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   Chapter 255 The Past

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"Amelia, I know my fault is unforgivable, and I don't ask for your forgiveness. But I really have to say sorry to you." Shelly stepped forward and bowed sincerely in front of Amelia.

Amelia was stunned but said nothing. "You go inside with your mother. I'm going back home."

"Amelia, I hope what I'll do in the future can make up for the ridiculous things I did before." Shelly said, as Amelia was about to leave.

Amelia's face was stiff. She didn't say anything and went on to the parking lot.

"Good girl." After Amelia got in the car, Emma, who stood behind Shelly, said to her gratefully.

"I know you are doing this for your son, but I don't think I am under too much pressure." Shelly said to Emma on her back indifferently.

"Both of you are my dear children. I will never be partial to any of you." Emma expressed her affection immediately.

"Didn't you say that you would go to see aunt? Let's go inside." Although Shelly didn't change her expression, she was touched by what Emma just said.

Emma then regained her composure and nodded. She suddenly remembered something, so she took Shelly's arm and told her, "Didn't you say that you hurt Amelia? Was your aunt Fannie behind this?"

Shelly stopped and her face was as white as a sheet. She shook her head and asked, "Are you going to question aunt Fannie face to face?"

Emma chuckled. After a while, she responded, "How could it be? I was just curious when I heard that your aunt Fannie got hurt and was pushed over by Amelia."

"I don't know what you mean. But no matter how bad aunt Fannie is, she is still Lucian's mother!" Shelly was very kind to Fannie just because she was Lucian's mother.

Of course, Emma knew what was on Shelly's mind. She shook her head helplessly.

Amelia was about to drive back to the SJ Garden, but she received a call from Yolanda on the way.

"What's up?" Her voice was flat without any extra emotions.

"Jasper is out of prison. Can you come over?" Yolanda asked directly.

Amelia was about to refuse her, but Yolanda added, "About my father's situation, Jasper wants to tell you."

As for Vernon although they were not related by blood, she was still worried about him.

Even though she knew how painful she was at that moment, she still respected him. After all, she had called him father for so many years.

After thinking for a while, she agreed.

After the accident of Vernon and Jasper, Sophia and Yolanda moved out of the noisy downtown and rented a small flat room. Amelia drove the car over, which was muddy and bumpy.

As soon as the car stopped, Yolanda walked out with her child.

Amelia didn't greet her and followed her into the house.

The room was full of the meal aroma after having a look at all the furnishings.

"Mom, Jasper, Amelia has arrived!" Throwing the ba

read it.

Amelia opened the letter with mixed feelings. The letter was clearly written on the white paper in the bright light.

She recognized the handwriting of Vernon, so this letter couldn't be written by someone else.

At the beginning of the letter, the title of the letter was, "Amelia, my daughter..." She felt a pang in her heart because of gratitude.

It was the moving pain that tortured her most.

After reading the letter, Amelia couldn't stop crying.

She didn't expect that Vernon would feel sorry for the insults he had made to her and especially for her mother, Iris.

He explained why he was angry with her when he told her that she was adopted at that time, because the company of the Mo family had almost gone out of business and he was so anxious that he had to come up with an idea, hoping that she could apply for a sum of money from the Zhan Group. When he learned that Amelia didn't offer any help, he couldn't control his anger in his heart, so he said to her.

In the letter, Vernon mentioned her real identity. He said that he was too young and impulsive because he loved Iris too much. Therefore, he was very angry that his love for her was used to hide the truth.

He didn't want Iris to lie to him for a safe haven. He would have accepted her request if she had made it clear at the very beginning.

Vernon also said that in order to calm Iris down, he had gone back to the family after sleeping with Sophia for one night. Even though Sophia had been pregnant not long after, Vernon had chosen to return to the family without hesitation. Vernon had thought that all the happiness like dust would fall on him, but he hadn't expected that he would be the laughingstock after.

Vernon said the same as Sophia, but in fact, Iris started to see the man again soon after she gave birth to Amelia, so there was a gap between them again.

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