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   Chapter 263 At A Loss

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"That's good. Lucian has so many admirers in A city. If you spread the news, not only can you make Lucian hate you to the core, but also help me to destroy more rivals in love. So I am the beneficiary." Amelia said in a relaxed tone, pretending to be relaxed and happy.

Sasha stayed silent. It seemed that Amelia's words worked.

"You made me do this, Amelia!" Said Sasha angrily.

It was not until Sasha hung up the phone that she found her hand was wet with sweat.

She slumped into the bed, looking at the painting on the wall with vacant eyes, feeling wronged.

She wondered if she should tell Lucian about it?

Her emotional words were full of irony, which was regarded as an eccentric word by Lucian who didn't know the truth.

When she thought of Fannie leaving the hospital this afternoon, she got out of bed and was going to visit the Zhan mansion.

It was she who hurt Fannie. No matter what she had said, as a daughter-in-law, Amelia shouldn't have done that.

When Fannie knew the story of Amelia, she stopped pretending to be polite.

When Amelia arrived at the Zhan mansion, Shelly was there too.

When she saw Shelly, Shelly greeted her, which was different from before.

She called Amelia politely.

Then Amelia walked to Fannie's bed and asked with concern, "Mom, are you feeling better?"

"Are you disappointed that I didn't break my head?" Fannie looked at Amelia with a scowl.

Amelia's face was pale. She shook her head and denied, "I'm sorry. I defended myself that time and didn't mean to push you down..."

"Fannie, Amelia has admitted her mistake. Please stop making things difficult for her. She is upset." Darren push Nicholas to the room. When he heard the conversation between them, he couldn't help but chime in with them.

In fact, it would be better if he didn't speak for Amelia. But what he said just now made Fannie angrier.

"Do you mean that she should push me again with no respect?" she asked.

Nicholas frowned and thought he was unable to reason with Fannie. When he got anxious, he stamped the floor with his walking stick and said, "Act like an elder. Don't always make things difficult for the younger."

Although Nicholas's leg was injured, he had a pair of sharp eyes and a high IQ. Of course he knew the reason why Fannie was injured.

"You defend her like this because she is the bastard you had with that bitch!" Fannie was furious. She pointed at Amelia and cursed her.

Not only did Amelia's face turn pale, but Nicholas' was even paler.

Nicholas, who was trying his best to restrain his emotions. He could feel his pain, but what about Amelia?

He failed to be a father. Now that he knew Amelia's identity, as a father, how could he continue to play dumb and let his daughter suffer a little bit?

s particularly eye-catching.

Most of the paintings here were landscape paintings, but this time, he had painted a portrait of a character.

Although the painting was only half finished, it could be seen that it was a portrait of a woman.

"Have a seat." Nicholas switched the light tone of the study to incandescent, and the whole dim room lit up. At that moment, the painting on the table was more and more eye-catching.

As for the portrait, as long as the person's eyes became focused, this painting would be half successful.

So Amelia recognized it was her mother, Iris.

Although her heart was full of surprise, she quickly pulled a long face and said unhappily, "Can't you let my mother live a more peaceful life there?"

She didn't need him to do that.

Iris had passed away for almost ten years. He probably hadn't thought of her in these ten years.

Now he began to recall the past, which may let her feel that he was hypocritical.

"Amelia, do you know why this painting is only half finished?" Nicholas didn't mind what Amelia just said.

Amelia smiled disdainfully. "I don't know. And I don't want to know either."

"You've always been a obedient child. I don't want you to get angry because of this." Said Nicholas in a gentle tone, showing no sign of blaming Amelia.

"Do I have to accept everything like a fool?" In Amelia's mind, except for her blood, she only had little connection with Nicholas.

As Lucian's father, Amelia showed great respect for him.

But if it were her father, the man who Iris loved deeply before her death, Amelia's heart was filled with pierces. She wanted to hurt him whenever she listened to him.

Stunned by the sharp words of Amelia, Nicholas couldn't say anything all of a sudden. He had planned to have a good talk with her, but now seeing her state, it was obviously impossible.

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