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   Chapter 257 No More Promises

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He had no interest in eating, but it was almost every man's instinct to challenge.

Then, Nicholas launched an attack. He either bought all the wine that Iris recommended, or gave her a huge tip.

Pretending to run into her on her way home.

No woman could get away from this hot pursuit, because at that time, Nicholas concealed the fact that he was married. He said sweet words to Iris. As a result, they fell in love with each other and could not extricate themselves.

"So you mean my mother had an affair?" Amelia's cold voice rised from the darkness. The dread in the room made it hard for anyone to breathe.

"I didn't mean that." All of a sudden, Nicholas became very nervous and hastily explained, "It's all my fault. I loved your mother so much at that time and made a lot of promises to her..."

This explanation did not make Amelia feel better. On the contrary, she felt that Nicholas and Iris had betrayed their families at the same time.

"My mother didn't tell you..." Amelia wanted to know whether Nicholas knew her real identity, but she could not ask any more.

However, Nicholas understood what Amelia meant. He replied slowly, "I knew your mother was pregnant, but she insisted that the baby was her husband's. At that time, I gave her some money, but she didn't take it..."

"What a pity! Do you think money can persuade people?" Amelia couldn't help but mock him, "Didn't you say you loved my mom? Then why do you pay her? "

She asked herself in her mind, 'Is it a joke like played in TV? Nicholas came back to his family and try to get rid of Iris by money.'.

How cheap his love was!

"Your mother seemed to be irritated that day, and suddenly came to me and asked me to divorce Lucian's mother. I hesitated at that time, and she was very sad, but I didn't force her. I just wanted to use a sum of money to make her life not so poor. Now I realized that she was so anxious at that time, probably wanted to give you a complete family."

Said Nicholas in a tone full of regret.

"You don't deserve love at all!" Amelia wasn't defending herself at all, but she thought it wasn't worth it.

She didn't understand why he did this before, but now she understood how helpless it would be if they couldn't be together but they loved each other deeply.

Amelia said angrily as she stood up. She was afraid that if she stayed here any longer, she would say some emotional words to him, ignoring that Nicholas was still ill.

"I know my sins are serious. But I didn't expect to bring so many bitter fruits from my young age." Nicholas often regretted. He thought it was a punishment for him to lose his legs, but he didn't expect that it was at the cost of Fiona's life.

Nicholas told Amelia that his marriage with Fiona was out of his parents' order and it was difficult for them to do so because of the lack of love. The couple almost parted with each other and didn't care about each othe

ering mountains and she thought she could breathe there. However, the strange scenery blocked her breathing.

When she was about to get into the car, Darren ran after her with a soup container in his hand. When he saw Amelia, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Amelia, are you going to the hospital? I will bring Mrs. Fannie some soup. "

It was already lunch time after she talked with Nicholas for such a long time.

When she went downstairs, a servant asked her if she would stay in the mansion to have meal, but she just walked outside and shook her head.

She was not like this in normal times. Therefore, under her indifferent expression, those servants were afraid of her.

In fact, Amelia really wanted to go to the hospital and replace Lucian. However, when she just heard from Nicholas about the truth, she was so flustered that she didn't know how to face Lucian.

If she was innocent, then Lucian was the victim.

Nicholas didn't mention anything about Lucian's background, and Lucian also knew that he was not Nicholas's biological son. Lucian seemed to swallow all the bitterness in order to protect the joy of the family.

Amelia was too angry to say anything.

"I have to go back to the SJ Garden first." Amelia shook her head and felt worried. Before Darren got on the car, she ordered, "Could you find someone to replace Lucian?"

"Please rest assured, Mrs. Amelia. I won't let Mr. Lucian overwork. And it's Mr. Nicholas' decision." Darren bowed to her again respectfully.

Darren had left for a long time, and Amelia was still standing beside the car in a daze. When she saw this villa which was surrounded by mountains and rivers as quietly as a hermit, her heart was filled with uneasiness.

Returned to the SJ Garden, Amelia thought all the troubles would disappear as soon as she saw Mark, but she was still worried about Lucian.

Although she didn't mean to hurt Fannie, her injury did have something to do with her.

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