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   Chapter 261 The Threat

Addicted To Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9836

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It had not been the best day for her, more to that things began to take a turn for the worst.

She did not a say a word. She simply lowered her head and minded her food, which seemed tasteless to her.

"Mr. Lucian, please have breakfast before you go out." Lily stood just outside the dining area and added, "Mrs. Amelia had been waiting for you in there for some time."

Lily simply wanted the couple to have a decent breakfast together.

However, Amelia would not allow that to happen. She stood up and said, "Thanks for the breakfast, Lily. I truly enjoyed it."

Then Amelia left the dining room without any more to say.

Lucian watched Amelia as she left the room, and felt some kind of unbearable disappointment.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia was not able to sleep last night to take care of you," Lily whispered to Lucian.

Amelia had indeed stayed up all night long to make sure Lucian would be alright. As he was made aware of what had happened the night prior, Lucian could not shake off the guilt he felt. He wanted to apologize to Amelia so bad.

Lucian began to walk over to Amelia, and found his wife playing with their son. He smiled dearly and said, "Come over to daddy, Mark. I want to hug you."

The sound of Lucian's voice made Amelia's heart race. Amelia then, with a sarcastic smile, thought,

'Once his baby with Sasha is born, maybe he can play with him...'

Amelia knew that every child needed their father's love and attention. She couldn't help making a fuss about their current situation.

She knew peculiar mood was not helping. She tried to be considerate to Sasha's unborn child, however she felt like she would never be comfortable with the fact that Lucian had a child with another woman.

Although Lucian was able to play with their son, he noticed from Amelia's face that she was not amused with what was happening.

It was clear to Lucian that her minded wandered elsewhere. Even Mark went unnoticed when he moved towards Amelia.

"Honey, Mark wants mommy." Lucian moved closer to Amelia as he held Mark in his hands.

Mark crawled up unto her lap and held her hand. Lucian held her as well.

Amelia's heart raced even faster. She quickly pulled herself together and told Lucian, "Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?"

Amelia sounded immensely indifferent. Lucian looked at her dearly in the hopes of reading her mind and said, "I can't leave you like this, babe."

"Like what, Lucian?" She raised her eyebrows slightly, as if she did not understand.

Lucian could not answer and leaned over towards Amelia for a kiss.

Amelia felt like she had been kissed by a stranger. She felt unease crawl through her body, but she managed to maintain a cold face.

"I'm sorry, Amelia. You must be very tired from last night." Lucian said apologetically and immediately carried Amelia in his arms.

Amelia hugged Lucian instinctively. However as soon as she realized what had ha

the things that should solely be for Mark?" Sasha insinuated maliciously.

Amelia was confused. She did not know what to feel or say.

Sasha's mockery was not new to Amelia.

But now Sasha had a child of Lucian. If Sasha got rid of the child, Amelia knew that an abortion would be detrimental to Lucian's wellbeing.

Amelia held the sheet with one hand and asked coldly, "What on earth do you want?"

Amelia knew that everything had to be legally settled, if not Sasha would only provide more trouble.

As she began to accept Sasha's inclusion into their lives, Amelia had found herself in a rough patch with Lucian.

"I have a very simple request. I want you to divorce Lucian or let me be his lover." Sasha was not fooling around, and Amelia was well aware of that.

"You're delusional!" Those words came out of Amelia without hesitation.

She knew that she had no reason to choose either option.

In order to keep her marriage intact, she should not make a compromise that would satisfy Sasha...

If she did Sasha's request, her marriage would mean nothing.

At a certain level, Amelia held an appreciation for Sasha's wits. It seemed that Sasha had the upper hand.

"Miss Amelia, don't get angry. Divorcing Lucian would give you and your son, lot of fortune. However, if you don't, we'll eventually be treated as equals." Sasha shamelessly blurted out her thoughts.

"You truly are one arrogant bitch, aren't you?" Amelia did not think a concession between her and Sasha was necessary. "Rest assured, I won't divorce Lucian," Amelia declared confidently.

Amelia knew that the challenges that she and Lucian had already faced were far worse than Sasha. Why should they fold now?

"Really? Are you sure? Since you insist, I'm afraid I have to expose this to the public," Sasha threatened at the other end of the line.

Amelia had seen a lot of Sasha's tricks before. Amelia never thought that she would go so low to defame Lucian.

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