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   Chapter 258 You Are So Stubborn

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She took some quick bites of the lunch and brought some of Lucian's favorite dishes to him.

"Mrs. Amelia, actually Mr. Lucian just came back..." Lily stuttered before Amelia left.

Amelia was shocked. Her eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. "Did he say anything?"

Hearing the question asked by Amelia, Lily became uneasy.

She didn't plan to tell this to Amelia, but Amelia didn't say anything. Obviously, she had something on her mind, which could not be hidden.

"It seems that Mr. Lucian... It seems that Mr. Lucian has taken away the photo of your mother..." The room where the photo of Iris was kept was cleaned by Lily every day. Because Lucian had specially told her to incense the incense and keep the room clean. But when she went to clean it today, she couldn't find the photo.

Only Lucian came back when it was half past ten, and he seemed preoccupied. As a result, Lily guessed that it must be Lucian who took it.

"What did you say?" Amelia's heart suddenly tightened. She didn't believe what she had heard and confirmed, "You mean that Lucian has taken away my mother's portrait?"

"Yes!" Lily nodded with stress. She wanted to say something, but Amelia had left the room.

It was already lunch time. The sky was so dull that there was a sign of a rainstorm.

On her way to the hospital, Amelia felt like her most important thing was taken away. She felt her heart was increasingly weightless.

After they arrived at the hospital, they went straight to the ward of Evan's mother.

It was very quiet in the hospital. Even though there were doctors, nurses, patients and their families shuttled, there was no person who made a loud noise.

Amelia could feel her back and hands sweating because of anxiety.

In the ward, Lucian was showing the photo of Iris to Fannie who was lying on the bed.

"Your father is a fool. Amelia and her mother look so alike, but he didn't notice it at all." Looking at the portrait, Fannie said without any emotion.

"Mom, I've met your request. I hope you can cooperate with the doctor to do the examination for you." When Lucian was about to put away the photo, his deep frown had never been relieved.

He knew that the portrait in his hand meant everything to Amelia. So not only did he have a heavy hand, his heart was also like a heavy hammer pressing on his chest.

"My life isn't hanging on a thread. If your wife knows what you are doing, she won't be just angry." A triumphant smile crossed Fannie's face.

All of a sudden, Lucian's eyes became deep and cold. Then he opened his thin lips and said, "I promise you. But it's not your right to make trouble out of nothing." Although his voice was not loud, every word and sentence was like a needle pointing at Fannie's skin, making her feel a pain all over her body.

"Lucian, even if I'm not your biolo

ugh tone of Amelia's words, he blinked his eyes, and his eyes obviously showed that he could not understand what she meant.

"Wait for me here. I'll get it for you." He said gently, naturally digesting her anger.

Looking at the back of Lucian who was walking away, he stood upright and walked slowly, revealing a lot of thoughts on his mind.

Amelia clenched her fists tightly and regretted that she shouldn't be so emotional. But the words she had said were irresistible.

She knew exactly how hard Lucian's life had been, but she just couldn't help throwing a tantrum on him.

Soon, Lucian took back Iris's portrait.

Amelia snatched it and removed the black cloth. Iris was still there with a gentle smile.

Regardless of Lucian's presence, she held Iris's portrait tightly in her arms. Like a lost child, she cried with hesitation.

When she was about to get down, Lucian squatted down in an attempt to reach out his hand to help her. However, she was vigilant. She didn't want him to touch her.

"If you feel uncomfortable, you can say it out, even if you curse me." When he saw her tears, Lucian's heart suddenly became soft. He felt that it was reasonable for Amelia to say something angry.

Lucian's words didn't soothe her but hurt Amelia.

Considering that they were in the hospital, she wiped her tears and stood up abruptly. She looked down at him and said, "don't show anyone my mother's photo. It is an insult!"

When she stood at the door of Fannie's ward just now, hearing her words, Amelia became angry. Meanwhile, she thought that as Iris's daughter, it was useless for her to protect her.

It was hard to live in peace for the dead.

However, on the other hand, Lucian was biting his lips tightly. Amelia thought he had nothing to say. So she took a cold look at Lucian and said, "Rest assured. I won't compete with you for everything you have now."

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