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   Chapter 259 Don't know What To Do

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She was so angry that she couldn't control herself but speak those words that she could not say out.

After hearing the furious words coming out of Amelia's mouth, Lucian's face became long.

"Am I your enemy? You want to stab me again and again? " Lucian frowned and asked Amelia with confusion.

"It wasn't before, but it is now!" At the thought of their intimate interactions, she burst out all her bad emotions.

These words deeply hurt Lucian. Amelia's face turned red because of anger, and she treated him as if he was an enemy.

"Amelia, I'm surrounded by so many things. Can you stop saying those hurtful words to each other?" Lucian's throat was softened, and there was unconcealed sadness in his eyes, which seemed like he was begging with helplessness.

Amelia stared at him, with sad eyes.

"Did I upset you?" She whispered. Her voice was filled with uncertainty.

"I didn't mean that." With his hands on Amelia's shoulders, Lucian explained, "I will tell you everything after mom gets recovered and leave the hospital."

"Lucian, you shouldn't have lied to me." In fact, she knew everything.

Although she had said so many harsh words to him in the hospital, both of them knew clearly that it was more uncomfortable to say nothing than deliberately avoid it.

Lucian frowned and showed great worry on his handsome face.

"It's not that I'm concealing you, it's that fact that I can't tell you." He said with a straight face.

Hearing what she said, Amelia didn't know what to say. After a while, she said lightly, "okay. I'll talk about it when mom leaves the hospital."

She and Lucian were both running away from reality and unable to face it, so they had to find an excuse.

Looking at the figure of Amelia's leaving, Lucian had an indescribable bitterness in his heart.

After taking a few steps, Amelia looked back and reminded him, "don't forget to eat the food I brought you."

She loved him so much that she didn't want him to be hungry. She didn't mean to say those words to make him angry.

Lucian's stressful expression relaxed slightly. "Okay, I'll be back tonight."

In fact, the thing that had been bothering Amelia for a long time was that if Lucian knew that Fiona had lost her life to save Nicholas, would he hate Nicholas?

Or, the reason why Fiona came to save Nicholas was that they were a couple. At that time, Nicholas was worried about Iris. If Lucian knew that, he couldn't get through.

The moment Amelia got in the car, the car window was smashed.

Amelia looked out through the window and found that it was Sasha.

She had planned to ignore Sasha, but Sasha had already stopped her red Ferrari in front of Amelia's car.

It was difficult for her to reverse the car, so she took the lead. As a result, it was even harder f

the naked man in bed was apparently Lucian

Although Amelia tried to convince herself that these were all Sasha's means of attracting attention, the more she looked at those pictures, the more painful her heart became.

The first few photos showed that Lucian was naked in bed, which didn't mean anything. But the next few photos showed that Lucian and Sasha had passionate kisses and embraced each other... She must have deceived herself?

Sasha was good at gauging people's mind. Noticing that there was something wrong with her facial expression, she quickly added, "in fact, I and Lucian have made an agreement to forget about it. God must have been kidding me. I can't leave him without telling him, right?"

Sasha's words cut Amelia to the quick.

Just a moment ago, she was full of confidence that Lucian wouldn't do anything wrong to her, but the photos had already made it hard for her to believe.

The next day, Lucian came back. He didn't explain anything about the last night. He just told her that he was going to meet up with Michael, drunk and stayed in a hotel.

He had been emphasizing that there should be more trust and space between a couple, so she chose to believe and not to ask.

To her surprise, what she was told was such a cruel fact.

In order to endure the pain, she clenched her fists tightly and forced herself to look calm and collected.

"Lucian is the one concerned. It's useless to call me." She smiled and pretended to be very calm.

Sasha had come to the restaurant to pry into the business between Amelia and Lucian. Seeing the forced smile on Amelia's face, she gloated.

To make the show more convincing, she frowned and said in a wronged tone, "I know that Lucian loves you very much. Even if I have this child, it might not be possible for his father to love him so much. So I don't know what to do..."

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