kick Fannie out of the Zhan mansion, he didn't know what to do anymore.

"I understand how upset you must be right now. But Lucian, your relationship with your father is much deeper than the one I have with him. Stop disrespecting him by questioning him like that!" Amelia bore her gaze into his.

"Well, I'm glad you two seem to be getting along so well!" Lucian nodded as he stared back into Amelia's eyes.

With that, he left the study.

Amelia felt her heart beat pulsing in her ears, her chest tightening.

"Amelia..." Nicholas said.

"Was Lucian telling the truth?" asked Amelia while she turned her gaze to Nicholas.

If Lucian was telling the truth then she could definitely understand why he was so angry at Nicholas.

In response, Nicholas merely lowered his head, not even trying to defend himself. This could only mean one thing—Lucian was right.

Amelia closed her eyes in despair, biting her lips.

"Why? Don't you know that this is only going to drive a wedge between me and Lucian?"

"I'm doing this for a reason and that's not because I don't believe in Lucian. You two are married! This is for the two of you! This belongs to the two of you!" Nicholas was relentless.

"Why did you do it?! Do you think that this is going to change my opinion about you? Do you think this is going to make up for what you did to my mother? Do you think this is going to appease Lucian?" Each word Amelia said hit Nicholas like a sharp knife.

Rendered speechless, Nicholas stood there idly as Amelia stormed out.

When she left the study, Lucian was nowhere to be found.

She needed to explain herself to Lucian because he had thoroughly misunderstood her.

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